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1 - Brand Metrics: Your Key to Measuring Return on Brand Investment
2 - When Customers Want You to Close the Sale
3 - Proactive Marketing
4 - No Thanks, I Don't Want Any Personalization
5 - The Ten Affiliate Commandments
6 - Sex! Why Getting Your Attention Isn’t Always Enough
7 - 12 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing
8 - Advertising Information for
9 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Now that I have a brand name, what do I do?

Brand Metrics:
Your Key to Measuring Return on Brand Investment

Many businesses view "branding" as something important, but also somewhat elusive in terms of measuring its performance. The fact is that what is not measured is not managed - and as a result, organizations too often let the elusive value of brand slip right through their fingers.

Brand metrics help companies strategically grow their brands by

  • Providing decision criteria to move them through a transition or architecture process;
  • Providing an ongoing understanding of how a brand is performing both internally and externally;
  • Helping to sustain organizational focus and communications;
  • Helping to allocate resources more effectively on an ongoing basis.

Utilizing a well thought-out and balanced set of metrics drives objective decision-making and aids in the development of brand over time.

So what are the metrics? Find out

When Customers Want You to Close the Sale
Please come over here and pressure me.
When do customers say that?

Proactive Marketing
What do The Body Shop, Disneyland, and VisiCalc have in common?
Click here to learn a valuable lesson

Smart decisions can save money and help retain customers. Oracle E-Business Suite is an integrated solution that puts your marketing processes online, providing a complete view of your customers and your business. In tough times, do more with less. Find out how you can make decisions using unified, consistent information to preserve your profits.

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Don't get personal with me....

No Thanks, I Don't Want Any Personalization

No matter how remarkable or laudable a company's efforts at personalization, there will always be some people who simply are not interested. Every firm must be prepared to recognize and instantly accommodate any of the motivating factors that would cause a person to decide he or she doesn't want any sort of personalization.

There are many situations or attitudes that make personalization unwelcome.

There are many reasons why people might not want to be identified, from the innocent - it's a birthday present they don't want their spouse to discover in advance on their credit card statement - to the unethical or illegal. Some people are simply private, and prefer to mind their own business and let you mind yours. Others recognize the growing infringements on private space and choose to take the cautious route.

Do your customers want personalization? Find the story

Sex! Why Getting Your Attention Isn't Always Enough?
Sure, people remember your ad. But do they know what it was for, or who it was by?
Learn the real essentials of getting attention

Avoid affiliate hell in 10 easy steps....

The Ten Affiliate Commandments

There's much more involved than meets the eye when planning a successful affiliate program.

First and foremost, you must find your niche market. Next, you must decide how to organize all of your research into a well designed Web site with original content (posting new content at least monthly). Also, make sure you get qualified visitors who are interested in bonsai trees. Only after you've done all of these things can you start taking the affiliate game seriously.

And to do so successfully, it helps to follow what I call the Ten Affiliate Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not try to sell everything to everyone. Even the most successful companies can't sell everything to everyone (although Virgin came dangerously close). First, qualify your visitors, then sell them something they really want, like books on bonsai trees or a miniature gardening-tools set. Selling Japanese DVDs, videos, or domain names would not be suitable products to include.

Read the other 9 here

Santas For Free

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12 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing
Avoid the oft-repeated pitfalls of email marketing...
Read on Advertising Information

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