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Vol. 6 , No. 26     June 26, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Eight Steps to Creating Brand Evangelists
  2. How Online Thought Leadership Can Transform You (and Your Company) Into a Trusted Resource
  3. The Top 5 Best (and Top 5 Worst) Things About Landing Pages
  4. Never Look for a Job Again
  5. Transforming a 'Use Case' Into a Sales Tool
  6. BearingPoint's Paul Dunay: Marketer on a Mission to Demonstrate Differentiation, Positioning and Branding
  7. The True Value of a Resource Library for Your Web Site



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Premium Content

Mack Collier
Eight Steps to Creating Brand Evangelists

Just as sports teams have fans, brands have evangelists. And just as each fan feels a sense of ownership in the team, a brand evangelist has that same sense of ownership in the brand. That sense of ownership gives brand evangelists a powerful incentive to see the brand succeed.

But how can companies encourage their customers to become brand evangelists? These eight steps can help your company create an environment that makes it easier for customers to become empowered brand "owners."

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David Meerman Scott
How Online Thought Leadership Can Transform You (and Your Company) Into a Trusted Resource

An effective online content strategy, artfully executed, drives action. Organizations that use online content well have a clearly defined goal—to sell products, generate leads, or get people to join a community, vote, or donate money—and they deploy a content strategy that directly contributes to reaching that goal.

While the technologies for each form of online content are a little different, the common aspect is that through all of these media your organization can exercise thought leadership rather than simple advertising and product promotion: A well-crafted blog, podcast, e-book, or webinar contributes to an organization's positive reputation by setting it apart in the marketplace of ideas.

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Scott Brinker
The Top 5 Best (and Top 5 Worst) Things About Landing Pages

Landing pages have become the Omega-3s of Web marketing: if you're not using them and optimizing them ad infinitum, you're squandering your online ad dollars. Or so the landing page optimization crowd would have you believe.

In the spirit of probing the pros and cons of this popular post-click marketing format—and, okay, doing a little tongue-in-cheek myth busting—we offer our take of the top 5 best and worst things about landing pages, in contrast to multi-page landing paths.

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This Week's Case Study
How a Marketing Organization Achieved an 80+% Click-through Rate via Rich Media Webcasts in Its Email Promotions

A Note to Readers

Brand Evangelists & Bounce Rates

I dropped my 15-year-old off at a summer art school program this past weekend. It’s a big deal – it’s his first real time away from home, and part of the three-week program includes 8 days in Italy.

But during the registration process on Sunday, the staff seemed slightly disorganized, the operation a little loosely run, the “customer service” a little lacking. It wasn’t to the point that I wanted to stuff my boy back in the car and head for home, but it was enough that I’d like to send school staff a copy of this week’s Premium article by Mack Collier, Eight Steps to Creating Brand Evangelists. Step 1, according to Mack: Create employee evangelists. In part, he adds, “Southwest views its employees as its first customers, and realizes that happy employees give better customer service, which leads to happy customers.”

Motivating employees are only one of the eight steps Mack lays out. And why not? It seems a wasted opportunity for any brand NOT to create an army of evangelists who love you.

Secondly, I wanted to point out Avinash Kaushik’s debut post on the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. I’ve been mindful of not chatting up the blog too much here – you guys have plenty of great stuff to keep you busy in this newsletter alone – but Avinash’s post, Bounce Rate: Sexiest Web Metric Ever?, is weighty and informative enough to deserve your attention. Avinash, who is the Analytics Evangelist for Google, writes that the web bounce rate measures the percentage of people who come to your site and then ditch you instantly. He says, “Bounce rates measure the quality of traffic you are acquiring, and if it is the right traffic then it helps you hone in on where/how your website is failing your website visitors.”

It’s a must-read for anyone who publishes a web site, which I’m sure includes you. Please check it out here.

Until next week,

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

p.s. Big changes afoot at MarketingProfs next week as we unveil a site redesign! See you then.


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  2. Ten Tips for Perpetual Career Management: Forget the Corporate Ladder
  3. The 'Secret Recipe' for PR Success
  4. How to Avoid Green Marketing Myopia
  5. Have We Lost the Ability to Write Comprehensible Copy?
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Thursday, July 12th
Segmenting the Hispanic Market: What the Numbers Really Mean
Blaire Borthayre explains how to find and use the data that matters, and recognize the data that doesn't.

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William Arruda
Never Look for a Job Again

What if you never had to look for a job again?

Try a job search role reversal: Instead of seeking out jobs, have them come to you. That's the future of career management—and for savvy careerists, the future is now.

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Laura Patterson
Transforming a 'Use Case' Into a Sales Tool

A use case, often created for product development, is commonly used to capture functional requirements. A use case provides one or more scenarios for how a solution/system/product/service achieves a specific business goal. From this perspective, then, another way to think about a use case is as a usage scenario.

With a little modification, a use case can be transformed into an extraordinary sales-enablement tool.

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Suzanne Lowe
BearingPoint's Paul Dunay: Marketer on a Mission to Demonstrate Differentiation, Positioning and Branding

How rare is it to see a senior marketer from any professional service firm—even one as prominent as BearingPoint—leading a series of cutting-edge conversations that do not appear to be directed at just his internal colleagues?

We checked in with Paul Dunay and learned the extent to which he has intentionally begun to "do things differently" and how positively it has benefited BearingPoint. Here is his story.

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Branding and Brand Equity

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Scott Buresh
The True Value of a Resource Library for Your Web Site

Many Web sites offer a resource library for visitors—an area filled with articles covering relevant topics to the industry with which the site is connected. The articles may cover how to do something, or they may define an aspect of the industry, but they do not usually directly sell the company's products or services.

While it's true that a resource library, on the surface, exists to benefit site visitors, it doesn't end there; it also provides benefits that can have a direct impact on any business.

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