Vol. 3 , No. 46     November 23, 2004


In this Newsletter:

  1. Keys to Measuring the Success of a Web Site (Part 1)
  2. Are Marketing Objectives Part of Your License Agreement?
  3. 10 Ways to Create Brand Value
  4. If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: The Best Marketing Metrics
  5. SWOT Team: Making Winning Decisions
  6. How to Build Credibility Through Bylined Articles
  7. The Branding Paradox


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Jim Sterne
Keys to Measuring the Success of a Web Site (Part 1)

Can we identify benchmarks for Web success? What metrics can justify Web-based projects? How do you confirm the most valuable customers? How do you calculate the ROI of personalization? How do you calculate the value of Web intelligence?

Producing more data is not the issue. Rather, knowing how to focus on the mission-critical information and how to turn it into insight to make decisions about the Web site is key.

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Kirk Martensen
Are Marketing Objectives Part of Your License Agreement?

Most trademark licensing relationships are defined and evaluated based on the terms in a license agreement contract.

In the case of a brand extension license, there can be a lot at stake, including the health and well being of the licensor's brand. Surprisingly, many license agreements do not include specific terms or requirements that reflect key marketing objectives.

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Dan Herman
10 Ways to Create Brand Value

The act of branding has 10 different meanings, which translate into 10 different ways to create instrumentality or usefulness beyond the tangible benefits of a product/service.

Following those 10 approaches will make the difference between masterful creations of brands and amateur imitation.

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A Note to Readers

Measuring Up

Greetings, discerning readers!

And welcome to another issue of MarketingProfs. This week, we kick off a Premium article series by Jim Sterne on his favorite topic: Web site metrics. Having literally written the book on metrics, he's no slouch when it comes to figuring out what works and what doesn't on a Web site, and on deciding which metrics will indicate as much.

Jim's also one of the nicest people I've ever met, making him hands-down one of my favorite people in the industry. Several (OK, many) years ago at a San Francisco trade show, Jim took me under his wing during one "networking" dinner, where I felt completely out of my league, and let me pester him with questions all night long.

It occurred to me much later that the questions I asked were probably completely inane. But Jim was a gentleman as well as a scholar.

And speaking of scholars, have you seen the latest from Google?

Thanks for stopping by. As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Unitl next week,

Ann Handley


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  3. Marketing Events: What Works, What Doesn't
  4. Branding and the Customer Experience
  5. SWOT Team: When a Brand Is Merged
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Laura Patterson
If You Don't Measure, You Can't Manage: The Best Marketing Metrics

Without metrics to track performance, marketing and business plans are ineffective.

Businesses need to know which success factors require measuring, and they must understand the differences between measurements, metrics, and benchmarks.

For marketers, three primary metrics constitute a starting point for tracking their performance.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Making Winning Decisions

Unfortunately, life has no crystal ball. This week, weigh in with your advice on: What process or evaluation model do you rely on to ensure your decisions have a better chance for success?

Also this week, how do you communicate with one voice to various markets?

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SLI Systems

e-tailers, does your Site search learn from user behavior

Does it rank the hot items first? With the world’s only Learning Search™ - customers find what they’re looking for faster.

Sally Saville Hodge
How to Build Credibility Through Bylined Articles

For those who don't have a product to push, but do want to get across a way of thinking or the thought leadership that differentiates them, an effective approach is to position that expertise via bylined articles.

But first, you have to understand the five Ws.

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Bill Nissim
The Branding Paradox

At the heart of branding resides a paradox.

This article unravels that paradox and examines its intricacies.

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