PRO-Exclusive Working Webinar Series

Building and Using B2B Buyer Personas to Grow Revenue

Presented by: Ardath Albee

B2B buyers are becoming more self-reliant in their search for product and service solutions.

But the information a CEO needs is different from what a project manager wants.

With Buyer Personas, you can provide custom marketing messages to your different types of customers' unique needs. You'll become a trusted advisor on their buyer's journey, prepare them to work with the sales team, and increase your revenue with targeted marketing.

In this Working Webinar Series, Ardath Albee walks you step by step to create Buyer Persona templates for your market. You'll discover how to use these Personas to build relationships with your prospects and existing customers.

Ready to create your Buyer Personas? Join Ardath Albee to learn:

  • Which Personas to build for your target audience and how to research your customers to build these Personas.
  • How to convert your research into buying stages for each of your Personas—and how to create content for those stages.
  • What to avoid when creating Buyer Personas so you don't muddy the waters and reduce their effectiveness.

About Our Expert

Ardath Albee

Ardath Albee

Ardath helps B2B companies create persona-driven content marketing strategies to turn prospects into buyers and convince customers to stay. She is the author of Digital Relevance: Developing Marketing Content + Strategies that Drive Results and eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale.

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What's a Working Webinar Series?
Dedicating four continuous hours to learning isn't always possible. We get it, your day is packed with meetings to attend and projects to complete. Each Working Webinar Series breaks up a larger, deep dive into a topic into multiple, manageable, one-hour Working Webinars, so you're able to get the complete live experience—and all the nuts-and-bolts learning—without setting aside half your day for a workshop. Plus, you don't have to attend every Working Webinar in a series to get smarter... you can always pick and choose the topics that matter most to you and only attend those sessions.

How is a Working Webinar different from a regular webinar?
When you think "webinar," you probably think speaker presentation + maybe some Q&A time at the end. Those can be great, for sure (we do plenty of those, after all). But our PRO Working Webinars take things a step further for marketers like you who want to learn by doing. Workbook? Check. In-class exercises based on what you're learning right now? Check. Active attendee participation (mics and cameras FTW!)? 100% encouraged.

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What if I miss the live webinar?
That's a bummer. Working Webinars are chock full of activities and instructor/attendee interaction, so you'll get the most out of them by participating live. But, we get it: sometimes life (and the office) get in the way. The good news is that you'll still learn a thing (or five) by watching the recording on-demand. Simply download the workbook and follow along at your own pace. While Working Webinars are best experienced live, we record each for on-demand replay. Go PRO now for access to all of our upcoming and on-demand Working Webinars. (Already PRO? Log in.)

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Session 1

February 1, 2023

Researching Your B2B Buyer Personas

Well-researched B2B Buyer Personas fuel relevant content, compelling storylines, and high engagement. Discover which Personas benefit your sales pipeline and what questions to ask in your research phase.

Session 2

February 8, 2023

Building Your B2B Buyer Personas

You've done your research to identify and round out your ideal Buyer Personas. Now it's time to organize the applicable information into buying stages without making things complex.

Session 3

February 15, 2023

Putting Your B2B Buyer Personas to Work

Now that you have your Buyer Personas drafted, it's time to put them to work! Learn how they can inform your content, ensuring relevance to your buyers and keeping your pipeline full.

Session 4

February 22, 2023

Keeping Your B2B Buyer Personas On Point

Your buyers change in relation to market trends, economic realities, supply chain issues, corporate re-orgs, and more. To keep up with these changes, your Buyer Personas must stay current.