Vol. 3 , No. 11     March 18, 2003


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  1. Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts
  2. Why CRM Wastes Customers’ Time
  3. Outside The Box
  4. Why Do We Need a Marketing Plan Anyway?
  5. Integrate Design to Create Brand Harmony
  6. Speaking Up: Using Audio on a Site
  7. Dear Tig: Verticals, Naming Names, and All About Web Stats


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Jim Sterne
Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts

Which data reports are actually useful to your organization? Well, it depends.

Consultants and other industry pundits spend a great deal of time explaining what *can* be measured, so that the advertising and marketing department, the customer service managers, and the board can start deciding what they *should* measure.

It all boils down to what they consider "success."

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Mitch McCasland
Why CRM Wastes Customers’ Time

Over the past 20 years, Mitch has been continually amazed at the lemming-like behavior of a select segment of business professionals. We all know at least one of them: The Buzz Chasers.

They are the managers, directors or VPs who seek out and grab on to the latest business buzzword like a kid on a cupcake. Of late, the fashionable management buzzword has been CRM.

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Phillip Ross
Outside The Box

Thinking "outside the box" or (as it is sometimes known) "coloring outside the lines" is a popular idea in the business world today.

People and organizations are told to think outside the box or color outside the lines as a way to stimulate creativity when they need to solve problems like streamlining production, establishing a new product, or developing a new process.

And it's true that creativity and innovation often arise from unexpected and unconventional thinking. But not always.

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A Note to Readers

Resource of the Week

Greetings, discerning readers!

Like any good business owner, MarketingProfs Publisher Allen Weiss likes to keep tabs on the competition. The trick, of course, is keeping an eye on them without distracting yourself from your own business.

Enter a nifty little service called WebMon, a freeware web-page monitoring program. Rather than you going to the competition's site to check it out, WebMon does it for you—and lets you know when the web sites that you've selected have changed.

It's also useful for informing you that the web sites you most enjoy have refreshed their content. Like, well, this one!

Check out the WebMon here.

From time to time, I'll offer up some services, programs, or resources that I've found helpful. But I'd love to hear your own thoughts, as well. What sites or resources can't you live without? Email me and let me know.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged!

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

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  2. Is Branding Dead?
  3. ROI: Friend or Foe?
  4. Creating Customer Communities: A Surgical Approach
  5. Case Studies: Real Life, Real Answers

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Search Engine Mktg. Top 5

  1. Is a Yahoo Listing Still Worth The Cost?
  2. Your Web Traffic and Your Bottom Line
  3. Which Keywords Lead to Conversions?
  4. Top 10 Link Building Strategies
  5. Why Internet Search Is A Valuable Marketing Tool


Gwendaline Mazzara
Why Do We Need a Marketing Plan Anyway?

Silly question, right?

As marketing professionals, we all understand the importance of marketing plans. But not everyone in your company thinks this way. To some, writing a marketing plan is a waste of time. Here's a surefire way to get upper management on your side.

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Greg Hinzmann
Integrate Design to Create Brand Harmony

In all the talk about brand in business and marketing today, there is a distinct lack of discussion about one of the most powerful drivers of brand: Design.

Companies need to understand and manage design to achieve maximum brand-building results. From the design of their corporate identity to retail, web, packaging and products, design is the key that ties it all together.

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Marketers: How Are You Optimizing Website Conversion?

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Ronni Rhodes
Speaking Up: Using Audio on a Site

Audio can enhance a user’s experience on your site. Voice conveys many of the intangibles underlying the written word. A voice can touch the human spirit and deliver a message on its own merits. Audio can build community and maintain relationships.


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Tig Tillinghast
Dear Tig: Verticals, Naming Names, and All About Web Stats

This week, Tig defines vertical markets. He also offers his two cents on naming a consultancy after its principal and draws a roadmap for applying web statistics.

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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