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Vol. 5 , No. 40     October 3, 2006


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  1. From Gold Watches to Fur Coats: Driving Conversions via Unrelated Keywords
  2. Ten Questions With 'Marketing Champions' Roy Young and David Stewart
  3. Four Critical Keys to Writing a Web Site Homepage
  4. Innovative Ways to Attract Female Consumers (Part 2)
  5. Four Lessons of a Quest to Reach a Truly Mass Audience
  6. Improving Your Customer's Experience Through Journey Mapping
  7. Marketing Challenge: How to Merge an Online and Offline Business


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John Rodkin
From Gold Watches to Fur Coats: Driving Conversions via Unrelated Keywords

How do you know what product sales are driven from which keywords within your paid search efforts? Which keywords are driving the most profitable traffic? Are you doing everything to maximize your paid search ROI?

A common perception within the online advertising community is that a successful ad sells product it was intended to sell. Surprisingly, that is not always the case. In reality, online conversions often originate from traffic generated by keywords that are entirely unrelated to the items eventually purchased.

For instance, a large percentage of fur coats on one merchant's site were purchased by people who searched on "gold watches." Who would have thought gold watches and fur coats are related?

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Ann Handley
Ten Questions With 'Marketing Champions' Roy Young and David Stewart

Marketing often gets no respect. What's more, there are damaging myths about marketing that non-marketing managers circulate—such as "marketing is only about advertising" and "marketing is about tactics, not strategy."

In their new book, Roy and David offer a prescription for marketers to learn how to gain both respect and a seat at the strategy table. Here are 10 questions about dispelling myths, winning respect, and what the author does with his 10 free copies of his book.

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Nick Usborne
Four Critical Keys to Writing a Web Site Homepage

Writers face specific challenges when writing a home page. In fact, home pages can be tricky, simply because your page not only has its own job to do but also has to support a group of second-level pages.

Here's how Nick approaches the task... whether a site has a total of 10 pages or a thousand pages.

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A Note to Readers

New Chapters

Last week, I was in the brand-new Borders in the brand-new Westfield San Francisco Centre mall with MarketingProfs colleagues Val Frazee and Sharon Hudson. It was opening day for this much-anticipated Market Street shopping center, which is anchored by the former Emporium department store.

The Emporium was to San Francisco as Macy's is to New York—a grand department store, built in 1896, that was part of the fabric of the city... where children sat on Santa's lap and bought their back-to-school shoes, and where their mothers lunched among the grandeur: arches, balustrades, granite floors, elaborate moldings, and great center glass dome.

The Emporium sank into seediness and disrepair toward the end of the 20th century, closing its doors in 1996. But a $460 million renovation, begun in 2003, has filled the grand old building with 170 stores, a movie theater, day spa, and more... making it the largest urban shopping mall west of the Mississippi.

While the excitement on opening day was palpable, the three of us were thrilled for another reason: We had gone looking for the new book by our own Roy Young and Allen Weiss (with David Stewart). Their book, Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power, Influence, and Business Impact, was released by Wiley last week, and we were lucky enough to find it front and center in the brand-new bookstore.

As much as we've read Allen's and Roy's articles on the site for years, there is something truly special about a book. Especially a brand-new book. Especially when it's eye-level and forward-facing on a shelf in a brand-new Borders in the largest urban shopping mall west of the Mississippi!

Here's a photo of us in the business aisle: there's Val, me, Sharon (L-R).

This week, I interview Roy and David about the book's premise: that marketing deserves more respect than it tends to get. Check out the Q&A, and see if you agree, and (if so) whether you might think of implementing some of the remedial ideas the authors suggest.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer
Keeper of the Blog
MarketingProfs Daily Fix

P.S.: Check out Eric Kintz's review of Marketing Champions on the MarketingProfs Daily Fix. Eric, VP of global marketing at HP, offers up his own review of the book as well as his take on marketing inside a large organization.


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  2. The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make—No. 2: Using Metrics That Don't Matter to Top Management
  3. Bad Things Happen to Brands When Companies Run out of Ideas
  4. The State of Search Engine Marketing: Trends and Predictions
  5. Virtual Worlds: The Next Realm in Advertising?
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October 5, 2006
Evaluating Marketing Mix Tradeoffs

October 12, 2006
Bridging the B2B Sales and Marketing Gap


Gerry Myers
Innovative Ways to Attract Female Consumers (Part 2)

Connecting to the female consumer is not easy, because there is no single magical way to target women. They are a diverse group, and in many ways it is harder to reach them than their male counterparts.

As a follow up to part one of this article, here are specific ideas to increase your business with female customers.

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Steve Frost
Four Lessons of a Quest to Reach a Truly Mass Audience

Specialized and targeted audiences are great, but what about those Fortune 500 advertisers that still wish to reach a truly LARGE audience?

The author challenged his R&D team to develop a new advertising vehicle that delivers a true mass audience. The following are the lessons they learned about reaching big audiences.

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Eric Fraterman
Improving Your Customer's Experience Through Journey Mapping

This is an article about moving from pipedream to reality.

The dream: How good would it feel if all your dealings with your suppliers were consistently satisfying and effective...? No matter how, when, or with whom you connected. No matter as an individual or as a representative of your company.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: How to Merge an Online and Offline Business

How does an organization doing business both offline and online overcome the perception that it's only an Internet company?

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