How to Create Authentic Connections in a Digital World

Join us on June 11, 2020—2:00 PM ET

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  • How to Create Authentic Connections in a Digital World

    In today's WFH landscape, digital marketers are tasked with driving the entire buyer's journey—from lead to revenue. That means creating content experiences that rise above the noise of a competitive digital world. Sponsored by ON24.

  • Video Marketing Friday Forum

    Video marketing can be one of the quickest and best ways to build your audience and revenue—especially in a post-pandemic world. But, where should you begin? Sponsored by Vidyard.

  • Align Marketing and Sales to Simplify B2B Buying

    Are you overcomplicating the B2B buying process for your customers? We'll show you how to leverage sales and marketing alignment to better unite your brand with its buyers. Sponsored by Seismic.

  • Storytelling: Using Story to Drive Action

    Storytelling is at the heart of all marketing, yet marketers continue to struggle with conveying their company's story. This half-day, online, interactive workshop will teach you three tried-and-true storytelling frameworks to help you tell a powerful and compelling brand story.

  • Doubling Down on Digital

    In this new normal, your digital strategy will be your business' main differentiator. But how can you overcome common roadblocks, meet the changing expectations and needs of customers, and drive more revenue? It starts with understanding digital experience management. Sponsored by Qualtrics.