Vol. 3 , No. 36     September 14, 2004


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  1. RSS: Marketing's Next Big Thing Online (Part 2 of 2)
  2. What to Look for in an Email Services Provider (Part 1 of 2)
  3. Trust Tools for Tough Times
  4. How to Avoid New-Product Pricing Traps
  5. SWOT Team: What To Do When the Well Is Dry
  6. The Secret of Sequence in Selling
  7. Straight Talk About Blogs: Do You Really Need One?


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Tom Barnes
RSS: Marketing's Next Big Thing Online (Part 2 of 2)

Delivering messages that attract attention is getting tougher and tougher.

As consumers are overwhelmed by the quantity of information online, they filter the content they receive and consume. Concurrently, as search engine optimization loses its mystery and becomes widely used by marketers, popularity and relevancy vie for dominance.

Then there's RSS, a technology that allows consumers to select sources of messages they want to receive continuously.

At its core, RSS presents awesome opportunities for building customer relationships. Here, we look deeper into how marketers can use the new technology to improve those relationships.

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Paul A. Broni
What to Look for in an Email Services Provider (Part 1 of 2)

It's important to get your money's worth when hiring an email services provider. In this first part of a two-part article, we discuss some of the more important services that you should receive.

Next week, in the second part, we'll actually hit the send button.

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Jill Griffin
Trust Tools for Tough Times

Trust is in short supply these days. Many prospects and customers are skeptical and scared. Your company needs to show them, through both word and deed, that it always acts in the customer's interest.

There is no customer relationship management technology that can deliver that message. So what can? Only a customer-centric, trust-building culture.

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A Note to Readers

By Any Other Name

My colleague (and occasional MarketingProfs contributor) Amy Gahran launched a contest not too long ago to rename the technology known as RSS something a little kinder and gentler—and definitely more user-friendly. Something less… well, techy.

Her thinking was that RSS is simply too useful and powerful to be considered solely the domain of gee… I mean, technologists.

This week, our own Tom Barnes proves Amy's point. In his two-part series, Tom deconstructs RSS as a technology and shows us exactly why it's an increasingly valuable tool for marketers. Best yet, he offers us an easily digestible list of 10 steps to help you get started. Think of it as RSS for dummies.

Elsewhere this week, Paul Broni gets fed up with email marketing service providers that leave users lacking (and tick off their list members). He weighs in with an excellent primer on what you should expect—actually, demand—from any company you hire to help you with your outbound campaigns.

Paul should know—he and partner Kim MacPherson have been around long enough to be true artisans in the email space. They are to email campaigns what Lewis and Clark were to the Mississippi valley.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think. As always, your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

Until next week,

Ann Handley


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. RSS: Marketing's Next Big Thing Online (Part 1 of 2)
  2. Neuromarketing: Unlocking the Decision-Making Process
  3. Three Marketing Lessons I Learned in High School
  4. The Holistic Approach to Search Engine Marketing
  5. SWOT Team: Climbing the Wobbly Corporate Marketing Ladder
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

  1. How Does an Agency Advocate a Project Team
  2. Brand Portfolio Management
  3. How Many Americans Have At Least 1 Email Address
  4. How Do I Forecast My Sales Pipeline?
  5. Using SEO Or Sem? Why Not?



John E. Hogan and Tom Lucke
How to Avoid New-Product Pricing Traps

Conventional wisdom holds that the best time to launch new products is in the early stages of an economic recovery, when demand picks up and customers become less price-sensitive.

While this may be true for some, most companies actually miss a significant opportunity to maximize revenue and profits due to dysfunctional pricing strategies, with roots that can be traced to the years before the recovery.

Avoid these short-sighted pricing traps. Get the full story.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
SWOT Team: What To Do When the Well Is Dry

This week, add your two cents to: What methods can a company use to increase exposure other than the same ol', same ol': search engine optimization, affiliation, newsletters, testimonials and link exchanges? Join the conversation!

Also this week, read your answers to: What marketing and selling activities will help an organization play in a tough niche field?

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Web Analytics Resource Center

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Sean D'Souza
The Secret of Sequence in Selling

Sean recently received an emotional and educational experience from an airline. It's a feeling we've all had, each time we make our way to our designated seats.

So what's the big secret? What do airlines do to create intense emotion in us? And what do they really tap into?

The answer could enable you to create far-greater profits for your business. Get the full story.

B.L. Ochman
Straight Talk About Blogs: Do You Really Need One?

Corporations, authors and experts of every stripe are finding that blogs can be valuable marketing and PR tools.

But blogs aren't for everyone. So before you join the blogosphere, consider both the advantages and the caveats.

Get the full story.


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