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Vol. 5 , No. 4     January 24, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Book Summary: Return on Customer by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (Part 2 of 2)
  2. What Your Worst Customers Teach You About Loyalty
  3. Senior Management: The Secret Weapon in Getting Your Brand Noticed
  4. User Experience: Part of a Much Larger Whole
  5. Google 2006 and Jagger's Aftermath
  6. The Only Four-Letter Word You Want in a Business Vocabulary: Test
  7. Three Key Ingredients to Effective Direct Mail


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Premium Content

Michael L. Perla
Book Summary: Return on Customer by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (Part 2 of 2)

Here's the final installment of our first book summary, a new regular feature. "Return on Customer" coauthors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers typically write about one-to-one marketing and customer-centric behavior. This book, their seventh, is no exception.

The central thesis of the book is that a company's Return on Customer is a mix of current period cash flows and the long-term equity of its oscillating pool of customers. The long-term customer equity is a function of lifetime customer values, which is a function of how long customers are retained, how much and how often they buy, and the cost of acquiring and serving them, among other things. In writing about the significance of customers, Peppers and Rogers write that "Without customers, you don't have a business. You have a hobby."

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Exact Target

2006 Trends + Video iPod
NEW FOR 2006! Precision email solutions company, ExactTarget, works with over 3,000 companies including Home Depot, Honeywell, and Scotts. They’re offering a brand new whitepaper, "10 Email Trends For 2006", including insight on relevance, frequency, design and more. If that isn’t enough, ExactTarget offers a Referral Program with a drawings for Video iPods!

Jill Griffin
What Your Worst Customers Teach You About Loyalty

Customers—even bad ones—are our best loyalty teachers. In fact, the lessons gleaned from "problem" customers are often rich and long-lasting.

Consider the following less-than-ideal customer types and some of the loyalty-making insights they provide. You might recognize some of these individuals!

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Barry Silverstein
Senior Management: The Secret Weapon in Getting Your Brand Noticed

One of the toughest challenges you face as a brand marketer is, very simply, getting your brand noticed. You have to worry about not just your direct competitors but all of the other brands fighting for a customer's attention. Just breaking through and being heard in this over-communicated, noisy marketing environment is a victory.

So you need all the help you can get. And one place you might want to look for it is at the top of your organization. More and more, senior management plays a crucial role in the success of a brand that breaks away from the pack.

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A Note to Readers

Book Help, Blog Talk & MarketingPals

Greetings, faithful readers.

First, a favor.

MarketingProfs Publisher Allen Weiss and Director of Strategy and Development Roy Young are coauthoring a book, Marketing Champions, to be published by John Wiley this summer.

As part of their research, Allen and Roy are looking to survey marketing types on several key issues, among them how marketing is viewed in your organization, how it contributes to the day-to-day operations of your business and how influential it is.

They are particularly interested in polling individuals at medium to large-sized businesses with marketing departments of two or more people. If you are interested in being part of the research for Marketing Champions, please take the survey.

(By the way, Roy says respondents will be able to see the survey results and use the findings for themselves.)

Second, there's an interesting seminar coming up this Thursday that's a bit of a departure from our usual format.

As the first in our new "What Works" series, Six Apart VP Anil Dash, QuickBooks GM Paul Rosenfeld and entrepreneur DL Byron talk turkey on blogs. You'll hear what works from a marketing perspective, what doesn't, and (most importantly) where to start and how to keep a blog going. Get more information or sign up.

And finally, the MarketingProfs gang had a great time whooping it up in Santa Barbara, California last week. We spent a few days at the quaint and charming Upham Hotel, strategizing and plotting our next few steps toward the domination of marketing trade publishing.

MarketingProfs is a unique organization. Hailing from all over North America, the 12 of us (or so) see each other face to face only a few times a year. But the camaraderie and community we share couldn't be more palpable even if worked side-by-side in an office. Here's a shot of us at dinner during our last night together. Can't you feel the love?

(Top row L-R: Roy Young, Kim Sterling-Klor, Jim Kelly, Allen Weiss, Sharon Hudson.

(Bottom row, L-R: Carrie Shearer, Val Frazee, Shelley Ryan, me, Achim Klor.)

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged—I even pay cash for it!

(Just kidding about that last bit.)

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Book Summary: Return on Customer by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (Part 1)
  2. Word of Mouth Marketing in Five Easy Steps
  3. Can B2B Newsletters Survive the Preview Pane?
  4. What's the Difference Between Customer Experience Management and Experiential Marketing?
  5. Eight Ways to Improve your Online Lead Tracking
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Recent Know-How Exchange Questions/Answers

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  2. How Can You Get Control Of a Strategic U R L?
  3. Lists Home-based Businesses and Mlmers
  4. Computer Service Pricing Hourly Vs Flat Rate
  5. Tagline For a New Venture Into Executive Search
What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

January 26th, 2006
WHAT WORKS SERIES: QuickBooks Makes Blogs Part of the Marketing Mix
Presenter: Paul Rosenfeld, General Manager for QuickBooks Online Edition, will co-present with Anil Dash of Six Apart and DL Byron of Textura Design

February 1st, 2006
Inside the Customer Loyalty Laboratory: How Companies Build Lasting Relationships
Presenter: Jill Griffin, author of the internationally-published business best seller, Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It, a Harvard Business School "Working Knowledge" recommended book.


Leigh Duncan
User Experience: Part of a Much Larger Whole

Too many consultancies and agencies equate Customer Experience Management (CEM) with User Experience. They are not the same.

User Experience is an important part of CEM. But like Experiential Marketing, it's a part of a much larger whole.

Get the full story.

Jason OConnor
Google 2006 and Jagger's Aftermath

Sometime last fall, Google launched a major update to its search algorithm, shaking up the search engine optimization community—and millions of Web site rankings. The update has been named Jagger and is apparently complete.

The keywords that people used to find your site with in Google may not be producing as many visits any more, because the Jagger changes caused your rankings to plummet.

If your site's rankings have decreased, what can be done to get back to where you were or better in the post-Jagger Google world?

Get the full story.


Harvard Business School Executive Education
Strategic Marketing Management - June 11-16, 2006

This program examines the marketing discipline and provides a framework for logically thinking about marketing as a value creation process, from market analysis and product positioning to communication and implementation. Exploring the concepts and tools of contemporary marketing management, participants learn to create and manage marketing strategy to deliver goods and services of meaningful customer value.
Please visit here for more information.

Lorna Lowery Berry
The Only Four-Letter Word You Want in a Business Vocabulary: Test

Testing is the backbone of any solid direct response campaign and business. Whether your business is mature or still in the launch phase, testing is necessary to keep your approach fresh and your product valuable to your customers—and profitable to your company.

Whether you're testing new audience lists, media channel, offer, copy, premiums offers, headlines, or whatever...a solid testing plan must be an integral part of your business.

Get the full story.

M.L. Hartman and Matthew W. Staudt
Three Key Ingredients to Effective Direct Mail

If ever a winner-take-all match took place among the marketing heavyweights—direct mail, telemarketing, and the Web—our money would be on direct mail, without doubt. Simply put, the best pound-for-pound method for targeting a large audience and gathering data is direct mail. Armed with the right data, message, and creative, direct mail can be a lean, mean, marketing power puncher that can hit your target like a ton of bricks and deliver a substantial return on investment.

But to be effective, direct mail requires the careful combination of three key ingredients.

Get the full story.


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