Vol. 3 , No. 39     October 5, 2004


In this Newsletter:

  1. Case Study: PeopleSoft's Crisis Communication Response to the Oracle Takeover Bid (Part 2: Bringing in the Allies)
  2. Mystery, Model, Method, Madness: The Realities of Brand Evolution
  3. Direct Response Versus Awareness Advertising: Which Way Should You Go?
  4. Changing the Way Your Customers Buy
  5. SWOT Team: The WOW Factor
  6. 10 Things I Hate in a Web Site
  7. Brands, Millennials and Universities


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Abigail James
Case Study: PeopleSoft's Crisis Communication Response to the Oracle Takeover Bid (Part 2: Bringing in the Allies)

This case illustrates the power of a coordinated PR response to a crisis situation.

In part one of this case study, PeopleSoft's articulated communications plan began to generate goodwill and strengthen its position in the marketplace.

Now, with the stage set and the battle lines drawn, PeopleSoft set out to deliver its message in a variety of voices.

The company used a wide range of allies -- customer testimonials, the news media and even the government. The strategy was to restate its key points and to keep them in play in the media. This tactic effectively positioned PeopleSoft in a positive way, simultaneously depicting Oracle negatively.

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Tom Asacker
Mystery, Model, Method, Madness: The Realities of Brand Evolution

Since the beginning of business, successful brands have gone through three phases of evolution: mystery, model and method.

The problems arise when successful brands move to the madness phase, as they refine their method to the point of marketplace indifference.

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Steve Cuno
Direct Response Versus Awareness Advertising: Which Way Should You Go?

Direct marketers insist, "If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative." To which awareness advertisers hurl back, "If it isn't creative, it won't sell."

In their zeal to decry one another as the antichrists of advertising, both camps could benefit from—and possibly get along with one another better with—a little perspective.

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A Note to Readers

Our New Homepage

Greetings, discerning readers! And welcome to this week's issue.

Last week, we introduced a new look and feel to the MarketingProfs site.

The updated look is both cleaner and more streamlined, of course. But more than that, it also gives some real estate on the homepage to some important and growing members of the MarketingProfs family.

Our virtual seminars, headed by the inimitable Roy Young, have staked out space just below the list of this week's articles. No more searching throughout the site to find out when Roy has scheduled the seminar on best practices in Web analytics (by the way, it's on October 22): it's all right there on the homepage.

Also new there is the Community Forum—or the Know-How Exchange.

Perhaps the site's best-kept secret, the forum no longer lurks behind an innocuous tab. Instead, our energetic moderator Val Frazee gives you a front-page snapshot of what's going on there each week. Got questions? Ask the knowledgeable folks in the forum.

Finally, we are proud and pleased to bring you updated news headlines from our friends at MarketingVox, who do a great job of combing through the news for the stories most relevant to marketers. Check out the headlines at the bottom of the MarketingProfs homepage.

Cruise around the site, and tell me what you think. As always, your opinion is both encouraged and appreciated.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Case Study: PeopleSoft's Crisis Communication Response to the Oracle Takeover Bid (Part 1: Manning Battle Stations)
  2. A Brand Is the Sum of All Touchpoints
  3. Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog Now
  4. Kill the Clichés
  5. SWOT Team: Effective Customer Retention Programs
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

  1. Marketing Mix (SWOT)
  2. Help On Writing a White Paper
  3. Marketing Plan For Nursing Homes
  4. The Effective Way to Get CEO/CFO to See Your Product
  5. Grocery Store Successes OnLine?


Eric Best
Changing the Way Your Customers Buy

It's funny how things have changed in the last two years.

Instead of worrying about survival due to limited market potential, online retailers are now concerned with maintaining market share in light of massive market growth.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: The WOW Factor

Add your two cents to this week's dilemma: When you need to make your company, product or service stand out from the rest, where do you turn for inspiration and creativity?

Also this week: What are the most effective ways to increase e-newsletter open rates?

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Jason OConnor
10 Things I Hate in a Web Site

Creating—and maintaining—high-quality Web sites is more important now than ever, because higher quality equals more revenue.

A bad Web site neglects to consider the site visitor's experience in some fundamental ways. Here is a list of the top 10 ways that a Web site can fail.

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Joseph Benson
Brands, Millennials and Universities

Organizations that create successful brands understand their customers well, and that extends to those of us who run organizations focused on higher education.

How well do you understand the "customers" of your university, and what do you know of their lifestyles and buying behaviors?

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