PRO-Exclusive Working Webinar Series

How to Build a Successful GTM Marketing Plan

Presented by: Pam Didner

Your Go-to-Market Plan can make or break a product or service launch. If you don't have the pieces in place, your marketing won't attract the right prospects and your sales team will struggle to close deals.

That's why you want to do everything in your power to create a comprehensive GTM plan. Bolster your funnel, top to bottom. Enable sales with supporting content. And pull all your GTM plans together into a plan that wins over executives and management.

One part workshop, one part webinar, this interactive Working Webinar series will help you develop a Go-to-Market Plan that beats the odds.

Print out the workbook and templates, turn on your camera and mic: Pam Didner, award-winning B2B marketing consultant, will guide you through every step in this interactive series.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Plan your product and distribution channels based on your business model: SaaS, startup, or established brand
  • Define your marketing plans—the most scrutinized piece of your GTM plan—and enable sales with supporting content
  • Assemble your GTM plans into a final plan that makes sense to executives and management and wins approval

About Our Expert

Headshot of Pam Didner

Pam Didner

Pam Didner is a B2B and tech marketing consultant, writer, speaker, and the author of Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement. She specializes in creating successful global marketing plans for local sales and marketing teams, and provides internal/external communications consulting, keynote presentations, corporate training, and workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Working Webinar Series?
Dedicating four continuous hours to learning isn't always possible. We get it, your day is packed with meetings to attend and projects to complete. Each Working Webinar Series breaks up a larger, deep dive into a topic into multiple, manageable, one-hour Working Webinars, so you're able to get the complete live experience—and all the nuts-and-bolts learning—without setting aside half your day for a workshop. Plus, you don't have to attend every Working Webinar in a series to get smarter... you can always pick and choose the topics that matter most to you and only attend those sessions.

How is a Working Webinar different from a regular webinar?
When you think "webinar," you probably think speaker presentation + maybe some Q&A time at the end. Those can be great, for sure (we do plenty of those, after all). But our PRO Working Webinars take things a step further for marketers like you who want to learn by doing. Workbook? Check. In-class exercises based on what you're learning right now? Check. Active attendee participation (mics and cameras FTW!)? 100% encouraged.

How much does it cost to register for a Working Webinar?
Our Working Webinars are only available to MarketingProfs PRO subscribers. Membership really does have its privileges, after all. Go PRO now for access to all of our Working Webinars, Master Classes, and so much more. (Already PRO? Log in now to register.)

If this Working Webinar is included in my PRO subscription, why do I need to register?
For upcoming Working Webinars, think of registering as an RSVP; this way, we can send the webinar access link to all the right people. If you want to replay the recording on-demand, registering will bookmark the content on your Learner Dashboard, so you can find it again later.

The live webinar is starting soon. How do I get connected?
If you've already registered for the webinar and you're signed in to the site, select the "Watch" button from the webinar description page. The presentation will launch in a separate browser tab. MarketingProfs webinars are presented in Zoom.

What if I miss the live webinar?
That's a bummer. Working Webinars are chock full of activities and instructor/attendee interaction, so you'll get the most out of them by participating live. But, we get it: sometimes life (and the office) get in the way. The good news is that you'll still learn a thing (or five) by watching the recording on-demand. Simply download the workbook and follow along at your own pace. While Working Webinars are best experienced live, we record each for on-demand replay. Go PRO now for access to all of our upcoming and on-demand Working Webinars. (Already PRO? Log in.)

Have additional questions? We've got you covered. Email customer support.


Be sure to register for each session individually

Session 1

August 2, 2023

Your Product and Distribution

Pam reveals the concept of a GTM plan and how it differs among industries. You'll refine your offer and your distribution with Pam's templates to gather essential and often-overlooked details.

Session 2

August 9, 2023

What to Prioritize in Marketing

Because it pulls in prospects, marketing is often the most scrutinized part of a GTM plan. Learn how to adjust your funnel to attract the right audience and make stakeholders happy.

Session 3

August 16, 2023

Enable Sales to Close the Deal

Increase the odds that your new lead becomes a paying customer—with an active nurture campaign! Discover how to cascade content into a steady drip of information your customers look forward to receiving.

Session 4

August 23, 2023

Putting Your GTM Plan Together

Once you have all three pillars planned out—product, marketing, and sales—it's time to weave your content into a comprehensive, all-in-one GTM plan that makes sense to executives and management.