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July 9, 2002 Circulation: 52,000+ Volume 2, No. 14
1 - Why Amazon Succeeds -- And Why It Won't Help You
2 - Just Say "No" to Comdex
3 - The Power of Saying ‘You Can’
4 - Which Keywords Lead to Conversions?
5 - Spread the Wealth of Your Online Advertising Budget
6 - Will Sears Be More Like Target Than Kmart?
7 - The Five Most Important Words in Email Marketing
8 - Martha Stewart …Still Living
9 - The 21 Truths About Generating Qualified Leads
10 - Do You Know Your Customers...By Name?
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  Publisher's Note:

Are You a Boundary Role Spanner?
Say what? Well, these are people who can speak the languages of different functional groups in a company -- say, marketing and R&D. They also understand the specific needs and ways of thinking of these different groups.

Why should you care?

Too many marketing professionals shy away from deeply understanding the technology of the web and leave the technical decisions to others. They don't span boundaries.

That's okay. But like being in a foreign country and not knowing the language, you're dependent on the programmers and people running the website to tell you when something is possible and when it's not.

The more you understand the language and possibilities of programming, the more you'll see all the things that CAN be done. You don't have to be proficient in Java, C# or SOAP, but having some understanding will help you gain credibility with the people who run your website. Better yet, you won't get duped the next time they tell you "it can't be done."

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next time,
Allen Weiss

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1 - Why Amazon Succeeds -- And Why It Won't Help You
Amazon has one of the best on-site search capabilities we've ever seen. But surprisingly, the reason why it works so well is likely to be the same reason why Search *won't* work well on your site.

Want to read The Maltese Falcon? Type it into the search engine and Amazon instantly presents you with Dashiell Hammett's classic novel. Want to listen to Britney Spears? (After all, somebody must!) Type it in and you're looking at her latest albums. (Interestingly, when we just tried it, Amazon also suggested we purchase a set of headphones. What should we read into that?)

But surprisingly, the reason why it works so well is likely to be the same reason why search *won't* work well on your site.

Well now why is that? Search for the answer here...

2 - Just Say "No" to Comdex
Although the business climate for many tech companies has changed with the current downturn, Comdex exhibitors persist in spending like drunken sailors. Is exhibiting at Comdex -- or any huge tradeshow -- the best use of your dollars?
I'm guessing it's not. But tell me more...

3 - The Power of Saying "You Can"
When you are faced with a tough career challenge, it’s still reassuring to have someone put a hand on your shoulder and say, “You can do it.” With this in mind, think about the copy you write on your Web site, and in your emails and newsletter.
Click here to get the 'Can Do' spirit...

4 - Which Keywords Lead to Conversions?
Careful selection and placement of strategic keywords in your Web page copy and HTML tags goes a long way toward attracting traffic that converts to sales.
Want words that work? Well, what are you waiting for? Click here...

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5 - Spread the Wealth of Your Online Advertising Budget
For a long, long time online media planning and buying agencies have (for the most part) recommended limiting the number of properties their clients advertise on.

It made sense, to them and their clients, because of the perceived benefits (e.g. discounts for bulk purchases, exclusivity terms, ease of delivery, simple ROI calculations etc.).

But Jupiter Media Metrix has found (admittedly to support sales of a new service) that: "Media buys across fewer online networks are inefficient."

So should you go on a buying spree? Read the article first...

6 - Will Sears Be More Like Target Than Kmart?
Developing the silver-bullet brand strategy in the context of an overall brand architecture strategy is critical. This entails far more than just organizing the brands as individual performers.
Well then how should they be organized? Let me know...

7 - The Five Most Important Words in Email Marketing
You may not be able to pronounce it, but you better remember it. PVBIT stands for the five things that email marketing must have for a successful B2B or fundraising application.
OK, so tell me what it stands for...

Daily Business Intelligence from Oracle

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8 - Martha Stewart …Still Living
You would have to be living in a cave not to be aware of the brouhaha surrounding Martha Stewart these days.

She has been on the cover of Newsweek, been the subject of leading articles in many of the big papers, been a constant topic of interest on the national and worldwide newscasts, radio, and so on. Plus, she has incredible loyalty.

Is all this attention good for the brand?
Well, I've got my own thoughts on Martha, but let me read the article...

9 - The 21 Truths About Generating Qualified Leads
Want the bare-bones of scores of business-to-business lead generation programs? Here are the 21 most significant truths learned over 35 years of sales.
Want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Read on...

10 - Do You Know Your Customers...By Name?
You’ve been doing the tradeshows. You’ve been spending on a PR agency. You’ve been running ads – both print and now online. You’ve been doing direct mail and now even direct email. But somehow you feel that you could do better.
You bet you here to find out how

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