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Vol. 5 , No. 8     February 21, 2006


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  1. Rejuvenating a Faded Brand: Lessons From Travelocity
  2. The Real Gold Goes to the Bold
  3. Case Study:'s Holiday Sweepstakes
  4. How to Get Closer to Customers
  5. Gatekeeper Management 101: How to Get a Foot in the Door
  6. Path Analysis: Discovering Customer Experience Pitfalls
  7. How to Implement a Winning Segment Strategy

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Premium Content

Roy Young
Rejuvenating a Faded Brand: Lessons From Travelocity

Following a period of financial losses and declining market share in a very competitive industry, a new management team at Travelocity led a turnaround to realize eight quarters in a row of 25% growth and profitability. In this exclusive interview, CMO Jeffrey Glueck reveals how.

Here, Jeffrey talks candidly about how Travelocity moved in two years from a company that made 70% of its revenue from low-margin airline tickets to a company that makes more than 70% of its revenue not from tickets but from far more profitable travel products and services. And, he applies his crystal ball to tell us where online marketing is going, not just in the travel industry, but in general with marketing products and services on the Internet.

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Harvard Business School
Executive Education
Marketing Management Series
May - June 2006

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Kara Dullea
The Real Gold Goes to the Bold

Freestyle may describe a particular type of competition in this year's Winter Olympics, but it more aptly defines the attitudes, mindset and personalities of the games' most controversial and media-savvy athletes.

Is their irreverence just a product of the Echo-Boom Generation, or is it something more? Could it possibly be smart marketing?

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Ian S. Gertler
Case Study:'s Holiday Sweepstakes

As a relatively new player in the increasingly competitive comparison-shopping and online retail arena, needed a comprehensive and creative marketing campaign and strategy to re-launch the brand and generate consumer awareness for the site, among other things.
Here's how they did it.

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A Note to Readers

Bratty or Brilliant?

What do Jet Blue and snowboarder Shaun White have in common? More than you might suspect.

Both share a certain irreverence--an audacity, a willingness to defy convention to take some risks. As columnist Kara Dullea says in today's "The Real Gold Goes to the Bold," it's a message that resonates with consumers who want to be "liberated by disobedience."

"Today's consumers are tired of playing it straight," Dullea writes, adding, "it's increasingly important to be seen as someone who is willing to defy convention, and marketers who get that are attaching their brands to things that deliberately go against the grain."

If this sounds a lot like a sullen teenager, well, it is. (And I should know, I have one.) Except it's not just kids who relate to the hotshots and the hot products. Grownups, too, relate to the youthful freedom they project, even if the freedom from responsibility or youthfulness is only a fading (but wicked good) memory.

As Yum's CMO Micky Pant said in last week's awesome Premium article and podcast, "products that appeal to young people do very well. Not necessarily to young people as buyers but the young mindset, it is the 16-year-old in all of know what I mean?"

So if an airline company--knee deep in an industry mired in tradition--can do it, what are you waiting for? Go for the gold.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

PS: Speaking of Shaun White and sullen teenagers (love ya, honey!), my 14-year-old Evan could be Shaun's doppelganger. Check it out: That's Evan and one of our dogs on the left; Shaun is on the right.


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  2. 10 Ways to Love (and Respect) Your Customers
  3. How to Make Your CEO Swoon Over Marketing
  4. Not Just Sweet Nothings: Writing Words of Love to Your Customers
  5. Branding: All You Need Is Love
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Cristian Mitreanu
How to Get Closer to Customers

The first step in getting closer to the customer is to go beyond his or her needs and understand the mechanics of their problem-solving behavior.

Get the full story.

Debra Feldman
Gatekeeper Management 101: How to Get a Foot in the Door

Correct technique and good manners turn interactions with corporate gatekeepers from frustrating to fruitful.

Here are six ways you can increase the odds that gatekeepers will grant you access.

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Online Expos -
Innovative Medium for Demand Generation

Thousands of professional spent 5 hours glued to their computers attending Nortel's online expo.
"Fantastic results!"- T.Thomas, Nortel.
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Leigh Duncan
Path Analysis: Discovering Customer Experience Pitfalls

Northern Virginia is plagued by shopping centers with the most horribly engineered parking lots—some lots capable of holding thousands of cars, but with as few as one entry/exit! What's worse: Just when you turn a corner and think you're on your way to escape, you dead-end at a random curb.

What's equally amazing is how much such parking lots are like customer experience on a larger scale.

Get the full story.

Steve Bassill
How to Implement a Winning Segment Strategy

Have you learned the best way to identify and serve customers in your target segments?

Segmentation could be the marketing tool that sets your company apart from the competition.

Get the full story.


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