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Vol. 5 , No. 22     May 30, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Do Intentions Really Predict Behavior?
  2. Creating Content Streams for Web Watering Holes
  3. The Next Generation of Web Analytics
  4. World Cup Soccer and the Hispanic Market
  5. Beware of Black Hat SEO
  6. A Crash Course for Marketers on Google's New Trend Tool
  7. Marketing Challenge: Intercepting the Sales vs. Marketing Rift

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Premium Content

Pierre Chandon, Vicki G. Morwitz and Werner J. Reinartz
Do Intentions Really Predict Behavior?

We know that people don't always do what they had intended to do. Yet, self-reported intentions continue to be used widely in marketing research because they represent easy-to-collect proxies of behavior. For example, most studies of satisfaction use consumers' intentions to repurchase as the dependent variable, and most companies rely on consumers' purchase intentions to forecast their adoption of new products (or the repeat purchase of existing ones).

But there's a huge problem with such studies: Measuring intentions makes consumers more likely to follow their intentions! So what's the best way to conduct customer satisfaction research?

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Jonathan Kranz
Creating Content Streams for Web Watering Holes

At a recent marketing association event about landing big company clients, one of the participants asked the speaker, "How do we find the watering holes where the decision makers meet?"

The room burst into discussion. Some people said golf courses. Some said nonprofit boards. But I couldn't help thinking of a better alternative: Build your own watering hole. Load your Web site with so much fresh, valuable, and compelling information that it becomes the center of your industry's discussions. Here's how.

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Xavier Casanova
The Next Generation of Web Analytics

The Web analytics space is hot, customers are engaged, consultants busy, vendors optimistic. There's no question this is a healthy "industry."

But intense competition among the top vendors has somewhat killed product innovation. Unfortunately, that's happening at a time when the next generation of the Internet—what some call Web 2.0—needs a totally different kind of Web analytics.

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A Note to Readers

The Start of Something New

It was a wonderfully long weekend here in the US—the kickoff of summer after what was a long, cold winter for the more sensitive among us. And in the Northeast at least, it was a glorious start.

I spent the best parts of the weekend reading on one of my favorite beaches. For me, it was a necessary and welcome break from my latest obsession.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, my hard-working colleague Sharon Hudson wasn't so chipper. She wondered in an email, "Weekend — was there a weekend?"

Poor Sharon has been shut indoors over the past few days, buffing her latest obsession to a shine. Sharon is both the muscle and brains behind our foray into the non-English market, and tomorrow you'll get a chance to see the first of several planned newsletters in a language other than English with the launch of MarketingProfs Hoje (em Português), edited with style by the talented Isabel Campos of Brazil.

The Portuguese newsletter will be followed by a Spanish-language newsletter planned for later this year. You can sign up to receive either or both of these new newsletters by checking the appropriate boxes under "Manage Mail," found in My Account.

Sharon is looking for people who want to help start MarketingProfs newsletters in other languages, as well. So, if you are interested, and bilingual, please drop her a line at At the very least, she could use the hi-de-ho, so don't hesitate to contact her.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Marketing Strategy Defined: What You Need to Know (and Why You Need to Know It)
  2. A Crash Course for Marketers on Google's New Trend Tool
  3. The Next Generation of Web Analytics
  4. Beware of Black Hat SEO
  5. Marketing Challenge: Intercepting the Sales vs. Marketing Rift
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

June 1 , 2006
Conducting Online Research
the Right Way

Carey Azzara outlines best practices for online surveys, including how to build your sample and how to write the questions.

June 8 , 2006
Demystifying Web Site Usability Research: Getting Past Focus Groups
Kelly Goto describes the basics of informal testing, as a more accurate alternative to surveys and focus groups.


Blaire Borthayre
World Cup Soccer and the Hispanic Market

The month-long 2006 World Cup Soccer tournament will begin on June 9, and already commercials have been launched referencing the event. The heavy hitters behind those ads include 15 global brands, such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Nike, and Adidas.

The US focuses on advertising globally since the World Cup typically evokes little excitement domestically. Only one market segment in the United States veers drastically from that trend—the Hispanic community.

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Stephan Spencer
Beware of Black Hat SEO

Are you confident that the tactics you, your web designer, and your SEO all employ won't get you slapped by the search engines?

If you can't say with absolutely certainty that you're squeaky clean, then you'd better study the following list of black hat tactics to avoid.

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Wil Reynolds
A Crash Course for Marketers on Google's New Trend Tool

Google recently launched Google Trends, a tool that allows you to view keyword search trends by year and month. You can also view trends by news mentions and by region/country of searchers performing searches.

Here are some real-world ways marketers can use the data in this truly useful tool to help get a jump on competitors and assess their search penetration.

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For more on this subject, click this button to download our Marketing Guide: Using Google as a Research Tool.

Note: This Marketing Guide is available to paid members only. Get more information or sign up here.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Intercepting the Sales vs. Marketing Rift

Why can't sales and marketing see eye to eye, and how does an organization deal with oftentimes opposing views?

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