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Vol. 6 , No. 17     April 24, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Virtual World Transition: What Second Life Business Model Works Best?
  2. Email Marketing: Shortchanged by Resource-to-ROI Imbalance (Part 1)
  3. The CEO's New Role: Head of Sales
  4. The (Shiny and New) Way to a Woman's Heart
  5. Job Market Secrets: Seven Tips for Acing the Million-Dollar Interview Question
  6. Humor in Marketing: Six Serious Tips
  7. Marketing Challenge: Two Ways to Engage Prospects Online


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Bill Nissim
Virtual World Transition: What Second Life Business Model Works Best?

Some very successful companies have made the transition from the Real World (RL) to a three-dimensional realm called Second Life (SL)—a virtual world where millions of dollars are spent. The rationale behind these transitions ranges from attracting press coverage to brand engagement with potential clients. Whatever the desired outcome, SL is truly a unique and cutting-edge business platform that facilitates virtual conferences, training, sales meetings, consumer research—and much more.

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Loren McDonald
Email Marketing: Shortchanged by Resource-to-ROI Imbalance (Part 1)

Issues like inbox deliverability or rendering are not the real problems that confound email marketers. Here's the real issue: Most companies are uninformed about email-marketing best practices and lack in-house expert resources. But because even poorly done email tends to perform fairly well, companies don't realize how much money they may actually be leaving on the table. How can you leave much less on that table?

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Jeff Thull
The CEO's New Role: Head of Sales

Yet another responsibility has been added to the CEO's already considerable load.... Because we live in an increasingly complex world, and the sales organization is the most critical link to the customer, it should be the driving force. That's why the CEO must understand every aspect of the sales process—to ensure the accuracy of the organization's strategy execution.

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This Week's Case Study
How an Established Service Firm Harnessed 'Voice of the Customer' to Revamp Its Image and Increase Sales

A Note to Readers

Watch This Space

Hello all,

I wish I had more time, energy and inclination to write. But after an exhausting day of travel from Boston, where I live, to Santa Barbara, our corporate home-away-from-home, I'm bone tired.

There's actually a lot to talk about this week... like the fact that this MarketingProfs junket is our largest ever (in fact, we've outgrown our usual meeting space); like what a thrill it is to meet our new hires; like an update on our events; like our new MarketingProfs Book Club segment; and all about the superb flight attendant who talked me through an unplanned bumpy prop plane detour flight from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

But there's time for that later. Right now... well, I just don't have it in me. Some weeks are like that.

So watch this space next week. There's more to come.

Until then,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Divide and Conquer: A Case Study of Profitable Market Segmentation
  2. Seven Hurdles to Marketing Effectiveness—and How to Surmount Them
  3. Eight Ideas for Revitalizing Your Company Blog
  4. How to Market on YouTube
  5. Where to Find Good Content for Your Online Newsletter
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Thursday, May 3rd
Delivering Presentations That Make the Sale
Jeff Krawitz explains how to create a message that drives your audience to action, in less time than you imagine.

Thursday, May 10th
Reaching Your Prospect's Inbox: Better Email Deliverability
Craig Spiezle goes beyond CAN-SPAM and helps you keep up with the constantly changing rules of the email game.

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Marti Barletta
The (Shiny and New) Way to a Woman's Heart

Mother's Day is almost here, a day filled with fresh flowers, delicious dark chocolates, fancy fragrances, and gem-filled jewelry. But is that really the way to a woman's heart? What'll really make her swoon is sleek, metal, shiny, and fast.

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Debra Feldman
Job Market Secrets: Seven Tips for Acing the Million-Dollar Interview Question

That nerve-wracking question can come near the beginning of an official job interview or sneak up before the meeting is about to close. But poised executives are always ready to answer what is likely the most important question that surfaces in a serious dialogue between decision-makers and prospective employees. These seven tips help you become that poised executive.

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Brian Beatty
Humor in Marketing: Six Serious Tips

When most marketers think about humor, it's typically in the context of television and print ads. But humor can be an effective communication tool across a range of print and interactive media, whether you're talking to a B2B or B2C audience. No kidding...

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Two Ways to Engage Prospects Online

For over a year, there's been lots of talk about Web 2.0. Whether hyped or not, there's definitely some meat to it. The Web is no longer static and one-way. Instead, visitors play a role. Users participate and connect to each other through services as opposed to visiting Web sites. So what does this mean for marketing online? Readers provide two insights in response to this week's challenge.

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