March 19, 2002 Circulation: 30,200+ Volume 2, No. 5
This issue's highlights include...
1 - How to Create an eDialog
2 - Eight Ways to Close a Technology Deal in a Down Economy!
3 - Job 1: Decide on the Purpose of Each Email
4 - How to Write an Award-Winning, Sales-Kicking Creative Brief
5 - When Times Get Tough, the Tough Keep Talking
6 - Ten Tasks for Tailoring Email Newsletter Content
7 - Will a Press Release Really Help My Business?
8 - Book Giveaway: New Ideas About New Ideas
9 - Advertising Information for
10 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it
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More Than Employees: Brand Evangelists - Six steps to help your brand.

Your Seven-Step, One-Day Marketing Plan - How to put it all together.

Secrets of the World's Most Successful Dotcom Advertising - What makes some the best.

When Do B2B Customers Want a Close Relationship? - Not everyone wants to be close.
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How to Create an eDialog

If you owned a store and noticed a customer in the store looking perplexed, wouldn't you go to the customer and ask if there was anything you could help them with? Imagine what they might say in reply. Think of what you would say back, based on how the customer responded. You and the customer have engaged in a dialog.

But how does this translate in to an online marketing campaign? Follow these steps and you'll see. Click here

Eight Ways to Close a Technology Deal in a Down Economy
In this economy that old excuse "We just can't afford it" might actually be the truth.
Click here to find out how to get around the truth

Job 1: Decide on the Purpose of Each Email
What is the purpose of your promotional emails? Don't just shoot them off and hope for the best!
Click here to improve your aim


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How to Write an Award-Winning, Sales-Kicking Creative Brief

A creative brief is like a road map. A good brief leads to imaginative and persuasive ads. And gets you there quickly.

A bad brief starts you off in the wrong direction. So you have to stop, figure out where the heck you're going, and start again. Or worse, you follow that brief to a town called Bad Adsville.

Most briefs are simply a list of questions. Is that really enough?

Want some new, better fitting briefs? here

When Times Get Tough, the Tough Keep Talking
During tough times, is it appropriate to continue advertising? Is it smart? Do your customers want to hear from you?
Can you afford to keep talking?

Ten Tasks for Tailoring Email Newsletter Content

A central pillar of successful relationship marketing through email newsletters is delivering valuable content to your readers. One of the newsletter marketer's key jobs is to identify the kind of content that provides this value, and then to adapt and present it in a way that best fits the newsletter objectives.

Coming up with the right content causes many marketers to furrow their collective brows as planning or delivery deadlines near.

If you're facing the black pit of creativity, here are a few tasks you can undertake to identify and develop the kind of content that will bind (rather than blind) your customers or prospects to your email publication.

Here's how to get started...

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Will a Press Release Really Help My Business?
The question is often asked:"I'm not sure our company has anything to do a press release on. What do you suggest?"
Here are 38 possible topics for a press release

Book Giveaway: New Ideas About New Ideas
What makes some people and organizations more creative than others? How do they channel their creative impulses into productive projects? How do they sustain their creative edge when resources are scarce? We'll be giving away 5 copies of Shira P. White's new book, New Ideas about New Ideas

This book giveaway ends on March 18,2002
Click here to enter our free book giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, here are the 5 winners who will receive Lois K. Geller's book "Customers for Keeps":
- Person 1
- Person 2
- Person 3
- Person 4
- Person 5

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