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Website Feasibility Study - Scope Of Work

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One of my financial clients has a Website for getting information about, and for signing up for, a series of financial investment vehicles. Their site gets great traffic, but loses a substantial portion of prospects in the process and very few convert to “investors.” We suspect the Website’s overall functionality and information flow need revamping.

I seek a comprehensive outline of the Scope of Work for a Website feasibility study. Does anyone have a resource, experience or direct knowledge of what that could look like?
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted

    Just a stab in dark.....

    Could it be in the delvery? Financial investment vehicles, experts, etc, are under a lot of scutiny lately and quite frankly, I'd rather flip a coin. That's just me.

    What are you thoughts on this?

    And send me an email you bum! I have haven't heard from you in weeks!
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    Hi JB, nice to see a curly q from you...

    My first question to you about this website - Are you sure it works properly?

    My experience with financial services websites tells me that the testing is often tough to do because to run a test, say the purchase of units in a managed fund - you actually have to do the transaction.

    What if it's not working properly, say, for 2 out of five attempts?

    Or is your problem more one of the "abandoned cart" syndrome where people pick products add place thm in their "cart" but then never checkout and pay for them? If so then I believe previous respondents are right about the offer/trust etc values not being strong or convincing enough to get them over the line...

    Anyway - you were looking for a checklist on functionality... I doubt there is any one particular methodology or test process that fits all... A test needs to be developed in conjunction with the process map used to design transaction flows through the site in the first place (they do have a map, don't they?) in order to establish whether what was specified for the website functionality has in fact been delivered by the developer.

    In the absence of a process map I would be drawing one out first to try to establish how I thought the site was intended to work based on what was delivered - it's not the same, but you need a starting point.

    A 'pro-forma', one-size-don't-fit-all template might include:

    Website entry/access - easy/no artificial barriers, slow flash front pages that can't be escaped, etc

    Product browse - easy and clear, access all details without giving up any personal info, easy to download relevant statutory disclosure documents - easy and QUICK?

    Is there any free stuff people can have online that contributes to the on-line trust building process? Newsletters, reports, free consultation, white papers, vouchers... anything?

    Easy to understand Transaction process - you want people to buy the service (is it investments, or some other service?)

    Do the transaction processes work properly? Are they quick, or are people giving up because they think their machine has hung? Is it clear something is in progress - is the user geting consistent, confirmatory feedback that all is going well?

    Completion - when it's done, what are the parting shots - or confirmatory processes, are they easy and clear, is the user prompted to buy more/different services, are there any "like fries with that?" add-on options that can be offered or bundled in?

    Can you tell us where to check out the website so we may provide some more attuned inputs for you? If it's very private, just tell a few of us guys that live a million miles away from you (the down-under ovenight shift team).

    Best wishes

    Chris B

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