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Vol. 5 , No. 51     December 19, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. How to Produce a Marketing Toolkit That Eliminates the Need to Sell
  2. Welcome to Second Life, Marketers
  3. Avoiding Email Low-Response Times of Year for B2B Campaigns
  4. Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Lose an Audience's Attention
  5. Marketing-Led Organization—or Bust
  6. Three Sales Leadership Challenges That Prevent Sales Force Success
  7. Note to CMO: A Good Story, Well Told—Screenwriting and Marketing


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Premium Content

John Jantsch
How to Produce a Marketing Toolkit That Eliminates the Need to Sell

Done well, marketing can eliminate the need to sell. In fact, your marketing materials can do the job of selling if you focus on creating a set of materials that provide an education for the reader—an education that compels them to buy.

Most business owners can't really articulate why someone should buy from them. Lacking a compelling argument, many business owners attempt to fill brochures with nice sound bites or product descriptions. This type of marketing, typically housed in the tri-fold brochure, does little to help you stand out in a crowd, let alone educate.

Here are the steps to create a toolkit of marketing materials that are flexible, affordable, personal, practical, and most importantly, educational.

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Greg Verdino
Welcome to Second Life, Marketers

Big changes are coming fast and, as marketers, we would be well advised to learn some lessons about metaverse marketing now, lest we be trumped by more nimble competitors.

But we need to be smart about our approach, realistic in our expectations and consumer-centric in our executions. Doing it just to do it isn't good enough. On the other hand, neither is waiting to see what happens.

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Lisa Bowen
Avoiding Email Low-Response Times of Year for B2B Campaigns

After years of trial and error, attempting to predict the ebb and flow of marketing campaign response, the author put together a reference calendar. It shows blackout dates for email campaigns that B2B marketers should avoid if possible.

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A Note to Readers

TIMEs Are A-Changin'

Big news around the blogosphere this weekend: TIME Magazine gives the individuals behind "User-Generated Content" an early Christmas present by naming them—well, YOU—as the most important persons of 2006. You can read TIME's action as ironic or opportunistic or flat-out silly (or you can read my take on it here).

However you choose to take it, it's still a bit of kick when the old-school magazine that is TIME validates those of us writing blogs, creating videos on YouTube, trolling around Second Life, and all that. In effect, TIME acknowledges the impact of all the little fish out here, and all of the zillions of communities we have created. And, if nothing else, it puts emerging media on the radar screen for more businesses and individuals who are still wondering what the deal is.

The truth is, there's a lot to soak in. Many marketers are still trying to figure out why and whether to start blogging, never mind grappling with podcasting, video blogging, and the rise of virtual worlds like Second Life. In my mind, though, that's partly what I consider our mission here at MarketingProfs—helping marketers cut through the clutter and helping them navigate a path using any and all tools at their disposal.

In this week’s newsletter, Digitas VP Greg Verdino writes an interesting article, "Welcome to Second Life, Marketers." As Greg puts it, unearthing "The Next Big Thing" is his stock-in-trade: "I earn my keep advising clients on how to best leverage emerging media and technologies to meet their marketing goals. I believe in practicing what I preach, so I've also been leading a Second Life as a metaverse drifter, trying to understand what all of this really means."

Today, Greg talks about what Second Life means for marketers. And next month, on January 11, he'll present a virtual seminar on the topic, designed to tutor us in the lessons about metaverse marketing now—lest (as Greg says) we be trumped by more nimble competitors.

Here's the full course description; I'll look forward to seeing you there.

Happy holidays,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S.: This is our last newsletter of the year. We'll send out the next issue on Tuesday, January 2.


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  5. Turn Your Expertise Into a Road Show
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Thursday, January 11
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Metaverse: Second Life for Marketers
Greg Verdino takes you into this 3D virtual world to see what people (and BRANDS) are doing there.

Thursday, January 18
The Wide World of Direct Marketing on the Web
Jane Weber presents the fifth seminar in our "crash course" series on Direct Marketing.

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Alison Davis
Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Lose an Audience's Attention

Want to make sure your message doesn't get through? That your campaign disappears without a trace? That your communication program suffers a quick, painful death?

Then be sure to try one of these attention-stoppers.

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Jeffrey Mucci
Marketing-Led Organization—or Bust

What does it mean to truly be marketing-led organization? And what does it take to understand the consequences in implementing this dramatic shift in strategy and culture?

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Jeff Thull
Three Sales Leadership Challenges That Prevent Sales Force Success

There are many challenges in leading a winning sales team, but research has identified 3 key challenges that sales managers most commonly face.

How are you currently approaching these situations? Are you getting the results you are looking for?

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Stephen Denny
Note to CMO: A Good Story, Well Told—Screenwriting and Marketing

Writing a compelling story is the inner game of marketing and is often the exclusive realm of your creative agencies. The client scowls during the presentation, asks if the logo could be bigger, and then picks the execution they think is the funniest.

This symbiotic relationship holds up pretty well unless a client-side marketer sneaks behind the curtain for a look. Which the author did.

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