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Vol. 6 , No. 19     May 8, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Top 10 Ways to Torpedo Your Marketing Efforts
  2. Why You Need Tradeshow Audits for Effective Measurement
  3. Six Steps to Give a Boring Product Some Buzz
  4. An Alternative Method of Measuring Direct Mail ROI
  5. The Five (Wrongheaded) Complaints Against Advertising
  6. What Every Marketer Can Learn From Target
  7. Marketing Challenge: Is It Time to Move Into Mobile Marketing?


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Jonathan Kranz
Top 10 Ways to Torpedo Your Marketing Efforts

Sometimes the best laid plans go wrong because, in fact, they weren't the best laid plans. In this season of spring, when new life and fresh hope comes a-budding, author Jon Kranz offers a little... fertilizer.

Herewith, a grumpy, glass-half-empty, downright surly look at all the ways marketers shoot themselves in the foot.

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Jonathan "Skip" Cox
Why You Need Tradeshow Audits for Effective Measurement

Executives in every industry are demanding definitive results linking marketing spend to business impact, and tradeshows are no exception.

Exhibit managers need solid data when selecting the right tradeshows for their companies.

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Jerry Bader
Six Steps to Give a Boring Product Some Buzz

There is no reason why every company can't deliver an exciting image to its audience; one that generates the kind of buzz and excitement usually associated with companies like Apple, Victoria's Secret, Benetton, Absolut Vodka, and Sony.

It may seem impossible to produce a whole lot of steam for things like sand paper, accounting services, and facial tissue. But even the most mundane offerings can get hearts racing and the blogosphere blogging.

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This Week's Case Study
How a High-Tech Company Created a Searchable Customer Reference Database that Tripled References and Closed Sales

A Note to Readers

A PowerBar for Small Business Marketing

How do you create a great logo? Here are 3 excellent guidelines:

* Design in black and white. Color can mask a design’s weakness.

* Shape and style matter more than color. Most successful logos are sufficiently versatile to make a statement, whether on the side of a bus, on a business card or embroidered on a shirt.

* Color counts. Don’t pick a color simply because it’s your favorite.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I learned as much in Friday’s edition of MarketingProfs' new Get to the Point newsletter, What Makes a Great Logo. I love that the newsletter is simple, succinct, actionable. Think of it as a PowerBar for small business marketing.

Get to the Point, published three times a week, offers Small Business Secrets in 60 Seconds. Written by Christian Gulliksen and edited by Managing Editor Val Frazee, the newsletter debuted only a month ago. But already, I’m digging it! (And if your inbox looks as crowded as mine, that’s saying something.)

Christian and Val are delivering actionable advice you’d expect from MarketingProfs, but in a fun, bite-sized format. Recent issues include: When to Issue a Press Release, Two Google Research Tricks, How to Drum Up Word of Mouth, and Five Hints for Effective Survey Design. See all recent issues here.

If you like what you see, you can subscribe here.

And let me know what you think! As always, you feedback is both welcome and encouraged.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer


Last Issue's Top 5

  1. Overlooked Brand Components—Every Touchpoint Counts, Especially These
  2. The Dark Side of Blogging: Warnings From Leading Bloggers
  3. Branding Is for Cattle: What Really Matters to CEOs
  4. The Bigness of Smallness: How Businesses Can Get Bigger by Acting Smaller
  5. What Every CEO Dashboard Should Be Tracking
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Thursday, May 10th
Reaching Your Prospect's Inbox: Better Email Deliverability
Microsoft's Craig Spiezle goes beyond CAN-SPAM and helps you keep up with the constantly changing rules of the email game.

Friday, May 18th
Why Most Small Businesses Fail
Michael Goodman kicks off this first seminar in our Small Business Series.

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Joy V. Joseph
An Alternative Method of Measuring Direct Mail ROI

For many marketing vehicles, it is difficult to directly estimate ROI -- the proportion of revenues in the financial year due to marketing.

Not so with direct mail, however. Here's how.

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Jerry Kirkpatrick
The Five (Wrongheaded) Complaints Against Advertising

The complaints against advertising are seemingly endless, limited only by the creativity of its critics. But advertising is fundamentally benevolent, the author says.

Advertising is a communication technique that attempts to influence the behavior of others—no more nor less so than the techniques used by parents, journalists, teachers, and politicians.

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Todd Terrell
What Every Marketer Can Learn From Target

Target as a retail operation has the perfect name. The retailer defined its target and hit the bullseye.

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Meryl K. Evans and Hank Stroll
Marketing Challenge: Is It Time to Move Into Mobile Marketing?

Should your organization get into mobile marketing? The evidence shows that mobile marketing skews toward the business-to-consumer segment, and (slowly but surely) it is starting to gain momentum.

Read on to find out whether the vehicle might be right for you.

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