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Vol. 6 , No. 20     May 15, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Keys to Cracking the Code on Marketing and Sales Alignment
  2. IBM Marketing Champion Uses Online Marketing to Boost Divisional Revenue and Share of the SMB Market
  3. Round Three of the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With 'Made To Stick' Authors
  4. Lead Nurturing: Cultivating Relationships and Growing Sales Through Continued Dialog
  5. Homestyle SEO: How to Cater to a Regional Audience
  6. Five Quick Tips for Creating Conversations Salespeople Will Use
  7. How to Develop Client and Customer Trust


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Premium Content

Laura Patterson
Keys to Cracking the Code on Marketing and Sales Alignment

The results of a recent Red Herring CMO survey revealed that marketing and sales alignment remains one the top five strategic issues for 2007. Approximately 42% of the respondents termed it a crucial problem.

Companies attempting to resolve the issue often approach the problem by trying to tighten the alignment of marketing activities within the sales cycle, improving coordination around lead generation, and increasing sales force participation in the marketing process. Sadly, these attempts often fail. Here's how to enact meaningful change.

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A Perfect Fit: Finding an Enterprise Email Service Provider

Sophisticated marketers and multi-sender organizations need the special expertise found in only a handful of ESPs. Silverpop's white paper walks you through the process. Discover what to ask internally and of potential vendors to ensure a match.

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Roy Young
IBM Marketing Champion Uses Online Marketing to Boost Divisional Revenue and Share of the SMB Market

Sandra Zoratti, vice-president of worldwide marketing of the soon-to-be-formed InfoPrint Solutions Company, a Ricoh/IBM joint venture, added interactive marketing to the InfoPrint Solutions Company marketing mix to multiply the reach of the sales force in pursuit of the coveted small and medium-sized business market.

Here is an overview of Sandra's innovative marketing communications approach.

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Christina Kerley
Round Three of the MarketingProfs Book Club: Q&A With 'Made To Stick' Authors

With spring comes not only a new season but a "sticky" new segment. Book Club is back for "Round Three" with the hottest book of the year, "Made To Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath.

"Made To Stick" analyzes why some ideas survive while many others die. But that's not all; the authors have deconstructed why ideas that didn't have revenue incentives, like urban legends and fables, have amplified across social groups and through many generations. Here, they discuss this plus more of the book's concepts.

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This Week's Case Study
How A Financial Services Firm Increased its Deliverables by 25%, With Fewer Staff, After New US Regulations

A Note to Readers

Earning Your Small Business MBA

We have a new seminar series starting this Friday, especially designed for small businesses. It deals with the topics that you’ve told us are most important to you as small business managers and marketers, and it will cover virtually every aspect of small business marketing by the time we’ve completed the series. In fact, we consider it a way to earn your SBMBA (Small Business MBA).

The seminars were designed by MarketingProfs Managing Editor Val Frazee and Michael Goodman, one of the top experts on our Know-How Exchange and a long-time marketing management consultant. Michael is convinced that there are lessons that small businesses can learn by simply looking at what big corporations have done. And it will cost them a tiny fraction of what the large corporate giants have spent for the very same lessons.

The first session is on Why Most Small Businesses Fail … and what you can do to keep yours from being one of them. It’s this Friday at 3 p.m. EST, and it’s available FREE to Premium Plus members; $99 for everyone else.

Friday’s seminar includes a number of examples and case studies, and they will be just as applicable to people in larger corporate settings, not-for-profit organizations, and both B2B and B2C situations. We expect a lot of the participants to be from medium-sized and larger organizations… even though the focus is clearly on smaller businesses.

Take a look at the seminar description, as well as those for the second and third seminars in the series. They’re currently scheduled for Friday afternoons in June and July. The topics are all very highly-rated in a survey we conducted a few months ago. (And thanks to those of you who participated.)

We look forward to hearing from you about your reactions and any suggestions you might have for future seminars in the series. While we have a full schedule, there’s always room for a topic that will really hit home for you.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

PS: If you've been considering Premium Plus membership, it might be time for you to join so you can take full advantage of this new series. It's only $199/year - more than 50 new seminars. Register Now.


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  2. Six Steps to Give a Boring Product Some Buzz
  3. What Every Marketer Can Learn From Target
  4. The Five (Wrongheaded) Complaints Against Advertising
  5. Why You Need Tradeshow Audits for Effective Measurement
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

Friday, May 18th
Why Most Small Businesses Fail
Michael Goodman kicks off this first seminar in our Small Business Series.

Thursday, May 24th
MarCom to the Rescue: Customer-Centric Communications
Jeff Kravitz helps you learn to speak in a language that people actually understand -- and value.

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Kathy Rizzo
Lead Nurturing: Cultivating Relationships and Growing Sales Through Continued Dialog

Lead nurturing has become an integral component of an overall marketing strategy. While there is an ever-growing incentive to implement an effective lead nurturing strategy with business partners and prospects, determining which specific tactics to utilize can prove challenging.

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Dan Skeen
Homestyle SEO: How to Cater to a Regional Audience

If your business targets a local region, the trick is connecting with those in your own back yard. It's wonderful to rank well in search engines for a competitive search phrase, but if your product is only available to a small subset, how much time and bandwidth can you afford to waste dealing with visitors from too far afield?

By taking the right steps early, you can get better search rankings from your SEO campaign, and more importantly, attract an audience from the right locale.

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Jody Canavan
Five Quick Tips for Creating Conversations Salespeople Will Use

If you're like most marketers, you're probably struggling with the best ways to help your salespeople have more meaningful conversations with customers and prospects.

Here are five quick tips for creating scripted conversations to help salespeople more effectively communicate your company's business value to customers and prospects.

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Paul McCord
How to Develop Client and Customer Trust

Selling is not so much about the features of our products or services—or even the benefits the customer receives. Rather, it is about our relationship with the customer. People do business with people they trust.

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