AUGUST 7, 2001   VOLUME 1, NO. 10 
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1 - What Do Women Want?
2 - Pop Psychology
3 - Harness the Power of the Rainbow
4 - Brochure Design: Be So Good Your Competition Weeps
5 - It's Time to Invest in the Message

6 - Is it Technological Progress or Invasion of Privacy?
7 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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You’ve always wondered, and now you’ll know....

What Do Women Want?

Good question. And one that marketers all over the world are struggling to answer. No, I'm not talking about late- night strolls by the sea and diamonds; I'm talking about the future of marketing.

And women, it seems, hold the key. Women buy (or influence the purchase of) 80% of today's consumer goods. And the trend is continuing online with more women surfers and buyers than men. So, how do we target this feminine segment of the buying population? Think soft. Think informative. Think gossip.

So what do they really want? here to find out

Harness the Power of the Rainbow
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A controversial tactic from a psychologist’s point of view....

Pop Psychology

In the non-stop search for ever-increasing exposure opportunities, Internet advertisers are contemplating the use of one of the web's newest tactics: the pop-under ad. This development follows on the heels of the now familiar pop-up ad. Is the pop-under some new gimmick or can we really expect gains from this new device beyond that delivered by pop-ups? The answer seems to be a little of both.


Given what we know from academic research about consumer information processing, the pop-under has some distinct advantages over other web-advertising tactics, particularly pop-ups. First, it is different from pop-ups as it is shown when you are finished viewing a web site not during the web-site visit. Lots of academic research in marketing shows that our attention is focused on whatever is goal relevant. If we are searching an Internet site, chances are our attention is focused on the information on that site that is relevant to what brought us there in the first place. If we've gone to a food site, it's likely to be a recipe; if a clothing site it's likely to be some new clothes that will make us feel sexy, help us feel comfortable, or make us look stylish. Except for some highly targeted ads, it is unlikely that the pop-up ads' content reflect consumers' interests and the goal they are trying to achieve by visiting the web site.

Sure, pop-ups are attention getting, and this is one of their purported benefits over static banner ads. Academic research shows us that movement captures attention, and pop-ups do "pop" up onto the screen.

So what's the problem with that? here to read the article.

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Brochure Design: Be So Good Your Competition Weeps
More tips than you can imagine on designing to win!
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You've wasted too much already....

It's Time to Invest in the Message

Business online has invested billions of dollars in the technology that delivers its messages. The trouble is, it has invested almost nothing in the messages themselves.

Here's an example of how that plays out. An online retailer, anxious to connect with its customers on a one-to-one basis, does some homework and then invests four hundred thousand dollars in personalization software. The IT guys are delighted, senior management feels confident and the marketing folks cross their fingers and hope that this 'solution' is all it's cracked up to be.

Of course, this personalization software does some great things in terms of slicing and dicing the audience and firing off personalized, customized emails to a number of different segments. The system hits the right people at the right times.

But does it hit these carefully and very expensively targeted people with the right message?

Read the rest of the story on the here.

Is It Technological Progress Or An Invasion Of Privacy?
Key points to remember when designing a privacy policy
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