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Vol. 6 , No. 7     February 13, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Just Do It: How to Create a Memorable Tagline
  2. Round Two of the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With Al and Laura Ries
  3. Lies, Damn Lies, and Dashboards, Part 1: CRM Reporting and the Wrench in the Lead Machine
  4. Top 10 Online Marketing Predictions for 2007
  5. Advertisers Continue to Miss the Mark With Women
  6. Marketing Challenge: Four Cures for Foot-in-Mouth Disease
  7. Six Classic Mistakes Email Newsletters Make


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Premium Content

Carrie Shearer
Just Do It: How to Create a Memorable Tagline

Taglines—those few descriptive words that position your brand—set your business apart from the competition and arouse interest in your product or service. The most exceptional taglines can remind potential customers about your brand without mentioning your product, service, or company name: "When you care enough to send the very best," "The quicker picker-upper," "We try harder," and "Just do it!"

Here is some solid advice about creating a tagline that will resonate with your own customers.

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Harvard Business School

Marketing Strategy

Harvard Business School explores B-to-B strategy on four levels: Markets, Organizations, Networks, and Individuals. This Executive Education program is running from April 29 to May 4, 2007. Please visit…

Christina Kerley
Round Two of the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With Al and Laura Ries

We're back for another round, bookworms. And in this segment we're discussing branding with the brand masters themselves: the inimitable Al and Laura Ries.

What will we be doing this segment? We'll be getting a little Darwinian, debunking some long-held branding "truths"—and, likely, spurring some debate. Please join us!

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Su Doyle
Lies, Damn Lies, and Dashboards, Part 1: CRM Reporting and the Wrench in the Lead Machine

Watching CRM dashboards is like monitoring stocks online—it's easy to get mesmerized by the merest up tick or downturn in lead flow. But like savvy investors, savvy marketers need to do the legwork to understand what's really being measured—before getting seduced by graphs and charts.

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This Week's Case Study
A Nonprofit Crafts a Compelling DM Strategy and Exceeds Its Conference Goals by 25 Percent

A Note to Readers

Marketing Classics

Obviously, quite a bit has changed in marketing since MarketingProfs began publishing in 2000. But marketing fundamentals will always ring true. As the saying goes… Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.

This week, I’ve unearthed a goodie from the thousands of articles in the Profs publishing vault, and with it launch an occasional series of MP Classics: great articles that deserve another go in the limelight.

This MP Classic, Six Classic Mistakes Email Newsletters Make, was originally published January 22, 2002. As I say in my intro to Mark Brownlow’s piece, it’s a timeless look at the mistakes email marketers make—mistakes that prevent an email newsletter from reaching its full potential.

And speaking of email, don’t miss this week’s “Crash Course” seminar, Email - The Power Channel in Direct Marketing Today. Seminar leader Regina Brady covers why email is still a powerful medium for reaching and retaining customers, and she’ll let you in on a number of secrets to boost your success. (Including the two factors that matter most in getting your emails opened.)

Thanks for stopping by!

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Ten Steps to Creating Your Own Podcast
  2. Four Ways That the Best Newsletters Are Like Blogs
  3. How to Establish Sales Credibility: It's Not the Story You Tell, It's the Questions You Ask
  4. Q&A: PETA's 'Gorilla' Marketing Tactics
  5. The Four Pillars of Successful Product Launches
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Thursday, February 15
The Power of Email
Reggie Brady explains the nuts and bolts of getting results with email in another "crash course" seminar on Direct Marketing.

Thursday, February 22
e-Newsletters: Get Attention and Build Loyalty
Best-selling author Nick Usborne takes you through the steps critical for a quality e-newsletter.

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Ryan Buchanan
Top 10 Online Marketing Predictions for 2007

With 2007 in full swing, here are our online marketing predictions for the rest of the year to come.

We busted out our omniscient crystal ball, and this is what it told us... .

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Gerry Myers
Advertisers Continue to Miss the Mark With Women

Let's review: Women make 80 percent of all purchases. They buy more electronic equipment, vehicles, and home-improvement products than men do. Women hold nearly 50 percent of all jobs. In dual-income families, more than 30 percent out-earn their husbands. They control considerable sums of money and spend it for a variety of products, services, investments, and household expenditures.

Nevertheless, many advertisers not only create ads that will appeal only to men but also showcase ads that (worse!) actually turn women off.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Four Cures for Foot-in-Mouth Disease

What's the best way to rectify an embarrassing situation with a client? Read on for sound advice on how to handle client blunders and other screw-ups.

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Mark Brownlow
Six Classic Mistakes Email Newsletters Make


A lot has changed in marketing since 2002, but some principles still hold true. This MarketingProfs Classic, originally published January 22, 2002, is a timeless look at the mistakes email marketers make—mistakes that prevent an email newsletter from reaching its full potential.

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