Vol. 2 , No. 26     October 15, 2002


In this Newsletter:

  1. Getting from Research to Personas: Harnessing the Power of Data
  2. What’s the Benefit of Branding Anyway?
  3. What Web Developers Can Learn from Retailers
  4. Why Your E-Newsletter Doesn’t Deliver Like You Hoped
  5. How To Keep Your Motivation in Crappy Times
  6. Viral Marketing, Email Style (part 2)
  7. Dear Tig: Forward-to-a-friend Resources, Pushy Reps and Rude Buyers


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Getting from Research to Personas: Harnessing the Power of Data

The usefulness of personas in defining and designing interactive products has become more widely accepted in the last few years. But a lack of published information has, unfortunately, left room for a lot of misconceptions about how personas are created, and about what information actually comprises a persona.

Just what ARE personas? And why should you care?

Read how personas can help your business.

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What’s the Benefit of Branding Anyway?

That's the question Kristine fielded from a fellow marketer this week. Yep -- a nice big juicy softball of a question that she now tackles in this column.

Turns out, it's not a simple question to anwer.

See if you agree with her response.

What Web Developers Can Learn from Retailers

Trouble is, most web sites are still designed and developed by IT professionals, and ruled by the IT mindset. IT believes that a well-designed web site should allow you to get in, get what you want,and get out quickly. IT thinks web copy should be short and sweet.

Stern's response? Ridiculous! And he takes you on a shopping trip to the mall to prove it.

Begin the tour here.


A Note to Readers

Mail Call!

Each week at MarketingProfs, the mailbag runneth over.

Believe me…I love it. I truly enjoy the comments of discerning readers like you, and I am grateful that so many of you take the time to write.

Last week, for example, I fielded a boatload of kudos (and took some rotten tomatoes) about our newsletter redesign. I hear from those who want to write, advertise, or simply venture an opinion on an issue that’s front and center.

And often, I get questions from those of you looking for advice in the online marketing space.

Which leads me to our own Tig Tillinghast. For the past three weeks, Tig has been writing a regular weekly advice column on MarketingProfs. His column features questions both from and for marketers, sent in by readers like you.

So, much as I like to get your mail, Tig is far more qualified than me to answer your thorny questions and sort through your difficult issues; he’s also (as my friends here in Boston say) wicked smaht…he literally wrote the book on online marketing. Well, okay…he wrote A book, anyway.

As my 10-year-old son told me one day after school last week…the only bad question is an unasked one. (Where do kids today get that stuff?) So email Tig with your queries – confidentially, of course.

As always, your feedback and comments are both encouraged and appreciated.


Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer



Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Is Your Marketing Missing the Cookie Factor?
  2. When Brands Become Invisible
  3. Viral Marketing, Email Style (part one of two)
  4. Understanding Users through Brand Research
  5. Dear Tig: Beyond Banners, Email Advice, and Office Va-Va-Voom

Email Strategy Top 5

  1. Viral Marketing, Email Style (part one of two)
  2. The New Rules for Direct Marketing
  3. The Formula For A Compelling Email
  4. Serial Storytelling: Email Marketing’s Missing Link
  5. The One True Secret of Email Marketing

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Why Your E-Newsletter Doesn’t Deliver Like You Hoped

You've heard the pitch – marketing newsletters are supposed to attract customers. They're sworn to build customer loyalty. And they'll increase profits. All that…and they are incredibly cheap to produce.

So why is your newsletter's falling hopelessly short of its potential?

Read how to help your own newsletter deliver.

How To Keep Your Motivation in Crappy Times

When times are crappy, motivation is... well, the same. Even if you have a job, you might just be getting by. And you become complacent, which leads to stagnation, which leads to eventual failure.

So how do you avoid stagnating...when everything around you is?

Read Peter's advice.


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Viral Marketing, Email Style (part 2)

Viral email marketing can be a powerful community-building, brand-building, and list-building tool.

Last week, Lynda defined viral marketing and suggested why you should consider using it. And in this week’s final installment, she offers a list of 13 best practices for successful viral email marketing.

Read all about it.

Dear Tig: Forward-to-a-friend Resources, Pushy Reps and Rude Buyers

In his weekly advice column to marketers, Tig offers up the real skinny. This week, he suggests resources for forward-to-a-friend apps and empathizes about pushy reps and rude buyers, to boot.

Read Tig's take.


Publisher: Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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