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Vol. 5 , No. 47     November 21, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Engaging Millennials—How to Win Their Brand Loyalty
  2. Product Marketing at Motorola: Q&A With Marketing Champion Wendy White
  3. Jumping Industries Midstream in a Marketing Career
  4. The Myth of the Elevator Speech
  5. Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising
  6. How to Turn Complaints Into Brand-Loyal Customers
  7. What's an Apt Metaphor for Your Company?

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Elaine Fogel
Engaging Millennials—How to Win Their Brand Loyalty

They're born between 1979 and 2001—the kids of Baby Boomers and the nation's most racially and ethnically diverse generation. They have strong opinions on which brands they'll buy and for which employers they'll work.

They're going to have a huge impact on business and marketing, and the world may be better for it.

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Roy Young
Product Marketing at Motorola: Q&A With Marketing Champion Wendy White

Wendy White recently came from Intel to serve as Motorola's director of global technology for marketing and communications. She heads up marketing for all R&D, software, and early-stage technology incubation, and what's more, embodies the new-product-development breed of marketing champions.

Here, White talks with Roy Young about the challenges and rewards of her role as well as the larger issue of how she "markets marketing" within Motorola.

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Susan Solomon
Jumping Industries Midstream in a Marketing Career

"You're doing what?" was the astounded reaction the author received from colleagues when she decided to leave a decade-long marketing position and take a new job in another industry. She was doing the unthinkable, and not at the early stage of her career but right in the middle—just when most marketing professionals get very comfortable.

Why did she jump? And how do you know if and when it's time for a similar change?

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A Note to Readers

Counting Our Blessings

We here at MarketingProfs have had a fortunate year – thanks in no small part to the support and feedback of you, our members. So while we are very thankful for all of you, we have many other blessings to count this year, such as:

"My friends and family as well as the community of MarketingProfs -- for the members, the Premium subscribers, the advertisers, and the employees." – Publisher Allen Weiss

“Our Premium Plus members and the fun I've had communicating with them every week. And I'm always thankful for my high-speed internet connection and the ability to work in my pajamas if necessary!” – Customer Service Mission Control Shelley Ryan

“My friends and family, my boyfriend Thomas, and that I'm lucky enough to work with some of my favorite people on the planet.” – Managing Editor Val Frazee

“Web conference technology that allows us to bring our finest contributors to the desktops of our members all over the world, more than 40 times this past year.” -- Chief Revenue Officer Roy Young

“After 25+ years of living with HIV, I'm thankful to be alive.” – Ad Sales Manager Jim Kelly

“I'm thankful that my beautiful children are healthy and well adjusted (for the most part); my parents are alive and kicking; my sister is happy and getting engaged; and I work with the love of my life.” – Editor Vahe Habeshian

“I'm thankful for a lot of do I list them in 2 sentences?! I'm thankful to be working here and I'm thankful for my children.” – Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Lorentz

“I'm so thankful for my aging but healthy dogs, for a loving and supportive husband, who let me quit the corporate job from hell this year. I'm thankful to have a job where I can work from home with talented people. And for the awesome relationship I have with my stepson, he'll be off to college next year. And I am so thankful for all my amazing friends who constantly inspire me.” – Traffic Manager Sharon Edwards

“I am thankful for the development of our Corporate Services Division!” -- Account Manager (Corp. Services) Jacque Walsh

“Thankful that it's a lot easier to cook now, than for the first celebration! Thankful to have a curious 2-year-old. Thankful for my family and friends and to live in a time and world where what you do can make a difference in someone's life.” – Customer Service Ninja Penny Fiederlein

(continued below)


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Book Summary: 'Marketing Metrics, 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master'
  2. Five Positive Thoughts That Will Turbocharge Your Writing (and How to Channel Them)
  3. What's Your Google Identity?
  4. Brand Loyalty—How to Build It, How to Keep It
  5. Five Ways to Improve Your Lead Management
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Counting Our Blessings

(continued from above)

“I’m thankful my daughter has ‘found’ herself and happy that our family and friends are reasonably healthy.” – Production Editor Carrie Shearer

For my part, I’m grateful for so much –the steadfast love and support of my extended family, my children and my boyfriend; great food; great friends and colleagues; the joy I get from my dogs (and from embarrassing my children just a little bit now and then); and for my job – both for its challenges and rewards, and the fact that it allows me the privilege to be in touch with all of you, week in and week out.

Blessings to all. May all of you in the US have a restful Thanksgiving break.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Offcer


Doug Stern
The Myth of the Elevator Speech

Most people who ask "What do you do?" aren't signing up for the lecture, so don't give it to them.

Get the full story.

John Grant
Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the biggest lead-generation breakthrough to come about in a long time. For small and midsize companies, in particular—and thanks to its ability to narrowly target prospects, tightly manage spending, and precisely measure results—PPC is one of the most efficient lead generation tools ever developed.

It does, however, have a downside.

Get the full story.

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Robert Grede
How to Turn Complaints Into Brand-Loyal Customers

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to create brand loyalty. You want customers to remain loyal to you no matter what price your competitors offer them, no matter what product substitutes they offer, no matter what services they offer.

But what if a customer's experience wtih your organization is less than shining? Here's how to handle that, too.

Get the full story.

Roger von Oech
What's an Apt Metaphor for Your Company?

Here's a challenge to you: What is your company like? What metaphors would you use to describe your organization? And: what would your colleagues say?

Get the full story.


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Content: Ann Handley

Strategy and Development:
Roy Young

Director of Premium Services
Val Frazee

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