Vol. 3 , No. 36     September 9, 2003


In this Newsletter:

  1. How Should You Test Your Marketing Strategy?
  2. SWOT Team: Internal Politics Can Sink Your Marketing Boat
  3. A New Marketing Bill of Materials
  4. Making Marketing Matter to the CEO (Part 3)
  5. Branding: The Concept That Ate the Ad Industry
  6. Are PDF Newsletters Retro—or a Smart Move?
  7. How to Effectively Conduct an Online Survey


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Michael Perla
How Should You Test Your Marketing Strategy?

A famous figure in the world of strategy was a general named Sun Tzu. He lived in northeastern China about 2500 years ago and was considered an expert in military strategy. Many successful military leaders (like General Patton) and business executives (like GE's Jack Welch) have attributed their victories to their application of Sun Tzu’s principles.

Sun Tzu wrote about four areas that we could apply to the testing of marketing strategy: speed, strengths and weaknesses, alliances, and successful market capture.

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Tamara Halbritter and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Internal Politics Can Sink Your Marketing Boat

If one person can rock the boat, what happens when everyone stands up at the same time? How do you keep a successful marketing process on an even keel when internal struggles threaten to shut it down altogether?

Join the conversation!

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Tim Riesterer
A New Marketing Bill of Materials

It makes sense that a company’s marketing messages, content and other output work to meet the needs of its sales reps and the requirements of the selling process, right?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, often because of a common disconnect between the marketing and sales departments.

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A Note to Readers

Not Just the Facts

Greetings discerning readers!

Our own Valerie Frazee and Gustavo DeMello are churning out some great stuff on the MarketingProfs research blog these days.

Relying on studies published in some of the major marketing and consumer research journals, Val and Gustavo report the findings and (more importantly) interpret the research and results. Their efforts make for some pretty interesting reading.

Two recent postings: Why do some product managers continue to commitment to failing new products? And what can we learn about recognizing when it’s time to cut bait?

Also: What are the specific circumstances under which a marketer can inadvertently clothesline a brand’s extension products or services?

Check out the blog and let me know your thoughts. Or email Val or Gustavo as well. They’d love to get some direct feedback from you.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and appreciated!

Until next time,

Ann Handley


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  2. Making Brands Relevant Online (Part 2)
  3. Does Your Marketing Strategy Drive up to Echo Point?
  4. Start Making Horse Sense: Eight Lessons for Business Women Racing to Build a New World
  5. Can’t Get No Respect? Our SWOT Team Tackles Telemarketing
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  2. Don't Undermine Your Brand Equity  
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Roy Young
Making Marketing Matter to the CEO (Part 3)

It’s an ongoing battle with most CEOs to achieve the recognition and status that we know marketing deserves.

In the last installment of this series, Roy focuses focusing on the component that is perhaps most critical: building marketing’s equity within the organization.

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Kimberly L. McCall
Branding: The Concept That Ate the Ad Industry

Branding is not an ad, logo, corporate identity, Web site, or brochure. These vehicles deliver your brand message, but they aren’t the actual brand.

Instead, the essence of branding is leaving the desired emotional imprint in the heart and mind of the consumer.

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Debbie Weil
Are PDF Newsletters Retro—or a Smart Move?

Let's talk PDF newsletters. Yes, they sound retro. But a PDF printed out has heft, tangibility and a look of authority.

And get this: Some publishers swear by them.

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Vivek Bhaskaran
How to Effectively Conduct an Online Survey

So you’ve decided to conduct an online survey. There are a few questions in your mind that you would like answered, and you are on the lookout for a fast and inexpensive way to find out more about your customers, clients and so on.

Here are a few guidelines.

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