AUGUST 20, 2001   VOLUME 1, NO. 11 
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1 - How to Avoid Getting Snookered by Advertising
2 - Most of What I Know about Marketing, I Learned Waiting on Tables
3 - Can You Really Sell Subscriptions to Internet Content?
4 - Navigating the Stormy Seas of 'Kewl'
5 - The Cardinal Rule of Email Newsletter Marketing: Don't Be Rude
6 - Cheap & Easy: Low-Cost Ways to Touch Your Target
7 - How to Write a Press Release

8 - + the top articles from our last newsletter - in case you missed it

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Don't be had by slick ads....

How to Avoid Getting Snookered by Advertising

You are a business manager that wants to stay up on marketing, so you go on the web and find a site that says: will EXPLODE your marketing know-how with SECRETS only we can provide. Yes, our articles, written by world famous, best- selling authors and consultants who work with the world's top companies, can show you the way to MAKE MILLIONS with only one or two web pages. That's right! Our bleeding edge know-how can make you a success beyond your wildest dreams. Become a member, get our incredible marketing tip-sheet, and use our secret principles on your site. Get a hit counter and you'll quickly go dizzy watching it spin as customers flock to your site. Act now!

Sound enticing? Well, it's designed to be. The problem is that you may be reading into these ads and inferring that we deliver more than what we actually can. Advertisers have long been aware of a number of devious little tactics that make us believe what we want to hear while still letting them keep their noses clean (e.g., not engaging in outright deception). In fact, you might do this yourself, but if you're personally not interested in being deceived (especially when you're a buyer or someone who wants to learn e-marketing) then you need to be aware or else you'll risk getting snookered by advertising.

Learn how to avoid getting the story

When you live off tips, you can learn a lot....

Most of What I Know about Marketing,
I Learned Waiting on Tables

Just what has waiting tables got to do with good marketing? Here's what good waiters know, and marketers should focus on:

Nice to See You Again, Mr. Jones

Do you know what your customers want? Have you established a one-to-one relationship with them which enables you to understand what your customers want and tailor your services accordingly? Could you identify them as being "burgers and chips" or "filet mignon" customers? Are they budget-conscious "just marrieds" who usually opt for the special because it's a better value? Or are they aging baby-boomers who can afford steak and all the trimmings. Determining your customers' likes, dislikes, preferences and needs is key in satisfying your customer. In the 1:1 future envisaged by Martha Rogers and Don Peppers, it's not what you know about all your customers that's important, but how much you know about each of your customers that will count.

And What Would You Like for Dessert?

Oh boy, dessert...but what else can you learn? on

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Navigating the Stormy Seas of 'Kewl'
I wasn't even spelling "cool" right when I began to understand e-marketing to teens
Here's what you can learn too

The Cardinal Rule of Email Newsletter Marketing: Don't Be Rude
Stop being a jerk..just follow some simple rules!
Read the story

Make a big splash without the big bucks....

Cheap & Easy: Low-Cost Ways to Touch Your Target

You're smart, tenacious and exceedingly good at what you do but, alas, not wealthy or flush with venture capital. You've started a business, and now you need to tell the world. Given our druthers, we'd all like to run ads on TV, in magazines and in newspapers. But if you don't have the budget to advertise in these mediums consistently, you're probably wasting your money. What's a poor entrepreneur to do?

Here are some marketing methods to help ye of little cash make a big splash, attract clients and increase product/service visibility.

Oh really? Tell me here .

How to Write a Press Release
Get third party objectivity by doing it right
How do you do it?

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