April 16, 2002 Circulation: 36,400+ Volume 2, No. 8
1 - The Meaning of Success
2 - Harness the Psychological Power of '3'
3 - Power-Writing for the Web: 10 Golden Rules
4 - Search Engines are Digging Deeper
5 - The Uncommon Market: Thinking About a PR Campaign to Target Europe?
6 - Are You an Email Marketing Miner or Manager?
7 - 10 Deadly Sins to Global Sales Failure
8 - Build Your Personal Brand and Expand Your Success
9 - Doing What's Best for Your Client...and Your Agency
10 - How to Justify a Search Engine Optimization Budget
11 - Advertising Info. for MarketingProfs - 2 for 1 special!
12 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Has Email Won the Battle? - Has email zapped snail-mail to death?

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The Meaning of Success
A major packaged foods company was recently mulling over whether customer relationship marketing made sense for them. While their flagship brand had long enjoyed a huge category lead, the syndicated trend data was showing a worrisome slippage in market share, suggesting consumers were beginning to stray.

The market research department saw a different story. The research staff put more trust in their own custom data, which painted a cheerier picture: that, in fact, the brand's share of requirements had actually risen slightly over the previous year. So who was right?

Can you guess? Click here to find out

Harness the Psychological Power of '3'
It's deeply embedded in the psyche of humans...so use it to your advantage.
So, is 3 company or a crowd?...click here.

Power-Writing for the Web: 10 Golden Rules
Experts lay out the rules of writing powerful content that will pull readers or customers into your site.
Want to put power in your pen?...read on.

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Search Engines are Digging Deeper
A recent study estimated public information in the deep Web to be about 500 times larger than the existing World Wide Web. Doing some marketing research on the web?
Here's what you need to know.

The Uncommon Market: Thinking About a PR Campaign to Target Europe?

There's good news and bad news when you look at developing a business-to-business public relations strategy for Europe. The good news might seem to be the coming together of (so far) 15 countries into a single Common Market. The bad news is that in practical, everyday terms the EU is anything but a single market, and its existence is hardly of any benefit when it comes to planning PR activities across Europe.

Need to do PR across the pond? Read on...

Are You an Email Marketing Miner or Manager?
What are YOU doing to preserve your long-term interests? Don't know? Answer these questions to find out..click here

10 Deadly Sins to Global Sales Failure
There's no salvation if you commit one of these 10 deadly sins. Make any of these stupid mistakes and you'll end up in sales hell.
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Build Your Personal Brand and Expand Your Success
Since pre-industrial times, branding has been used to develop strong, enduring relationships with customers.

Customers of Mr Jone's pie shop knew that his pies came with more real fruit and were always given to you with a smile. It made it worth the long walk and extra 2 cents. Today, albeit on a larger, more global scale, branding continues to provide those same benefits. Volvo is differentiated from other car companies by it's promise of safety and security.

But branding is not just for companies or products any more.

You mean I can brand myself? Why should I? Read on...

Doing What's Best for Your Client...and Your Agency
Can you really do both at once? Click here

How To Justify a Search Engine Optimization Budget
Find out if it's right for you by quantifying the value of search engine traffic.
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