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Vol. 5 , No. 12     March 21, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Email Marketing Benchmark Survey: An Analysis of What Works (and What Doesn't)
  2. Turning Customers Into Your Sales and Marketing Department
  3. How to Craft Compelling Offers to Boost Response Rates
  4. The Real News About Green Marketing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  5. Marketing in Accelerated Culture
  6. Strategic Social Marketing for Nonprofits
  7. Marketing Challenge: What RSS Can Do for Marketing


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Premium Content

Stephanie Miller
Email Marketing Benchmark Survey: An Analysis of What Works (and What Doesn't)

Keeping up-to-date about email best practices drives strong improvement over the status quo. As in all marketing, however, the devil is in the implementation details.

Based on a MarketingProfs Benchmark Survey, this overview of email marketing serves up an industry baseline for measuring your own 2006 email program. Dig into the data directly to benchmark your success against other marketers, and learn (or steal!) some great ideas for what works and what doesn't.

Get the full story.

Want to work with the data directly? Click this button to view and filter the Email Marketing Benchmark Survey Results.

Note: This article and the Benchmark Survey Results are available to paid members only. Get more information here.


Harvard Business School
Executive Education
Marketing Management Series
May - June 2006

Respond to the challenges and opportunities unique to your diverse role. Five complementary programs provide new insights based on cutting-edge research, and encourage you to view the marketing process from a fresh, informed perspective.
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Jim Lenskold and Bill Lee
Turning Customers Into Your Sales and Marketing Department

One of the most exciting and promising developments in marketing is the emergence of something called Net Promoters. First described two years ago in Harvard Business Review, Net Promoters is now being adopted by a growing number of highly respected firms, including General Electric, Intuit, and SAP.

What is it? And what does it do?

Get the full story.

Ernest Nicastro
How to Craft Compelling Offers to Boost Response Rates

If you want to improve the response rate to your direct mail, the answer may be as simple as making a better offer.

To paraphrase Don Corleone: Make your customers an offer they can't refuse.

Get the full story.


A Note to Readers

Finders, Keepers: Losers, Weepers

As longtime readers of MarketingProfs know, our team gathers every few months in Santa Barbara, California, to talk turkey (and to shop the Territory Ahead outlet). In fact, Santa Babs—specifically, the Upham Hotel on de la Vina—has become our virtual headquarters.

So it makes perfect sense that we are holding our upcoming conference there—after all, our readers are a big part of MarketingProfs, and we want to share the love with you. The event is called "Finders, Keepers: Finding Prospects & Keeping Customers," and it's being held a month from now, on April 20-21.

On hand will be some of our best and most popular authors—the sharpest tools in the MarketingProfs shed.

Publisher Allen Weiss will give the keynote address on creating customer relationships that last; Leigh Duncan with talk about customer loyalty; Jim Lenskold chats up metrics; and our own Roy Young will talk about finding customers from within. All in all, eight authors will give you the ins and outs of finding customers and keeping them happy.

I've been to a lot of industry events and tradeshows. And one thing has always bugged me: Speakers show up, deliver their speech, and high-tail it back to the airport to catch the next flight out.

If that model is the equivalent of a drive-through fast-food lunch, our event is decidedly different: more like a leisurely four-star meal that stretches well into the afternoon. Our speakers will hang around—they'll linger at the table. It's an informal, relaxed way to exchange ideas, hear advice, and learn.

For that reason, "Finders, Keepers" is more executive retreat than industry tradeshow—in other words, the number of attendees is firmly capped at 50.

More than half of those seats are already gone, but there's still room. Check out the program—and, if need be, beg your boss to let you attend. Hope to see you there!

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Book Summary: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell
  2. How to Determine the Best Price for Your Product or Service
  3. Five Ways to Attract (and Hold!) More Qualified Leads
  4. 10 Tips for Running an Effective PPC Search Campaign
  5. A View From the Top: Career Insight From Prophet Senior Partner Scott Davis
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

March 23, 2006
Hispanic Marketing: Effective Strategic Planning Processes
Presenter: Terry Soto is a well-respected voice in Hispanic market entry strategy consulting, working with Fortune 500 companies to improve their chances of Hispanic market entry success.

April 13, 2006
The Essentials of B-to-B Direct Marketing
Presenter: Ruth Stevens is author of Trade Show and Event Marketing: Plan, Promote and Profit and The DMA Lead Generation Handbook.


Jacquelyn A. Ottman
The Real News About Green Marketing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Old news: Green products don't work, and consumers won't pay a premium for them.

New news: Investment in environmentally preferable products and technologies can lead to a potent new source of innovation and competitive advantage.

Get the full story.

Jay Pattisall
Marketing in Accelerated Culture

Advertising and marketing has changed.

What could possibly be the cause of so many beleaguered established players and fortunate newer ones?

Get the full story.


Improve Business Performance with Online Training

Learn how Buca, Inc., owner of the Buca di Beppo and Vinny T's of Boston restaurant chains, uses live online training to support corporate initiatives, speed new offerings to market, enhance the customer experience, and increase sales and profits.

Join Us Mar 22, 10am PT/ 1pm ET.
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Nedra Kline Weinreich
Strategic Social Marketing for Nonprofits

If you run a nonprofit, you know that marketing is essential to your mission. To many nonprofit managers, marketing equals fundraising and nothing more.

But your organization exists for more than just bringing in donations. By using social marketing methods, you can boost the effectiveness of programs and activities that are the reason your organization exists in the first place—to make a difference.

Get the full story.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: What RSS Can Do for Marketing

Do your customers prefer to get information from email newsletters? Web sites? Blogs? Feeds? A mix?

A growing number of users are relying on RSS feeds to satisfy their hunger for information.

Get the full story.


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Val Frazee

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