Vol. 3 , No. 33     August 19, 2003


In this Newsletter:

  1. A Marketing Definition in Six Words
  2. MarketingProfs’ SWOT Team Removes CEO Roadblock
  3. Making Marketing Matter to the CEO, Part 2: E is for Effectiveness
  4. How to Write Your Own Ad Copy: A Guide to Get You Started
  5. Measuring Your Web Content Management Process
  6. Insanity: Marketing the Same Way Over and Over but Expecting Results
  7. A Cure for Licensing Dyslexia


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Randall Chapman
A Marketing Definition in Six Words

Can the essence of marketing be captured in only a few well-chosen words?

Absolutely. There are lots of well-crafted, wide-ranging, all-inclusive marketing definitions. But none captures the true essence of marketing better than these hand-picked six words.

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Hank Stroll and Tamara Halbritter
MarketingProfs’ SWOT Team Removes CEO Roadblock

This week, the SWOT Team answers: How do you get around a CEO who's a roadblock to marketing? Read its best advice.

And in two weeks, does telemarketing have a role to play in this brand new world? What's a legitimate marketer to do? What is working? What is not?

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Roy Young
Making Marketing Matter to the CEO, Part 2: E is for Effectiveness

Part 1 of this series made the case that marketing’s unique value to the organization is its focus on customers and competition.

The next challenge is to take the customer-centric focus and actually contribute to an organization's bottom-line success. In short, marketers must be effective.

Great. But...how do we as marketers make sure we are effective?

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A Note to Readers

Real Life, Real Answers

Greetings Discerning Reader!

There’s been a lot happening at MarketingProfs recently, including the introduction a few weeks ago of a new column by Hank Stroll and Tamara Halbritter.

Their column, a “SWOT team” Q&A that solicits reader input for the thorny business problems of colleagues, is proving to be a wildly popular read that’s truly caught on with a bunch of you.

I wish I could credit my own editorial brilliance for its development. But the truth is, it was all Hank’s idea. As with many things in life, the most credit I can take is that I knew enough to get out of the way.

Take a look at this week’s column, and join the conversation. You’ll be rewarded with the glory of participating.

But more than that, you might also be one of the lucky ducks to win a copy of Hank and Tamara’s new ebook. This week’s winner, chosen in a random drawing, is Doug Hogan, President of JP Hogan & Company. (Round of applause for Doug, please.)

As always, your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Measuring the Cost and Value of Your Content
  2. Brandmouthing
  3. A Tale of Two Sales Pages: Which One Ends Up With the Paying Customers?
  4. The Need to Build Relationships in Today’s Market
  5. Five Effects of a Site on a Service Business Brand
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Mktg. Metrics Top 5

  1. Let the Computer Decide
  2. Your Web Metrics Can Be All Wrong (Part 2)
  3. Your Web Metrics Can Be All Wrong (Part 1)
  4. Metrics On a ‘Need to Know’ Basis
  5. Measuring Marketing ROI – How Low Can You Go?


Suzan St Maur
How to Write Your Own Ad Copy: A Guide to Get You Started

Need killer copy?

When you need to write ads or promotional text, here are some tips that will help you develop a concept and message that work.

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Gerry McGovern
Measuring Your Web Content Management Process

What’s really important to measure on a site?

First, you need to measure how successful you are at creating, editing and publishing content. Second, you need to measure reader behavior.

Here, Gerry offers up key Web content management “measurables.”

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Linda Kazares
Insanity: Marketing the Same Way Over and Over but Expecting Results

Consumers buy when they trust in something they perceive enhances their lives and comes from a credible source. Getting their attention long enough to demonstrate this value is key.

This three-part series of articles offers up new ideas that will give your marketing and sales the “edge.” Here's part one.

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Kirk Martensen
A Cure for Licensing Dyslexia

For years, licensing has been used as strategy to generate revenue from established trademarks or brands. Indeed, royalty revenue remains the primary motivation for many licensors.

That’s too bad, because royalties can represent only a fraction of the value that is created by a thoughtful, carefully executed licensing program.

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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