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Vol. 5 , No. 46     November 14, 2006


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  1. Book Summary: 'Marketing Metrics, 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master'
  2. What's Your Google Identity?
  3. Five Positive Thoughts That Will Turbocharge Your Writing (and How to Channel Them)
  4. Customer-Centric Champion: Cheryl Keener at Network Appliance
  5. Brand Loyalty—How to Build It, How to Keep It
  6. Five Ways to Improve Your Lead Management
  7. Marketing Challenge: Three Ways to Save a Product


Find out how to meet customer expectations!

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Michael L. Perla
Book Summary: 'Marketing Metrics, 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master'

"You can't manage what you don't measure" is a saying that will never go out of style. It's not only timeless; it's increasingly critical for marketers to heed. Measurement forces us to be clear and specific and to crisply define our terms. It is the great clarifier in a world of ambiguous and imprecise language.

A new book from professors out of the Universities of Pennsylvania and Virginia is one of the best new books about marketing metrics. Titled "Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master," the text is a sort of cookbook with must-have recipes for helping marketing managers or executives to design a scorecard, evaluate their business, or better assess market, competitive, and company trends.

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New Study: Email Creative That Works

Silverpop evaluated open and click rates of hundreds of emails to reveal what prompted the greatest response. Silverpop - Your Partner for Email Marketing Success.

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William Arruda
What's Your Google Identity?

To be successful today, you must have a clear and compelling online identity.

People are googling you and making decisions about you from what Google reveals. Whether you are an employee looking to advance in your company, a professional seeking your next marketing role, or a consultant looking to land your ideal client, you should plan on being googled. And you should prepare for it.

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Get your career in gear. Download our Marketing Template: Your Career Management Guide.

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Daphne Gray-Grant
Five Positive Thoughts That Will Turbocharge Your Writing (and How to Channel Them)

A few weeks ago the author penned a popular article here on how negative thoughts can sabotage your writing. This week, she looks at the mirror image of the topic.

Read on to find out how this look at the "flip side" can help you write faster and better.

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A Note to Readers

Are You Going to Mplanet?

Are you going to Mplanet? I am, as an invited “embedded blogger,” so to speak, and I’d love to see you there!

I don’t attend many marketing conferences these days. Fun as many are, the truth is that I am so busy in the day-to-day business of producing all manner of content here at MarketingProfs that it has to be a really special event for me to pay the price that a few days untethered to my day job levies.

For me, it came down to attending the WOMMA Summit in DC or Mplanet. CK wants to represent MarketingProfs, in part, at WOMMA, so that made Mplanet a shoe-in, especially after the PR firm Fleishman-Hillard invited me and a few other bloggers to live-blog the event. Any event that sees the wisdom of marketing to bloggers is tops in my book!

Created by the American Marketing Association, in partnership with McKinsey & Company, The Wharton School, and SpencerStuart, Mplanet will put senior marketing leaders, industry luminaries, and top academics in the same room to chat up the changing dynamics of marketing and address its most pressing challenges and opportunities. It’s being held November 29 – December 1 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL.

I hope you’ll consider this as I am – a don’t-wanna-miss-it event. If so, please drop me a line; I’d love to organize an informal gathering of us in Orlando.

To register or for more information about Mplanet, visit

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S.: Thanks to all of you who responded to my plea last week, “Psst! Wanna be interviewed?” If I haven’t contacted you yet, I will, since I’m working my way through emails still.

As I said, we are building a library of original case studies that highlights the nuts and bolts of what works in marketing, and we are starting with stories from the MarketingProfs community. The lines are still open here – we'd love to interview you about your campaign, program or effort, get a sense of the results, and share it with our readers through an MP-written case study that highlights your company.

The focus of the case study should be a marketing program, but it can be online or offline, of any shape or form. PR agents are welcome to contact us on behalf of clients as well, but please be sure the client is available for interview. Email story ideas to me at


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Are You a Marketing Champion?
  2. Eight Ways Big Brands Screw up Search—A Case Study:
  3. The Power of a Great New Product: How LeBron James Rescued the NBA Brand
  4. Retail Trends 2007: Beauty, Fashion... China
  5. Sales Secrets of an Interactive Biz-Dev Guy (Part 1): Cold-Calling for Fun and Profit
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

Thursday, November 16
Hispanic Marketing 101
Blaire Borthayre shares the street smarts for tapping into this large, underserved demographic.

Friday, November 17
Google, the Secret Weapon for Career Success
William Arruda explains how being googled impacts your online reputation.


Roy Young
Customer-Centric Champion: Cheryl Keener at Network Appliance

Cheryl Keener, recently named senior director of customer development at Sunnyvale, CA-based Network Appliance, leads her company's "Evidence to Win" program. In part, the program is designed to cultivate positive relationships with major customers by documenting the success stories that customers tell as a result of using NetApp's products.

Here, Keener talks with Roy Young about the development, use and context of her program as well as discusses the larger issue of being a "marketing champion" inside her organization.

Get the full story.

Ted Mininni
Brand Loyalty—How to Build It, How to Keep It

What does it really take to cement brand loyalty?

In addition to time, patience, commitment, and sound brand management, what else can marketing executives do to build and maintain brand loyalty? Especially in an age when the consumer has so many choices—too many choices—in an increasingly global marketplace?
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For more about branding, download our Marketing Guide: Branding and Brand Equity.

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Robert J. Moreau
Five Ways to Improve Your Lead Management

Marketing departments perform many tasks throughout the year: hiring good talent, keeping quality employees, choosing the right communications strategy, improving ROI, and generating higher quality leads for Sales. But with increasing competition and diminishing budgets, achieving these goals is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, there is a crucial step that marketing departments can take to have a positive impact on the outcome of their initiatives for the year: deploying an effective lead-management process.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Three Ways to Save a Product

This week: When you aren't ready to send a product out to pasture, how do you reinvigorate it? How can a company reposition its brand and increase sales?

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