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Vol. 5 , No. 34     August 22, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Innovative Ways to Attract Female Consumers
  2. The Demographics of Loyalty Programs
  3. Books: The New Premium
  4. High Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp: Go-to-Market Mix in the Web 2.0 Era (Part 4)
  5. How White Papers Can Turbo-Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign
  6. Bypassing the Search Engine: Using Direct Navigation to Your Advantage
  7. Marketing Challenge: Three Ways to Engage Employees and Customers


After-the-Click: Promoting Customer Experience with Email

Live Case Study Interview

According to JupiterResearch, for every 100 emails sent, it’s “normal” for 60 to 70 of the recipients to ignore you. Can you avoid becoming another email marketing statistic?

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Premium Content

Gerry Myers
Innovative Ways to Attract Female Consumers

If your company isn't looking at the latest trends in marketing to women, focusing a significant amount of your resources on this market, and generating innovative marketing ideas, you are missing out on a substantial amount of revenue.

Women have the power, the money and the will to work with companies who recognize them, appreciate them and truly want to serve them.

To develop a sound plan, here's what you need to know.

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Tim Crank
The Demographics of Loyalty Programs

Rewards program members are more likely to have spent a greater amount of money in the past six months across 11 retail categories examined in a recent study, including home improvement, electronics, grocery and book stores.

Check out the study's specific results here.

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Jody Costa
Books: The New Premium

Every time the tradeshow season rolls around, marketers ask themselves the same old question: how can I tap into the special sales markets without using last year's hats, bags, Frisbees, pens, and other boring gimmicks?

The solution is so simple and effective—good old-fashioned books.

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A Note to Readers

Hype or Hope?

Despite the hype about blogs, podcasting, RSS and other digital tools, most people still get their news and other kinds of content via TV, print and the Web, writes Advertising Age.

MicroPersuasion summarizes it nicely:

* 7% of American adults write blogs and 22% read them (Jupiter)
* About 8% listen to podcasts and 5% use RSS feeds (Jupiter)
* 88% of the at-work audience doesn't know what RSS is (WorkPlace Print Media)
* 92% of brand conversations were taking place offline (Keller Fay)

So does that mean that pods and blogs shouldn't matter to marketers? Not exactly.

Ad Age points out that the nascent technologies appear to be a key to reaching influencers. Ad Age writes, "In Keller Fay's studies, for example, while 92% of brand conversations took place offline, nearly half involved some reference to media or marketing that people had seen or heard and were talking about. And the internet nearly tied TV as a reference source."

There's also what Ad Age calls the "be-there-first incentive -- the idea that marketers who get in early on digital trends find themselves poised to best exploit the technologies when they do explode -- two, three, four years down the road."

Micropersuasion's well-known blogger Steve Rubel isn't sweating the stats, either.

"The reason is that the small number of people who are using these technologies to build the Long Tail of content are the ones who are influencing what's written in the head of the curve (e.g. the mainstream press). This is why I advocate becoming an active participant in social media either through PR or advertising. You're going to vastly enhance your chances in getting covered in the mainstream media. And this starts the cycle all over again."

Check out more on this discussion here, and please offer your take!

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S.: Don't miss Thursday's virtual seminar: Email Marketing Success: 10 Campaigns Examined for Better and for Worse, led by the always articulate Stephan Spencer. Stephan gets his hands dirty with reviews of actual email campaigns submitted by MarketingProfs members. If you've ever wondered what you were doing wrong -- or what you could be doing better -- with your email marketing, then this is the seminar for you. Register now.


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. 'Value' Does Not Equal Low Price: How to Deliver Real Value to Your Customers
  2. Telling Ain't Selling
  3. Six Ways to Turn Techno-babble Into Commanding Copy
  4. Ten Effective SEO Design Tips (to Impress Visitors—and Search Engines)
  5. E-books: A Hip and Stylish Younger Sibling to the Nerdy Whitepaper
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

August 24, 2006
Email Marketing Success: Ten Campaigns, for Better or Worse
Popular web marketer Stephan Spencer scrutinizes campaigns for their ability to get through filters and inbox clutter.

September 7, 2006
Three Big Secrets Behind Successful Marketing Dashboards
Presenter Pat LaPointe tells you the right metrics to steer your marketing strategy.


Nilofer Merchant
High Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp: Go-to-Market Mix in the Web 2.0 Era (Part 4)

Web 2.0 has changed what product definitions look like, and how things that are sold as 'free' can make money. So while the 4 Ps are a good start as buckets, let's update them for today's era and discuss what you need to be doing to keep your mix both relevant and impactful.

Here's one take on what's happening…and some ideas on what you need to do to win your market.

Get the full story.

Michael Stelzner
How White Papers Can Turbo-Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

Generating quality leads is a growing challenge for many marketing professionals. More than ever before, legions of marketing materials are competing for the attention of prospects.

How can you be sure to stand out from the crowd?

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Matt Bentley
Bypassing the Search Engine: Using Direct Navigation to Your Advantage

Marketers assume that "Googling" for information is an automatic response the instant a Web surfer opens a browser. And for many Internet users, the theory is true.

But for a number of reasons, and with increasing regularity, many people bypass search engines altogether in favor of a technique called direct navigation. Simply put, direct navigation is when a users directly types a Web address into a browser.

Get the full story.

Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Three Ways to Engage Employees and Customers

Web 2.0 reflects how the Web is changing from watching to "involving." What are the best ways to engage with customers in this new climate?

Get the full story.


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