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Vol. 5 , No. 28     July 11, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. A Market Conversation Strategy Guide for B2B Startups
  2. Six Primary Obstacles to Marketing Measurement
  3. The Bottom-Line Case for Marketing to Women (Part 2)
  4. Managing Your Marketing Career: Creating Your Personal Communications Plan
  5. Left Brain, Right Brain: Creating a New Business Model
  6. Is Your Web Site Old and Out of Touch?
  7. Spending Power: The Driving Force Behind Purchase Decisions

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Premium Content

Garrett French
A Market Conversation Strategy Guide for B2B Startups

This article is an outline for implementing a strong market conversation strategy at your company. Such a strategy can drive results similar to traditional PR and marketing efforts at a substantially lower upfront cost. That effort, however, requires an ongoing investment of employee time and effort.

If you follow this article's core concepts and apply them to your industry, you'll see an increased presence in the media, an increase in perceived expertise, a growing intra-company knowledge base, and an exploding search engine presence. More importantly, you'll find that your company becomes an increasingly important player in your industry. You'll find that surprising and disruptive opportunities emerge that would not have if you hadn't engaged in conversation.

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Pat LaPointe
Six Primary Obstacles to Marketing Measurement

Along the path toward better marketing accountability, there are many rocks, holes, roots, and other tripping hazards. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Which ones are blocking your path?

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Gerry Myers
The Bottom-Line Case for Marketing to Women (Part 2)

To design marketing plans that are effective in attracting and selling to more women, you have to know where you are today. In other words: To get the right answers, you must start with the correct questions.

As your company focuses on developing appropriate strategies, here are some questions you should consider.

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A Note to Readers

Swimming in the Mainstream

Further evidence that mainstream media is giving blogging a big group hug came last Monday, July 3, when while on vacation in southern Maine I picked up a copy of the Boston Globe to find my "blogging lies" post featured in Maura Welch's "Business Filter" column. (Apparently, the Boston Globe is also in print…? Who knew?!)

Later that week, Maura picked up Daily Fix contributor Mack Collier's "Top 25" marketing blogs list and David Armano's "Mavens, Connectors, Salesman" graphic, which was itself inspired by HP's (and Daily Fix contributor) Eric Kintz's post on the Marketing Viral Community.

And then Sunday, Mack was profiled in Atlanta-Journal Constitution in a piece about using a blog in your job search. He chats up ways to grow a blog, being passionate about your subject, and the importance of community. Read Mack's interview here.

Why should marketers care about blogging and other so-called social media initiatives?

Here's one reason, from my friend Andy Wibbels: Blogging is word-of-mouth you can track. He writes, "Usually with word-of-mouth, the fabled consumers talk about something and their babble disappears in the ether..."

But "the blogosphere is a transcript of millions of little votes for and against topics, trends, people, brands, ideas and products spread out over the globe—instantly available, indexable, searchable and capable of being monitored. So often the wealth of blogs is in their accumulation—in their collation—in the macroview....," Andy writes, adding, "Trends are now spotted, promoted and co-opted with greater and greater speed."

Which dovetails nicely into Nick Usborne's column today. Nick says, "A great many changes are taking place online right now...not that every company should use every new tool and service that comes along (although some of them are great)—but you should be aware of them" and how they can benefit your business (or, maybe, how your competitor is using them). Read "Is Your Web Site Old and Out-of-Touch?" in today's issue.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S.: As always, please check out our new daily blog, the MarketingProfs Daily Fix.


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. The Empire Writes Back: 'We, Me, Them & It' by John Simmons
  2. The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing Professional Services Online
  3. Seven Steps to Writing Copy Your Market Will Actually Want to Read
  4. The Art of Online Conversion: Four Steps From Interest to Acquisition
  5. Marketing Challenge: Two Tradeshow Alternatives
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

July 25, 2006
Demystifying Website Usability: Rapid Research for Marketers
We've brought Kelly Goto back to share how to test your customer experience on the Web.

July 27, 2006
The Truth About Blog Marketing
Author Jeremy Wright explains what works (and what doesn't) with blogs today.


William Arruda
Managing Your Marketing Career: Creating Your Personal Communications Plan

You are probably very familiar with the concept of communications planning. Perhaps you manage the communications for your company.

Now you need to take that same communications expertise and apply it to yourself.

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For more from this author, please click this button to download our Marketing Guide: Managing Your Marketing Career.

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Ted Mininni
Left Brain, Right Brain: Creating a New Business Model

There is currently a fundamental shift in business thinking. In fact, business leaders are embracing, with great impact, the concept of integrating analytical abilities and creativity.

And this is where our left brain-right brain discussion takes us....

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Nick Usborne
Is Your Web Site Old and Out of Touch?

A great many changes are taking place online right now. This is particularly true when you are trying to reach and sell to potential customers who are up-to-date with new technologies and ways of using the Web.

Meanwhile, too many online marketers are still scratching their heads and wondering whether they can muster the courage to launch a blog.

Get the full story.

Jim Koppenhaver
Spending Power: The Driving Force Behind Purchase Decisions

How do consumers decide what to buy? And how much money do they have to spend for what they want to buy?

Marketers have long tried to figure it out, and you're probably no exception in finding out that there haven't been any good answers. So you rely on things like household income data to measure the potential spending power of your prospects and customers. And, for a long time, that kind of "potential" was all that was available.

But today it is no longer enough if you are serious about targeting the right consumer, with the right product, at the right time.

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