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Thursday, April 16, 2020
Dear friends,

Earlier this week we announced tomorrow's free one-hour webinar focused on wellness and mindfulness, led by the head of Mindful USC (and founder of MarketingProfs) Allen Weiss, to help you gain a measure of personal calm in today's difficult circumstances.

Today we're also letting you know that MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley will also be making a special free presentation for the MarketingProfs community, next week, direct from her backyard Tiny House, this time focusing on improving our professional lives.

Get ready for "How to Write Your Face Off: Writing for Non-Writers," next Friday, April 24, at 2 PM Eastern. Ann will be sharing her best ideas and advice to inspire those of us who don't identify as highfalutin' writers. Her goal is to show you that you too are in fact a writer—even if you don't feel like one!

Join Ann and your fellow marketers in the MarketingProfs community.

We're in this together,

—Team MarketingProfs

In This Issue:

Brand Relevance: Identify Untapped Opportunity Among Your Audiences
Managers: How Not to Lose the War Even as You Win Your Battles
What Ann Handley, Laura Belgray & Chris Brogan Have in Common [Event]
How to Create & Optimize Content Marketing for the B2B Funnel [Infographic]
Brand Relevance: How to Identify Untapped Opportunity
Is your brand relevant to the various audiences—customers, influencers, the media—you want to reach? More specifically, how can you find the untapped opportunities for establishing relevance? How can you identify what they want so you can provide it?
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Managers: How Not to Lose the War Even as You Win the Battles
If you look at the list of Fortune 100 companies of 50 years ago, you'll see that most of them no longer exist. Why? Nearly all of them failed because they focused on winning their battles—and in the process they lost their wars. So, how can you win your wars?
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Are Your Website Releases Deprioritized Because IT Is Busy?
In such uncertain times as these, marketing teams look to quickly release all kinds of policy changes, announcements, and offers on their websites. Relying on IT to make those changes kills precious time and erodes visitor trust. Here's a "no-code" way to update your site.
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What Do Ann Handley, Laura Belgray, and Chris Brogan Have in Common?
MarketingProfs virtual event
They are all super-smart and they're keynoting (live and virtual) Marketing Writing Bootcamp 2020. Join them to learn from the best and improve your writing skills. Save $100 on your ticket with code HappyCamper.
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How to Create and Optimize Content Marketing for the B2B Funnel [Infographic]
Done well, content marketing can be a powerful weapon in the B2B marketer's arsenal, helping to generate leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. Done badly, it's ineffective and a waste of time and other precious resources. Here are some ways to do it well.
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Profs Picks
We want—we need—to stay agile in customer communications, especially via our websites. When we suddenly have to make an important announcement (a COVID-19 response, for example), fix a broken online form or 404 link, add a special offer, or show a phone number only in a particular geography, relaying information quickly and reliably is key. To reduce dependency on IT and to easily deploy site changes, engineers at VWO have built a solution, VWO Deploy, which they're giving away free for six months. Sign up while there are slots left.
What's a really good way to describe what MarketingProfs B2B Forum (#mpb2b) can do for you? Pack a year's worth of marketing knowledge into 2-3 days of intense learning, networking, and fun & shenanigans? Yes... that sounds about right. If previous B2B Forums are any indication, #mpb2b 2020—in San Francisco, November 3-6, 2020—is going to be AMAZING! And the best part? In these uncertain times, thanks to our risk-free cancellation policy, you can register with peace of mind: So register now to save!
Upcoming Events
[Webinar] Marketing Analytics: Better Questions = Better ROI
sponsored by Alight Analytics | 60 minutes
[Webinar] Relax, Release, Realign: The Art of Mindful Living
presented by Allen Weiss | 60 minutes
[Webinar] How to Bring Physical Events Into the Digital World
sponsored by ON24 | 60 minutes
[Kickoff Keynote] Marketing Writing Bootcamp
presented by Ann Handley | 60 minutes
[Friday Forum] Metrics and Measurement
sponsored by ZoomInfo | 3 live sessions
[San Francisco] MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2020
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So glad you could join us today!

—Vahe Habeshian, Director of Publications

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