Vol. 3 , No. 25     June 24, 2003


In this Newsletter:

  1. Calculating the Cost of Content
  2. Worst To First: How Mark Cuban Engineered a Team’s Monumental Comeback
  3. Marketer, Know Thyself: The Power of Periodic Self-Evaluation
  4. Behind-the-Line Marketing
  5. The Email Deliverability Crisis
  6. Can Your Site Stop Your Telephone From Ringing?
  7. Dear Tig: Evaluating An Agency’s Work, and Making the Switch to the “Other Side”


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Jim Sterne
Calculating the Cost of Content

In our enthusiasm to measure clickthroughs, pageviews and revenues, we seldom stop to consider the cost of our Web site content.

Even if your page count is only in the hundreds, you must have a general rule of thumb for calculating the cost of creating content. You must also have a general rule of thumb for measuring the return on that investment.

Sound complicated? Not really. The cost side of content can be straight forward if you identify specific costs for specific labor required to create it.

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Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba
Worst To First: How Mark Cuban Engineered a Team’s Monumental Comeback

The most exciting team in professional sports closed its season last month in the Western Conference finals.

While the Dallas Mavericks came *this close* to the NBA finals, the better story is how Mark Cuban bought a clunker of an NBA team in 2000 and overhauled it into the best -- operationally and marketing-wise.

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Basil Harris, Jr.
Marketer, Know Thyself: The Power of Periodic Self-Evaluation

What if you posted a sign in your organization that read, “How’s my marketing?”

Would you like what you heard? And would you know what to do with the information you got back?

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A Note to Readers

A Horrible Way to Prospect

“Email is still a great way to communicate with customers, but is now—officially—a horrible way to prospect.”

So writes Tom Barnes in this week’s issue of MarketingProfs.

These days, email marketing should be all about customer retention, and not about acquisition, Tom says.

Those of us with always-crowded inboxes might agree. Last week, I charted the amount of spam sent to my well-publicized MProfs email address. One out of every nine or ten emails was legitimate – the rest of the lot, as Tom writes, dealt with Nigerian banking schemes, penis enlargements, and all the Xanax I could eat.

Read “The Email Deliverability Crisis.” And let me know what you think.

As always, your feedback is bo th welcome and encouraged.< /font>

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Borrowing From The Big Boys
  2. Measuring Marketing ROI – How Low Can You Go?
  3. The Permission Tree: Growing A Relationship One Branch At A Time
  4. Has Krispy Kreme Peaked?
  5. How To Use Engagement Marketing To Shorten Your IT Sales Cycle
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Design & Usability Top 5

  1. 3 Steps to Optimizing Your Web Site's Search
  2. Measuring the Value of Your Content
  3. Why Amazon Succeeds -- And Why It Won't Help You
  4. "Usability" for Better Customer Relationships
  5. Web Site Usability: Strategies for Categorizing Categories


Kristine Kirby Webster
Behind-the-Line Marketing

How many times have you seen ads for a company that touts their “promise” and “values”: superlative customer service, on-time guarantees, 100% satisfaction, and so on?

Now, think about how many times you have actually felt like that promise was delivered. My guess is, not many.

Let’s review a basic premise here – just what is a brand promise?

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Tom Barnes
The Email Deliverability Crisis

If you are thinking you can acquire new clients with email --forget it.

Seriously. Forget buying lists. The in-box is a lousy place to start a customer dialog, unless you don’t mind associating your brand with Nigerian banking schemes, penis enlargements, and all the Xanax you can eat.

So what to do?

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Phil Poirier
Can Your Site Stop Your Telephone From Ringing?

Marketers focused on cutting costs and driving business growth with minimal spending don’t view Web site updates as a critical element of their already reduced budgets.

But the risks of being wrong about this assertion are high. How do you really know how your company comes across on the Web compared to competition? Are you certain that the long silences between telephone rings isn’t because your Website is driving prospects away?

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Tig Tillinghast
Dear Tig: Evaluating An Agency’s Work, and Making the Switch to the “Other Side”

This week, Tig weighs in with the best approach to evaluating an agency's work. And he answers the question: How do you make the swtich from client-side to agency-side, and vice versa?

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Content: Ann Handley
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