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Vol. 5 , No. 35     August 29, 2006


In this Newsletter:

  1. Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Telephone Customer Service
  2. Ten Signs Your Organization Is Ready to Change Its MO Now
  3. Face the Customers or Face the Music
  4. There's a Reporter on Line One: Four Foolproof Tips for Talking to Media
  5. Creating Branded Keywords and Driving Their Search Demand Through Buzz
  6. High Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp: Blue Plate Special, a la Carte, or All You Can Eat (Part 5)
  7. Looking Down on Corporate Strategy


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Premium Content

Elaine Fogel
Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Telephone Customer Service

It isn't the most high-tech tool in the office, and it may not have fancy bells and whistles, but for many companies and organizations the telephone is often the first line of customer service communication. And many are using it badly.

Yet creating the internal tools will help establish protocols that can make telephone communication a marketing communications channel for external information. Here are five recommendations.

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Gary M. Katz
Ten Signs Your Organization Is Ready to Change Its MO Now

Marketing Operations is an emerging discipline with the potential to significantly increase performance and accountability in complex marketing organizations. It addresses the seven deadliest marketing sins that plague organizations of all sizes by leveraging a strong front-end infrastructure to reinforce marketing strategy and back-end programs and tactics.

Is your organization ready for a change?

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Linda Popky
Face the Customers or Face the Music

Most companies have a policy that puts the customer first, but too often that policy isn't implemented by the people on the front lines.

Why is that?

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A Note to Readers

5 Oldies But Goodies

This work week prior to Labor Day is understandably slow, as many of us head to our favorite vacation spots to squeeze the last few juicy drops out of summer. But for those of us who are in the office, this week can be a good time to reflect and prepare for the busy quarter ahead.

To that end, I’ve dusted off five oldies but goodies from our vast and deep archives. These five articles represent some of the most popular MarketingProfs pieces that still, years later, continue to draw new readers. And like fine wine or great music, they are timeless.

So if you find yourself in the office this week, and you haven’t read these yet, do take a look.

1. Your Seven-Step, One-Day Marketing Plan
by David Frey, originally published 2/19/2002

2. The Positioning Statement: Why To Have One Before You Start Communicating
by Ford Kanzler, originally published 5/28/2002

3. How to Write an Award-Winning, Sales-Kicking Creative Brief
By Steve McNamara, originally published 3/5/2002

4. Power-Writing for the Web: 10 Golden Rules
by Ann Handley, originally published 4/16/2002

5. 8 Ways to Make Your Direct Marketing Copy Work Harder
by Douglas Smith, originally published 11/6/2001

Enjoy! And as always, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer and Keeper of the Blog
MarketingProfs & the MarketingProfs Daily Fix


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Innovative Ways to Attract Female Consumers
  2. The Demographics of Loyalty Programs
  3. How White Papers Can Turbo-Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign
  4. Books: The New Premium
  5. Marketing Challenge: Three Ways to Engage Employees and Customers
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

September 7, 2006
Three Big Secrets Behind Successful Marketing Dashboards
Presenter Pat LaPointe tells you the right metrics to steer your marketing strategy.

September 14, 2006
Getting Google to Love Your Website... Again
Our favorite web marketer Stephan Spencer talks about changing tactics and hazards with search engine optimization.


Cheryl McPhilimy
There's a Reporter on Line One: Four Foolproof Tips for Talking to Media

We all want press coverage. We all have visions of the rest of the world valuing us, our companies, and our contributions.

But what happens when a reporter really is on line one? A blessed few can pick up the phone and say brilliant things. The vast majority of us panic.

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Jeremy Swiller
Creating Branded Keywords and Driving Their Search Demand Through Buzz

If you're marketing in a highly competitive keyword space or providing products and services with little or no name recognition, you should consider creating branded keywords and driving their search demand with buzz.

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Nilofer Merchant
High Tech Marketing/Business Model Boot Camp: Blue Plate Special, a la Carte, or All You Can Eat (Part 5)

Do you remember a time when most restaurant meals were the sit down, full-service, dessert-included variety? Even if all you wanted was a cup of soup or a simple salad, you were offered the blue plate special with everything at one price. Then the culinary folks came up with small plates, a la carte items, tastings, pairing menus, buffets and the like....

Similarly, high-tech companies have stopped serving everything one way with a side of structured licensing? Where once companies had to select / install / customize/upgrade, now we're allowed to use smaller-scale online services that do one thing really well, without integration and without customization.

Get the full story.

Cristian Mitreanu
Looking Down on Corporate Strategy

Learning from past experiences to improve future actions is an important characteristic of human nature.

Obviously, the world of business is no exception. To advance the field of corporate strategy, or better yet, to advance the search for a universal formula for enduring corporate success, it is imperative to use a broader perspective and start by asking two simple questions....

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Content: Ann Handley

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Roy Young

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Val Frazee

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