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Vol. 5 , No. 31     August 1, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Measuring Your Top Marketing Strategies
  2. Four Ways to Get More Out of Your Annual Planning and Budgeting
  3. The Value of Blog Advertising
  4. The High-Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp (Part 2)
  5. The Trouble With Elevator Speeches
  6. It's Time to Sell: Do You Know Where Your References Are?
  7. Getting Savvy About Video Blogs: 3 Real-World Tips for Rolling Out User-Generated Content


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Premium Content

Suzanne Lowe
Measuring Your Top Marketing Strategies

It's safe to say that we all have a list of top marketing strategies. Every year they appear on the strategic plan, they drive activities throughout the firm, and their progress is discussed at the highest levels.

But are the top strategies that firms identify really the ones that they should be pursuing? How do they know for sure? Perhaps they're prioritizing activities simply because they think they worked in the past. Or because they know that competitors are doing them (yes, the lemming principle is alive and well in professional services!).

There's only one way to know for sure whether your firm is directing its marketing efforts wisely. And that is to measure.

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Best Practices for PowerPoint: Free Webcast

If you have attended any professional presentation using PowerPoint®, you know how annoying those poorly made statistical slides are (you know, the ones where you can't make immediate sense out of the bars and numbers). Join us for a 30-minute webcast to learn PowerPoint best practices. You’ll learn how to turn an ugly PowerPoint presentation into a winner. Click here to register now.

Jim Lenskold
Four Ways to Get More Out of Your Annual Planning and Budgeting

Much as you might dread it, planning and budgeting are not going away. So you may as well make the effort to get more value out of the process. It's actually an ideal time for putting basic ROI analysis to use.

Here are four ways to use financial insight to create more profitable strategies and tactical plans while building greater credibility with your executive team.

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B.L. Ochman
The Value of Blog Advertising

Blog advertising expenditures have exploded in the past year. Companies can make a really big brand splash for relatively little money, meaning that blogs provide advertisers an excellent opportunity to reach a devoted audience niche.

But blog numbers, until recently, have been little more than curiosities to big brands.

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A Note to Readers

11 Inspiring Ideas from Seth Godin

Looking for a Big Idea? How about 11 of ‘em?

The always entertaining, always remarkable and always interesting Seth Godin is leading a virtual seminar for MarketingProfs next week.

As my always entertaining, always remarkable, always interesting colleague Shelley Ryan wrote, “I feel happy as a kid at Chrismakwanzanukkah, knowing that we've got Seth Godin coming your way at noon Eastern on Tuesday, August 8th.”

Seth’s real gift is his ability to think big, to challenge the status quo, and to inspire your own big ideas in return. In other words, you won’t leave the table hungry.

Sign up here: Eleven Big Ideas, with Seth Godin.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer & Keeper off the Blog


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Corporate Philanthropy That Fits All: How Any Business Can Do Good—and Benefit
  2. Is There Value in Your Value Proposition?
  3. Beyond the Elevator Pitch: A High-Credibility Conversation
  4. Is Your Company a Customer Survey Score Whore?
  5. The High-Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp: Give Me That Thing Called Love
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Onstream Media

Webinar - 8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation


Nilofer Merchant
The High-Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp (Part 2)

Many of the new technologies that get hype today won't matter down the road. But there are always a few in the mix that need to be considered deeply.

Granted, figuring out the difference is hard, especially with the high volume of noise that can exist in coverage of the Next Big Thing the business press.

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Michael W. McLaughlin
The Trouble With Elevator Speeches

The elevator speech is that tightly scripted, 30-second introduction that should pack as much information about a person as possible in an engaging, persuasive, and interesting way, right?

Unfortunately, even the "best" elevator speech can be an express trip to oblivion instead of a shining personal marketing moment.

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Vital Marketing - Complimentary White Paper

10 Core Tactics to Improve Marketing Campaign Effectiveness and Efficiency. Download Now!

David Sroka and Jim Forrester
It's Time to Sell: Do You Know Where Your References Are?

A reference management system is an important part of customer relationship management. But if you're waiting for this functionality to get added to your CRM system, don't hold your breath.

This is the first part of a two-part article that examines the importance of an RMS and the choices available for incorporating this functionality into your technology infrastructure.

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Teri Sawers
Getting Savvy About Video Blogs: 3 Real-World Tips for Rolling Out User-Generated Content

"User-generated content" is much more than today's most tossed-around-the-tongue buzzword. It's the difference between having a flood of site traffic or just a trickle.

Empower your users to create information that their peers want to see, and your site becomes a living, breathing place to be. Profiles, photos, and blogs still have currency in this post-and-share world—but video blogging is the hot now thing that's taking off fast.

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