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Vol. 3 , No. 48     December 7, 2004


In this Newsletter:

  1. Web Content Development: Defining Roles and Managing the Process
  2. Best Practices for Customer Success Stories
  3. Why Customers Buy, and Still Leave Shortly After
  4. Custom Publishing: More than Just a Marketing Approach
  5. SWOT Team: Complying With Anti-Spam Laws
  6. Internet Marketing Motto: Be Useful
  7. Heritage: A Master Brand Builder


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Premium Content

Kelly Goto
Web Content Development: Defining Roles and Managing the Process

Whether responsible for the success of a Web site or merely contributors of content, marketers must understand the skills and processes required for achieving a site's communications objectives. Yet the role of a content manager (and the processes for creating a Web site) are often unclear and mismanaged.

The most successful Web site redesign projects have this in common: a content manager who was identified in the beginning of the project and worked through the proofing of developed HTML Web pages.

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Lucy Sanna
Best Practices for Customer Success Stories

In today's competitive enterprise technology marketplace, the customer success story can be the tipping point for turning a prospect into a customer.

Of course, the success story begins with a happy customer. But are you focusing on the right customers? Are you writing the best stories? Can your sales team and its prospects find the most relevant stories on your Web site?

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Sean D'Souza
Why Customers Buy, and Still Leave Shortly After

Are you losing truckloads of dollars simply because you don't get the customer to consume what they've ordered? Can't entice them to move beyond the sale?

What's missing in your marketing?

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A Note to Readers

Underestimated and Marginalized?

Greetings discerning readers!

This week, Kelly Goto contributes a piece about one of my favorite topics: content management—more specifically, content managers.

Kelly's Premium piece is an excellent road map, especially for those in marketing who are tossed a site development project—and a magic wand—and charged with conjuring up the content for those pages. For that matter, it's a great strategic look for any marketing person charged with managing some aspect of an organization's Web site.

Kelly expresses a sentiment near and dear to my heart when she talks about something called "client magic"; that is, a client company somehow thinks marketing people will magically produce content for a new site (or site redesign) "on time, using existing marketing resources, without hiring an expensive copywriter."

Producing a Web site is daunting. It's hard work and demands massive investments of time and money. As the major face of your organization in the online world, it is all that and more. That makes perfect sense.

Then why is it, as Kelly asks, that the role of the content manager, and the process of creating content, both unclear and mismanaged? Why is the value of content managers often underestimated and their input often marginalized?

Read Kelly's piece and let me know what you think. As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Keys to Measuring Web Site Success (Part 2)
  2. Five Serious Considerations (and a Checklist) for Your Next Marketing Plan
  3. SWOT Team: Marketing Complex Products
  4. Do You Manage a Web Site or a Warehouse?
  5. Do All Good Leads Become Sales?
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

  1. When Is the Best Time To Send Direct Mail?
  2. How Does Logistic Regression Work?
  3. Branding Using a Online Community
  4. How Can I Sell Myself?
  5. Pricing For Marketing and Consulting Services


Chris Scott
Custom Publishing: More than Just a Marketing Approach

Custom publishing is a proven branding and messaging strategy that can be an important part of an integrated marketing campaign.

But this communications approach—whether "sponsored" supplements, newsletters or magazines—can also play a role in a strategic PR initiative.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Complying With Anti-Spam Laws

Ethical marketers all over the world worry about US spam-related laws, because they are not always clearly written or easy to understand. This week: What can marketers do to ensure compliance with anti-spam legislation?

Also this week, read your answers to last week's dilemma: What's the best way to evaluate business opportunities?

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SLI Systems

e-tailers, does your Site search learn from user behavior

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Gerry McGovern
Internet Marketing Motto: Be Useful

E-marketing is about substance over show, logic over emotion, text over graphics.

In fact: good Web marketers follow the Google motto: be useful.

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Joseph Benson
Heritage: A Master Brand Builder

We all know, buy and experience brands that have a great heritage. For some of us, it is Mercedes, Philips or Disney. For others, it is McDonalds, Heineken or Gucci.

What makes these brands great, what they all have in common, is that they have had the time to build a meaningful and relevant past—a heritage.

What's your brand's heritage?

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