Five Signs Your Marketing and Sales Teams Need a Relationship Rx

Join us on July 16, 2020—2:00 PM ET

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  • Five Signs Your Marketing and Sales Teams Need a Relationship Rx

    Is the alignment between your sales and marketing departments less than perfect—especially in this remote-work world? It's not always easy to diagnose what exactly is going wrong, but it starts with knowing the top signs that you're due for a relationship reboot. Sponsored by RollWorks.

  • Content After the Apocalypse

    Are you struggling to find the right way to connect with customers and prospects in the current climate? And wondering what the appropriate tone is for your messaging and branding? We'll show you what you need to do to weather this apocalypse and emerge stronger. Sponsored by SEMrush.

  • Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

    You may not be in the baseball business, but there's a lot you can learn about marketing from Oakland Athletics VP of Operations, and former General Manager, Billy Beane. Join us Backstage to discover how he used data and analytics (his Moneyball philosophy) to change the business of baseball.

  • Doubleheader Event: Customer Empathy

    The ability to engage meaningfully with customers matters more now than ever. It starts with empathy and an ability to prioritize the marketing activities that will create the most connection. Sponsored by UserTesting.

  • Marketing Strategy Friday Forum

    Do you ever wish you had a magic decoder ring that unlocked the perfect marketing strategy for your brand? Join the club! With so many technologies and tactics out there, it can sometimes feel impossible to select, set up, and deploy an optimal combination. Sponsored by Obility.