Vol. 4 , No. 23     June 8, 2004


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  1. Valuable Book Series: Marketing ROI by Jim Lenskold
  2. Revitalizing Lead Creation (Part 2): Better Placement, Better Timing and Better Coverage
  3. Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Marketing Campaigns
  4. How to Implement a Content Style Guide
  5. SWOT Team: Everyone’s a Marketing Critic
  6. Lost in Translation? Getting Your Message to an International Audience
  7. Should You Take Care of Your Customers?


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Reviewed by Nick Wreden
Valuable Book Series: Marketing ROI by Jim Lenskold

Branding professionals, familiar with dealing with creative and media schedule production, are going to have to get comfortable with calculators, spreadsheets and such green-eyeshade concepts as NPV (net present value), contribution margin and, most important, ROI.

A great place to start is with James Lenskold's new book.

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Steve Diorio
Revitalizing Lead Creation (Part 2): Better Placement, Better Timing and Better Coverage

In Part 1 of this series, Steve outlined six strategies that successful marketers are using to revitalize lead generation in their organizations.

Here, in Part 2, he examines the way marketers are improving the efficiency of their lead generation processes through better placement, better timing and better coverage.

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Colin Shearer
Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Marketing Campaigns

How well do you know your customers? How often do they buy? What motivates them to make multiple purchases? How can you ensure long-term loyalty? How can you attract and retain new customers?

And, most importantly, how can you cost effectively align your marketing campaign to ensure that you are sending the most relevant message to each customer segment at the time they are most likely to buy?

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A Note to Readers

Driven by Content

Greetings, discerning readers!

At least once a week I get an inquiry from a reader asking, “What Content Management System do you use?”

MarketingProfs is published by a system hand-hewn by our own technology artisan (and publisher) Allen Weiss. The system Allen built is flexible, intuitive in its use, and able to satisfy the demands of a large subscriber base. In other words, it works well for us.

But I’ve always suspected that there are commercially produced Content Management Systems that would offer a similar level of reliability. And my thoughts were confirmed by Barry Parr, in his recent MediaSavvy entry, “Top Ten Free and Cheap Content Management Systems.”

Parr lays out 10 systems that meet several of his criteria: they have to be able to create pages and sites more complex than a blog, they need to be bug-free as well as relatively easy to install and use, and they must cost less than $200.

So check out Parr’s suggestions. If you are thinking of creating a content-driven site (and what site isn’t?), Parr’s list would be a great starting point.

As always, your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Getting Google to Love Your Web Site: 50 MORE Questions and Answers (Part 2)
  2. Revitalizing Lead Creation: Six Strategies That Work (Part 1)
  3. The Fundamental Flaw in Creating Your Uniqueness (USP)
  4. Is Al Ries Dangerous to Your Brand?
  5. What’s Your Essential Message?
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  2. Website Feasibility Study - Scope Of Work
  3. Why Marketing Mix?
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Gerry McGovern
How to Implement a Content Style Guide

What’s a style guide? And why do you need one?

A style guide helps you to quickly and cost-effectively publish content that is of a consistent quality. It is particularly important when lots of editors and authors involved are in the publishing process. In fact, it's critical.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: Everyone’s a Marketing Critic

This week, weigh in with your two cents to: How do you handle interruptions from others who believe (mistakenly!) they have a great marketing idea?

Also, read your answers to last week's dilemma: How can we bring our innovation to market? Is there a road map?

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Martin Heimann
Lost in Translation? Getting Your Message to an International Audience

Did you know that only 28% of the entire European population can read English? The percentage is even lower in South America and Asia. Even the growing Hispanic community in the US still prefers to read in Spanish.

This means that if you want to sell your products and services to these markets, you will need to be able to communicate effectively in their languages.

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Frederic Moraillon
Should You Take Care of Your Customers?

There is no doubt that the customer should be at the center of every business strategy. And yet it often seems as if focusing on them is an afterthought, a single paragraph in a business plan, nothing more.

Lets’ face it: while the title of this article would make any marketer cringe, it is still common practice to make decisions without the customer in mind… and still be successful.

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Publisher:Allen Weiss

Content: Ann Handley


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