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May 14, 2002 Circulation: 41,500+ Volume 2, No. 10
1 - Web Site Usability: Strategies for Categorizing Categories
2 - Six Costly Mistakes You Can Make in Marketing to Women
3 - Search Engine Marketing: Finding the Right Vendor
4 - Can You Convert Your Marketing into a Religion?
5 - 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
6 - Using Customer Interactions to Improve Your Marketing
7 - Web Users Crave Familiarity
8 - The Principles of Reality PR
9 - Get with the Program! Send Regularly Scheduled E-mail
10 - Why Dot-Coms Fail - a Webmaster's Perspective
11 - Advertising Info. for MarketingProfs - 2 for 1 special!
12 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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  Publisher's Note:

Kids Click
When it comes to children's T.V. programming, the blending of content and advertising is not new. So it's not surprising (to parents or researchers who study kids) that kids confuse web ads and content, as reported this week by Nielsen Norman Group. Surely a lot of those clicks for the ubiquitous x10 cameras and popups are just random clicks by kids. Clicking on something that moves is a conditioned response for any kid weaned on video games. But they still need their parent's money to buy anything.

Improve Your Email Marketing
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Tell Site Visitors What To Do - They need a roadmap.

Ten IT Sales Myths - Stop battling those age-old sales myths.

Branding the Non-Profit - What non-profits need to know and for-profits can learn.
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Web Site Usability: Strategies for Categorizing Categories
In the old days, we never paid attention to content. When we designed a product, like a word processor, we only focused on how the user interacted with the product. We never focused on what they wrote -- their content.

But now, browsers don't really do anything without content. What makes or breaks a web site is the content involved. And content is really hard.

How should it be organized? How should it be written? What can we leave out? What must we include? Does order matter? Does presentation matter? We're just now getting a glimpse of how much we need to learn to answer these questions.

How do you organize the virtual? Click here to find out

Six Costly Mistakes You Can Make in Marketing to Women
If you've been paying attention lately, some companies are marketing to women very effectively, while others are not.
Tired of Mars & Venus? Click here for some down to earth answers...

Search Engine Marketing: Finding the Right Vendor
When it comes to search engine marketing you've got to have the right information to make an informed decision.
So what information do I need? Click here...

Can You Convert Your Marketing into a Religion?
Religion breeds fanatics. And if it works for a bunch of crazies, why not make it work for your product or service?
Want the Pope's Secrets to Success? Click here...

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12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
You don't have to be an award-winning copywriter to create effective sales letters. In fact, writing great sales letters is more of a science than an art.
Read how the pros do it...

Using Customer Interactions to Improve Your Marketing
There is so much going on in the CRM world these days that it is easy for some of the simpler ideas for improving your bottom line to go untouched. Worries about profitability and growth, integrating multiple solutions and customer views, analyzing and segmenting customer data, acquiring and retaining customers, reducing costs and meeting customer satisfaction goals all set in an environment of downsized corporate budgets could make executives overlook the obvious.

If yours is like most companies, the best source for identifying new leads, cross-sales, up-sales and customer attrition risks is going to waste.

Want to know what it is?...read the story

Web Users Crave Familiarity
The sad truth is, general Web users would love it if all our sites looked like Amazon.com. The trouble is, the creative spirit hates to copy the work of others.
Want to be a creative Amazon? ...Click here


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The Principles of Reality PR
Is your public relations campaign getting the results you want? If not, it could be time for Reality PR.

It's based on tactics a lot more solid than outdated press releases. And Reality PR gets better results than traditional PR.

Think like a wired journalist
To practice Reality PR you must think like a wired journalist and realize that the fact your company exists is not news. You must understand what the journalists' audience wants to read and what they, by virtue of this, want to write.

What besides publicity can attract attention to your company and help build your sales? Plenty!

What else?...click here to find out

Get with the Program! Send Regularly Scheduled Email
Cease with campaign marketing and switch to program marketing. What is it and how do you do it? Here's five critical elements for success.
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Why Dot-Coms Fail - a Webmaster's Perspective
Sure you hear pronouncements and predictions about dot-com failures every day. But from the people who actually design them? Well, this webmaster's willing to talk.
Let me hear it from the horse's mouth

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