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Vol. 6 , No. 4     January 23, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make—No. 9: Failing to Market Marketing Inside Your Organization
  2. Six Ways to Prepare Better Collateral for Sales Teams
  3. The 12 Tenets of Social Media Marketing (and Why You Need to Learn Them)
  4. Stop, Thief! How to Protect Your Site from Copyright Infringement
  5. Marketing to Generation X and Y
  6. The Underrated Power of the Press Release
  7. Are Marketers Underappreciated?


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Premium Content

Roy Young
The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make—No. 9: Failing to Market Marketing Inside Your Organization

As a marketer, you regularly cultivate your company's brand so customers know what the firm and its products stand for. As the following story reveals, you must draw on these same skills to let others within your organization know that marketing stands for cash.

You can help others in your organization see the link between marketing and cash through several means. But persuasive communication and smart decisions are two particularly potent tools.

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Jonathan Kranz
Six Ways to Prepare Better Collateral for Sales Teams

Ah, sales and marketing. They're like two siblings fighting in the back seat while mom, pop—or a company executive—drives the car.

Jonathan doesn't know how to stop all this bickering (and he's not interested in "who started it"), but here he suggests a few ways those of us on the marketing side can ease the tension by better serving their sales brethren with more productive collateral.

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B.L. Ochman
The 12 Tenets of Social Media Marketing (and Why You Need to Learn Them)

The delicate relationship between management and marketing is a dance roughly akin to that between fox and hen, but with far less goodwill. To management, you're only as good as your last campaign.

So let's look at the 12 tenets of Social Media Marketing to see how you can up your success rate.

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This Week's Case Study

How an Online Retailer Grew Revenue 161% Year over Year

A Note to Readers

What Inspires You?

Since January gray blankets my world this week –- a wholly uninspiring landscape -- I asked a few friends: What inspires you in your writing?

Stephen Denny: “Dialog. It's too easy to get wound up in your own personal space and talk to yourself. The more people you meet, whether face to face, or via phone (or even online), the more you are exposed to. And the more you have to react to others' individual contexts…. [in other words] my inspiration is the last thought coming out of the last rant.”

Shelley Ryan: “When I'm writing to an individual instead of to an audience. If I can imagine my ‘audience’ as a friend, the digital ink flows more freely. Another source of inspiration, which is also a quote from Douglas Adams (I think): ‘I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.’”

Roy Young: “People who pursue hobbies with passion. They could be watching television, but they choose to learn photography, astronomy, music, or cooking. And they often start hobbies as adults, without having much previous skill or background. This tells me we can always discover and learn.”

Roger von Oech: “Working on a problem or project, and allowing myself to get sidetracked. Deadlines. Getting away from problems and projects -- for example, I'm going to Egypt next week and I'm sure I'll be inspired there. Swimming (daily). Going to the movies and Netflix. Talking with my wife and children. Working with my hands to make stuff. This gets me out of my head.”

Sharon Hudson: "A 'problem' to solve or work through. A calm environment and morning light. And finally, time enough to procrastinate."

Christina Kerley (CK): “Sharing ideas is what inspires my writing. By connecting with others, I'm both teaching and learning.”

How about you?

Post your own bit of inspiration in a slightly expanded version of this note here.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Case Study: Smart Marcomm Strategy Enables Precision Manufacturer to Nearly Double Sales in One Year
  2. Five Ways to Develop a Dialogue With Key 'Influencers'
  3. Online Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  4. 'What's Your Mantra?'
  5. Marketing Challenge: Working as a Team
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Thursday, January 25
Direct Marketing Creative Savvy
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Thursday, February 1
Integrated Media Planning in B-to-B Direct Marketing
Ruth Stevens talks about different channels for customer acquisition in the seventh seminar of our "crash course" series on Direct Marketing.

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Stephan Spencer
Stop, Thief! How to Protect Your Site from Copyright Infringement

They say that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Not if you are a Web site owner and you have a brand to protect!

Stephan has seen designs copied, content copied... even entire sites copied. It's easy for someone to "View Source" and take whatever they like, without regard to copyright. Here's what to do about it.

Get the full story.

Michael Fleischner
Marketing to Generation X and Y

If you're trying to market to adults who were born between 1965 and 1994, then you need to understand the best method for reaching generation X and generation Y.

The answer is more traditional than you might think.

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Learn even more about GenX&Y through online research. Download our Marketing Template: Online Research How-To Guide.

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Paul McCord
The Underrated Power of the Press Release

Most midsize-to-large companies have long learned the value of the press release, but the vast majority of small companies haven't. The notion seems to be that, to make it into the newspaper, companies must have some momentous news to break.

But, by forfeiting the newspaper coverage to the "big boys," small companies are missing out on possibly the most dynamic form of promotion and lead generation there is—and it's free.

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Kevin Hillstrom
Are Marketers Underappreciated?

Marketers, for better or worse, need to find meaningful ways to measure their effectiveness.

Within the organization, a marketer can earn respect, and be appreciated, by speaking a language that other employees understand: the language of sales and profits.

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