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May 28, 2002 Circulation: 44,100+ Volume 2, No. 11
1 - Content and Copy: Why They Should Work Together
2 - 8 Clues to Get You Global: Building an Export Dream Team
3 - Is Your IT Sales Quota Wrong?
4 - The Positioning Statement: Don't Communicate Without One
5 - Watching Your Competitors
6 - 20 Tips and Traps of Internet Marketing
7 - Relationship Branding
8 - Immunizing Agencies
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1 - Content and Copy: Why They Should Work Together
Let's talk about the difference between content and copy, and why it's critical that they work together on the web.

But first, let's take a short walk back in time.

Generally speaking, the writers of content came to the Web in advance of copywriters. Content managers and their writers helped move text from offline sources onto the Web.

Content was reformatted and presented in a way that better suited the online reading environment. And following the advice and sentiments of early experts in the field of online content, most of this text was written in a very objective, formal way. Many content managers squirmed at the very notion of allowing some marketing copywriter loose on their sites.

Can't they just get along? Click here to find out

2 - 8 Clues to Get You Global: Start By Building an Export Dream Team
In a recent survey, most executives believe the Net will be vital to their future export strategy. Are you ready?
Click here to get a jump start

3 - Is Your IT Sales Quota Wrong?
Here are the top ten most common methods firms use to calculate their technology sales quota, and they're all wrong.
See if the method you use made the list... click here

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4 - The Positioning Statement: Have One Before You Start Communicating
One of the most profound statements made on the subject of positioning comes from Louis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. When Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which path to take, he responds, "if you don't care where you're going, it doesn't make a difference which path you take."

So it is with too many company's marketing communications programs. Without direction or focus, a business or organization often acts like a multi-headed creature - speaking from many mouths, saying nothing and going nowhere.

So, how can you get your communications program on the right path?

Do it, or your competitors will do it for you... click here for more

5 - Watching Your Competitors
Now that your website is at the top of the search engines, your competitors will want to knock you off. What are you doing about it?
Waiting until you disappear?...Read the story and get back on top

6 - 20 Tips and Traps of Internet Marketing
A non-technical perspective on Web Marketing learned through the fire of trial by error. Web marketing for the technologically challenged...click here


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Sure, you're collecting web traffic data. Even looking at the reports. But what are you DOING with the information?
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7 - Relationship Branding
The other day I was speaking with a colleague, and I was quite surprised to hear him say that while he knew what a brand was, he didn't really know what a brand was, why some brands were stronger than others, the deep purpose of the brand concept, and why some consumers are so brand loyal. This got me thinking, and made me consider the following…

Simply put, a brand is a promise, an expectation waiting to be fulfilled. But the promise of the brand isn't always fulfilled the moment the product is purchased.

So how is the promise of a brand fulfilled?...click here to find out

8 - Immunizing Agencies
What makes the advertising industry so plagued by the natural external forces that are bound to occur. Is there something that can keep them immunized? Just what the doctor ordered... click here

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