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Vol. 6 , No. 13     March 27, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. How to Make Customers a True Priority: Align With Your Company Power Core
  2. Five March Madness Lessons for Email Marketers
  3. Seven Lessons on Leadership From the First CEO—Moses
  4. How Web Widgets Help With Viral Marketing
  5. How to Make a Client-Satisfaction Survey Pay off
  6. Six Steps to New Sales via Strategic Lead Generation
  7. Marketing Challenge: Do You Stalk Customers?


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Jeanne Bliss
How to Make Customers a True Priority: Align With Your Company Power Core

Customers are having a harder time than ever getting service from the companies they do business with, regardless of how much they spend, how long they've been a customer, or how profitable they are for the company. There is a fever pitch from customers using the power of the Internet to make their pain known. The result: a frenzied awareness of a problem that often leads to an even more frenzied approach to a "solution."

Here's how to unearth the motivation, metrics, and mechanics you need to connect the silos of your organization and deliver a meaningful set of products and services to your customers.
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Jordan Ayan
Five March Madness Lessons for Email Marketers

This month, college players are hoping their hard work, preparation and practice will pay off with a NCAA title.

Marketers, like the college teams, can use these five winning strategies to improve their email marketing game.

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Elaine Fogel
Seven Lessons on Leadership From the First CEO—Moses

The Exodus story tells us about one of the world's first CEOs. With Passover beginning the night of April 2, it seems fitting to look at Moses' strengths and weaknesses. Was he a good leader? Did he market freedom and the Promised Land successfully?

Whether your religious traditions embrace the Old Testament or not, the Exodus story captures the responsibilities of leadership. Moses certainly has some similarities to present-day leaders... and some differences, of course.

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This Week's Case Study
Fiskateers: How a Social Community Became a Veritable Sales Force

A Note to Readers

'Blogger Boomers': Now What?

The MarketingProfs blog, the Daily Fix, turns one year old this week. I've already celebrated the occasion—back in January, on the one-year anniversary of its conception, with an article that ran here. But since then I've noticed a whole bunch of birthday posts or mentions on other blogs popping up like spring robins in the nest. Mack Collier's The Viral Garden turned one yesterday. Also celebrating this month (or close to it) are Marketing Excellence blog, Marketing Nirvana, and the QAQnA call center blog.

Which makes me think that 2006 was the blogging equivalent of the Baby Boom—the Blogger Boom?—at least in our space. I've said before that a blogging year is like a dog year. And given last year's explosion of marketing blogs, it seems the marketing blogger equivalent of the whole 18-year Baby Boom. I know the math doesn't quite add up, but you get the idea.

Last year's boom is yet another indication that blogs have gone mainstream, maybe more so than other social media platforms. And as blogs gain readers, bloggers themselves are taking stock and wondering what else they can accomplish with their blogs. As Mack wrote yesterday, "So starting tomorrow I get to work on making Year Two even better. ...And in the coming days I'll have some 'lessons learned' posts from Year One."

The "next level" is a theme marketers are thinking of more generally these days, too. As one of my favorite Blogging Boomers, David Armano, whose own blog turned one year old in February, says about his upcoming seminar for MarketingProfs, "It's 2007. Your Mom has a blog, your kid is uploading videos to YouTube and your boss just added 'must create something viral' to your performance goals. On top of all this, you've still got a website that looks like something from an 80s music video and is barely usable. What's a marketer to do?"

David's Thursday seminar, Blogs, Tubes, Twitters, and More: Emerging Media's Impact on the Customer Experience, will offer up a romp through some of the social media tools marketers are now using, with an eye toward helping them separate the cool tools from the fool's tools. Among other things, David will explain how you can be smarter about choosing your next emerging media tactic, and (best of all) how creativity—and common sense—can take your digital efforts to the next level.

So check it out. I hope you decide to join us. And until next week, Happy Birthday to all, again!

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


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  1. How P&G, Kimberly-Clark, and Marriott Are Getting Back to Basics in Customer Experience
  2. Marketing via Stories: The Selling Power of Narrative in a Conceptual Age
  3. Twelve Tips for Conducting Effective Surveys
  4. Call off the Funeral, the Press Release Is Alive and Well
  5. Premium Store Brands: The Hottest Trend in Retailing
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Thursday, March 29th
Blogs, Tubes, Twitters, and More: The Right Way to Use Emerging Media
David Armano tells how you can use the latest digital trends to deliver a memorable customer experience.

Thursday, April 5th
Brand Metrics: Three Pathways to Measure ROI
Professor Don E. Schultz explains how to establish a measurement system that helps you assess the impact of your marketing communications.

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Roger L. Cauvin
How Web Widgets Help With Viral Marketing

A Web widget is a mini tool—a chunk of code that people can insert in just about any Web page to perform a specific function. Usually, Web widgets are snippets of HTML.

Experienced Web developers may question the significance of Web widgets. For them, the concept of chunks of reusable HTML doesn't seem particularly revolutionary. However, for marketers, widgets have become very important.

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Doug Stern
How to Make a Client-Satisfaction Survey Pay off

These smartest and bravest professional service firms have discovered the risks and rewards of the client satisfaction survey done rght.

Here's how you can do the same.

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Brian Berlin
Six Steps to New Sales via Strategic Lead Generation

The goal of lead generation is the creation of more selling opportunities. As a result, lead generation is a critical subset of a company's sales and marketing strategy, and it must be carefully managed to ensure that the sales team is in front of qualified buyers, selling and closing.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Do You Stalk Customers?

We've learned not to trust email to arrive safely in the recipient's inbox. So we leave voicemail asking whether the person received the email or the earlier voicemail.

How much follow-up is too much? Where do you draw the line to avoid becoming a stalker or "that crazy person who keeps calling and emailing?"

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