Using Data for Marketing Insights That Matter

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  • Using Data for Marketing Insights That Matter

    If you're like most marketers, you're probably drowning in data but starving for actionable information. Here's how to get the insights you need to increase sales, conversions, and leads. Sponsored by Alight Analytics.

  • The Keys to Successful B2B Influencer Programs

    Influencer marketing is all the rage for B2C products, but can it work for B2B marketing? Turns out, the answer is a resounding yes—influencer marketing is a powerful but under-utilized tool for B2B marketers. Join us to learn how quality content makes influencer marketing an achievable goal.

  • Storytelling: Using Story to Drive Action

    Storytelling is at the heart of all marketing, yet marketers continue to struggle with conveying their company's story. This half-day, online, interactive workshop will teach you three tried-and-true storytelling frameworks to help you tell a powerful and compelling brand story.

  • Unlocking Your Data Silos for More Pipeline

    You have data EVERYWHERE—from your CRM to your marketing automation platform, and other systems in between. But it hasn't always been easy to use the data to improve customer experience. Until now. Sponsored by Drift.

  • How to Create Authentic Connections in a Digital World

    In today's WFH landscape, digital marketers are tasked with driving the entire buyer's journey—from lead to revenue. That means creating content experiences that rise above the noise of a competitive digital world. Sponsored by ON24.