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Vol. 5 , No. 49     December 5, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Interaction Bridges: The Best Strategic Tool for Keeping Customer Promises
  2. Introducing the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With the Authors of 'Citizen Marketers'
  3. Killer Web Content: Make the Sale, Deliver the Service, Build the Brand
  4. Advertising and Brand Management at Citigroup: Q&A With Marketing Champion Steve Cone
  5. Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  6. Marketing When YOU Are the Product
  7. Leadership Legacies: Distinguishing Your Goals From the Expectations of Others


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Premium Content

Lynn Hunsaker
Interaction Bridges: The Best Strategic Tool for Keeping Customer Promises

Customer choice is driven universally by many things -- including trust, confidence, relationships, convenience, ease of doing business, and support. But at the same time, lack of follow-up is the number-one issue that annoys B2B customers.

If trust is a key driver of customer choice, and lack of follow-up is the number one issue that annoys buyers, then busienss relationships and commitments must be carefully managed through effective tools and best practices. Here's the best tool to have in your toolbox.

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Christina Kerley (CK)
Introducing the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With the Authors of 'Citizen Marketers'

Ever read a book and wanted to discuss or debate it with fellow marketers? Now you can. Or ask the author a question? Now you can do that, too. Introducing the MarketingProfs Book Club. Offering a free-flow of ideas—and some free books—our Book Club keeps you ahead of the marketing curve and provides an arena to virtually meet some of the best minds in marketing.

For our inaugural Book Club segment, we'll be reading 'Citizen Marketers,' the just-released, highly anticipated book by famed customer-evangelist team Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Here's the kickoff Q&A with the authors.

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Gerry McGovern
Killer Web Content: Make the Sale, Deliver the Service, Build the Brand

Do you have the killer instinct?

A small percentage of Web content really makes a difference. It makes the sale, delivers the service, and builds the brand. This is the killer Web content. It probably represents less than 10% of content published on the Web, because—let's face it—most content just gets in the way.

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Gerry McGovern is presenting two back-to-back seminars this week on Thursday and Friday.
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A Note to Readers

Move Over, Oprah: Introducing the MarketingProfs Book Club

It's a special day here at the international headquarters of MarketingProfs. Today we launch the MarketingProfs Book Club, a virtual book club designed to allow you, our readers, the chance to chat about key new book releases with each other as well as the book authors, sharing ideas and best practices across the marketing community.

Think of it as a virtual version of community book clubs, without the coffee and cookies (or beer and nachos, depending on the nature of the discussion).

We plan to read a new book every two months, kicking off the discussion with a Q&A with the book author and then launching discussion at the MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange, our discussion forum. What's more, the first 30 people to sign up for each book discussion get the book free! Cool, huh?

MarketingProfs blogger Christina Kerley is the book club's chief brains and organizer. In today's issue of both this newsletter and the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog, she gives you the skinny on how it all works. So be sure to read CK's article, which includes some background on the Book Club as well as a Q&A with the authors of our kickoff book, the just-released Citizen Marketers.

In this much-anticipated book, the famed customer evangelists Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba document the cultural shift underway globally, with everyday people becoming broadcasters and publishers and building worldwide audiences.

Check it out! And please join us. A few final words from CK:

"So, as they say on TV... don't wait, act now! Join in the knowledge share and find out what this buzz over books is all about. To sign-up for this segment, just email your name and address to I hope you get a free book, but even if you don't, please do still participate. At $16.50 for the hardcover version at Amazon, this book is a steal for all the knowledge it imparts. And, with new book club segments airing every two months, there are plenty of chances in 2007 to get a free book. Happy reading!"

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Ten Steps to Starting a Company Blog
  2. Ten Key Questions for Your Web Copy
  3. Seven Steps to Building a Strong Nonprofit Brand
  4. The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make—No. 6: Ignoring Your Company's Business Model
  5. Marketing Challenge: Hire Experience or Potential?
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Wednesday, Dec. 6
Killer Web Content: Make the sale. Deliver the service. Build the brand.
Gerry McGovern is back with his fresh take on web content, in the first of two back-to-back virtual seminars.

Thursday, Dec. 7
Best Practices in Web Content: Beauty Doesn't Matter (much)
Gerry McGovern again, explaining what makes a site truly great in the
e-commerce world.

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Roy Young
Advertising and Brand Management at Citigroup: Q&A With Marketing Champion Steve Cone

What makes for great advertising? What's the most critical element of a good campaign? And who are the MVPs on a marketing team?

This week, Roy Young interviews marketing champion Steve Cone, head of advertising and brand management at Citigroup Global Wealth Management, who gives his take on these issues... and more.

Get the full story.

Jodi Bash
Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

So you've got a small marketing budget? That's OK, there's still a lot you can do to reach your audience; it just may take a little more elbow grease.

The first key to stretching a budget is shrinking your focus.

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Abhay Padgaonkar
Marketing When YOU Are the Product

Marketing professionals widely use the 4 Ps for marketing a product.

But how do you market yourself when YOU are the product? How do you make your own accomplishments believable?

Get the full story.

For more help with planning your own career path, click to download our Marketing Guide: Managing Your Marketing Career .

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Suzanne Lowe
Leadership Legacies: Distinguishing Your Goals From the Expectations of Others

Most of us in professional services marketing clearly understand that we must meet expectations that are really not our own—shareholder expectations, board expectations, market expectations.

But what about your own "Leadership Legacy"? Have you thought about your personal hopes, goals, desires, and expectations for creating an impact on your firm?

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Val Frazee

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