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Vol. 5 , No. 25     June 20, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. The Six Ps of Creating Lasting, Profitable Customer Loyalty in Highly Competitive Markets
  2. The 10 Truths of 'Real' Guerrilla Marketers
  3. The Power of Unexpected Context: User Delight and the Guy-From-the-Train Phenomenon
  4. Copy and Content: Avoiding What's Familiar
  5. The CMO's Guide to a Shifting Marketplace
  6. A Holistic Approach to Marketing to Baby Boomers
  7. The Nike+ iPod Partnering Strategy: Develop Unique Lifestyle Relationships

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Premium Content

Stephen Drees
The Six Ps of Creating Lasting, Profitable Customer Loyalty in Highly Competitive Markets

Unfortunately, many companies see the creation of a loyalty program as the panacea for endemic customer turnover, churn, and dissatisfaction. This wish couldn't be further from the reality of what a program can reasonably be expected to achieve.

The truth is, a loyalty program—no matter how well executed—can't overcome a company's inability to execute consistently on the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. That is why, in this new customer-centric environment, companies should add two more Ps to their marketing mix to effectively engender customer loyalty....

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We conducted a survey on a related topic. Click to view the B-to-B Voice of the Customer Benchmark Survey Results.

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Free Download: 7 Steps to Increase Conversion

Get specific “how to” steps to increase leads, sales, & overall conversion by applying relevancy, using KPI’s, and building an optimization strategy.

Alain Thys
The 10 Truths of 'Real' Guerrilla Marketers

Guerrilla Marketing is often defined as an unconventional way of performing promotional activities on a very low budget. While this is accurate, it's not quite right.

The great guerrillas like Che or Mao had something more going for them than being "unconventional and cheap." Their battles became legend because they were thinking beyond the next quarter.

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Need to know more? Listen to a panel of experts. Click to play back our Buzz Marketing Thought Leader Summit.

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Kathy Sierra
The Power of Unexpected Context: User Delight and the Guy-From-the-Train Phenomenon

One way to delight users is with the guy-in-the-unexpected-context phenomenon.

Any company with way-over-the-top customer service is giving its users an unexpected, delightful surprise. Something to remember. Something to talk about. But even the subtle out-of-context surprise can trigger some neurons and brain chemistry. A reference to one movie slipped into the dialogue of... another movie. An Easter egg hidden in a... logo (like FedEx). A bud vase in a... car. It's not about the thing—it's about the context in which that thing is expressed.

Some examples, big and small....

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A Note to Readers

2 New Newsletters

Greetings, readers. Big news: Two new newsletters launched last week from the International Headquarters of MarketingProfs.

1. The MarketingProfs Daily Fix Top Five

For some of us, our group blog, the MarketingProfs Daily Fix, has become a source of pride, joy, and obsession. It's a vibrant, interesting, and often funny place to be.

To give you more reason to stop by, last Thursday we launched the Top Five newsletter, which offers a weekly wrap-up of the Daily Fix Top Five post picks (say THAT five times fast!), selected based on traffic and the comments you post. It will arrive each Thursday.

Check it out, and if it strikes your fancy, sign up to receive it weekly.

2. The Know-How News

To be honest, the Know-How News was an already established MarketingProfs newsletter, so its latest manifestation is technically a relaunch.

But as my colleague and Know-How News editor Val Frazee describes it, the Know-How News has been on one of those spa vacations the last few months: It has emerged with a fresh new look, and more important—a somewhat new perspective, focusing on small businesses alongside Know-How Exchange forum questions and participants.

So if you DON'T have an army of marketing coworkers and piles of cash for implementing Fortune 500 marketing campaigns, check it out. Get your weekly copy of Know-How News here. (Just check the box to opt-in.)

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, your feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Two Birds With One Stone: The Disarmingly Sensible Way to Growth and Profit From Existing Customers
  2. Five Steps to Making Marketing Projects...Well, Easier
  3. How to Make the Online Community Your Marketing Partner
  4. Five Steps to Connect Marketing to Sales, and Sales to Financial Results
  5. The Bottom-Line Case for Marketing to Women (Part 1)
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

June 29, 2006
The New Rules of PR: How to Use Press Releases to Reach Buyers Directly
The Web has changed PR. David Meerman Scott will explain how to develop a direct-to-consumer PR strategy.

July 6, 2006
Direct Marketing Creative Clinic: What Works in DM Communications
Listen in as direct marketing guru Ruth Stevens offers feedback to members about their current campaigns.


Nick Usborne
Copy and Content: Avoiding What's Familiar

Sometimes, copywriters and content writers write in clichés. They say things like, "Company X offers an integrated end-to-end solution."

To a reader, the line has barely any meaning, and certainly no impact. Why not? Because it is too familiar. Because he or she has read the same phrase too many times before, in too many other places.

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Suzanne Lowe
The CMO's Guide to a Shifting Marketplace

If only clients would stand still. How much easier our lives as marketing professionals would be if client needs were consistent year after year and their marketplaces were never buffeted with changes from the economy or competition.

Unfortunately, that's not the case.

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Karen Sokota
A Holistic Approach to Marketing to Baby Boomers

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. To recognize and value the baby boomer opportunity, it is critical to comprehend all of the pieces of their lives and how they are linked together holistically. Success with this market will come to those who understand how boomers define who they are and where they are going to... on a road that's never been traveled before.

First things first: Who are these boomers, and why are they so important?

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Harvey Kraft
The Nike+ iPod Partnering Strategy: Develop Unique Lifestyle Relationships

If you want to learn how to develop new revenue generating customer relationships, check out the strategic Nike+ iPod alliance.

Would a similar model work for you?

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