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Vol. 5 , No. 6     February 7, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Thinking the Unthinkable: Steps to Looking Out for New Competitors
  2. How to Maximize Your ROI With Google AdWords
  3. The Compounding Effect of Micro-Gains in Marketing
  4. New Resolutions for Brand Managers
  5. Maximizing Profitability: How Marketers Make an Impact
  6. Four Ways to Raise Direct Mail Response Rates
  7. Does Your Company Suffer From Short-Visit Syndrome?

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Premium Content

Paul A. Barsch
Thinking the Unthinkable: Steps to Looking Out for New Competitors

As a marketing executive, are you on the look-out for new market entrants? New market forces and entrants can potentially destroy your business model—just ask anyone competing with Google.

Marketing intertwines with strategy and—in some progressive companies—drives it. The role of any marketing executive is not only to understand the 4Ps, but to also have a thorough understanding of competitive and market landscapes. But many marketing executives get caught in their functional roles (events, field or product marketing, or whatever) and lose focus on the role of marketing to help drive business strategy.

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What's the Secret to Email & Web Analytics Integration?
Industry experts urge marketers to integrate customer data across platforms in order to craft more meaningful messages. But the enormity of the task prevents most from even starting. Get Silverpop's new white paper for five simple tactics, and learn why there's never been a better time than now.

Neil Anuskiewicz
How to Maximize Your ROI With Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, it is now possible to target prospects at the very moment they are thinking about buying your products or services.

Here's how to maximize your success with Google AdWords. With proper preparation and execution, starting Google AdWords can be like planting a money tree that will provide your business with a steady stream of revenue.

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Nick Usborne
The Compounding Effect of Micro-Gains in Marketing

Online marketing and sales functions are often divided up between different people, groups or even offices. While each individual works hard to achieve a breakthrough increase in performance, the group as a whole often remains unaware of how much can be achieved over time through small micro-gains along the entire marketing and sales pathway.

Remember what your investment adviser told you about the power of compounding? The exact same principle applies to marketing.

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A Note to Readers

Falling in Love With Valentine's Day

Suddenly, marketers love Valentine's Day. In fact, Valentine's Day (only one week away) is apparently turning into the second-biggest retailing event of the year. Merchants—online and offline—are implementing ambitious marketing programs, writes the E-Commerce Times (via MarketingVOX).

"The stakes may not be quite as high as they are during the year-end holiday season, but the challenges may be greater for marketers: Valentine's Day sales typically occupy a smaller window, with many taking place at the last minute, and with many of the targeted buyers being male," writes VOX.

Here at MarketingProfs, we're getting into the spirit of the holiday. Next week is a special Valentine's Day issue with lots of great content (and a few special surprises). You'll... well, LOVE it!

In the meantime, our own Roy Young has posed a Valentine's Day query in the MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange, and I'd be interested in your feedback. (As would Roy, he's offering 500 points for the best answer!)

Roy writes, "MarketingProfs would love to hear about your favorite Valentine's Day campaigns. What products and services were being promoted? What do you think was effective or not effective about these campaigns?"

Also, he implores, "tell us what you LOVE most about marketing and/or marketers."

Read Roy's full question (and your responses to it) here.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, your feedback is encouraged.

Until next week,
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

p.s. Congratulations to the two lucky members who filled out their MarketingProfs Member Directory profiles. Mike Gore of Acxiom Direct and Marc & Laurie Vien, who run Bark & Sparkle, each won $100 Amazon gift certificates in a random drawing of new profiles during January. We'll draw another name this month, so be sure to fill out your profile here:


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Brand Hijack: When Your Brand Has Customers You Might Not Want
  2. Truce! Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing
  3. Four Factors That Distinguish Services Marketing
  4. Marketing Challenge: How to Sell Services
  5. Customer Experience Management vs. Customer Relationship Management
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

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  2. Anyone Heard Of This Training Source?
  3. Is It Wise To Translate Logs Into Other Languages?
  4. How To Launch the Product
  5. Researching Legitimate Company
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Mitch McCasland
New Resolutions for Brand Managers

Even with January behind us, a brand manager is still full of the promise of the New Year.

Sure, things didn't go perfectly during 2005. But it's worth taking note of those things you'll solemnly swear you'll never do again.

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Barbara Bix and Melissa Josephson Edwards
Maximizing Profitability: How Marketers Make an Impact

Every company aims to maximize profit. Yet, in the frenzy of everyday work, it is not uncommon for "urgent" issues to supplant "important" ones, thereby shifting the focus of marketing professionals.

The most important contribution that marketers make to the company's success is consciously choosing a strategy for optimizing sales and marketing resources—and then sticking to it.

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Harvard Business School Executive Education
Understanding Customers - May 10-13, 2006

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Tony Attwood
Four Ways to Raise Direct Mail Response Rates

Most of the direct mail sent uses one of two copywriting techniques. In the author's view, neither works.

The truth is there are only four ways of writing a direct mail ad that will raise your response rate.

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Todd Miechiels
Does Your Company Suffer From Short-Visit Syndrome?

Imagine if half the people that called your sales team hung up within 10 seconds. There are not prospects they were cold-calling either, but interested people calling them. Heads would roll. At the very least, you'd want to know why so many people were disengaging.

Well, chances are it's happening to you right now, every day. Your sales team isn't the problem; the real problem is your most visible and active company representative—the Web site.

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Content: Ann Handley

Strategy and Development:
Roy Young

Director of Premium Services
Val Frazee

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