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Vol. 6 , No. 32     August 7, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Eight Steps to Creating a Successful Online Community
  2. 'Bounce Rate' as the Sexiest Web Metric Ever
  3. How (and Why) to Get the Word Out about Your Brand and the Environment
  4. Search Engine Marketing: Outsource or In-House?
  5. Wanted: Catalysts for Co-Creation
  6. The New Market Power: A Democratic Exchange
  7. Navigating the Emerging 'VirtuReality' Market


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Mack Collier
Eight Steps to Creating a Successful Online Community

Online social communities are all the rage. Sites such as MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook have grabbed headlines over the past year or so as examples of how to create successful communities. As a result, many businesses have tried to emulate these sites and create vibrant online networks... with mixed results.

If you aim to create a successful online community, follow these key steps to ensure your success.

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Avinash Kaushik
'Bounce Rate' as the Sexiest Web Metric Ever

It might seem farfetched to characterize a metric as sexy. But by the time you are done reading this article you'll be more than attracted to the metric.

Are you are spending tons of time, energy, and budget on Web marketing efforts -- but your conversion rates (or ROI) are stuck in the 2-4% range? You may be trying really hard to figure out how to improve the performance, but you might be stymied by the fact that there is ton of data and you have no idea where to start. Looking at the bounce rate is a good place to begin.

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Steve Utley
How (and Why) to Get the Word Out about Your Brand and the Environment

Consumers are beginning to take environmental impact into consideration in purchase decisions. Businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility have the opportunity to contribute favorably to their images while aligning themselves with the preferences of their customers.

To get the full value out of green practices over time, companies need to let the public know what they are doing and why it matters.

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This Week's Case Study
How a Web Services Firm Used 'Fanatical' Customer Care to Increase Sales 60% Year Over Year

A Note to Readers

Marketing in the Mix

This Thursday, my friend Jeremiah Owyang shines a light into the dark corners of podcasting and streaming video – opening up opportunities and insights for marketers in this brave new world of online communication, when he presents What Marketers Need to Know About Podcasting and Streaming Video. The virtual seminar is this Thursday, August 9th at noon EDT.

Even if you're not planning to use streaming audio and video in your own integrated marketing efforts, think about this — what are other people streaming about your brand?

Jeremiah is serving up:

• An overview of the media and what you should know
• Practical B2B and B2C case studies
• How to get started with a limited budget
• Doing it right, doing it wrong and being irrelevant
• How to understand the trends: faster, smaller and mobile
• How to measure your effectiveness and the ROI conundrum

Sounds like pretty compelling stuff, so do plan to join us. And by the way, those who do have a chance to win a 2GB iPod nano! At the end of Thursday's broadcast, we'll randomly pick a member of the audience to receive one of these hot little numbers.. which happen to be particularly suited to downloading YOUR podcasts. The winner will be announced live during the seminar, right after the Q&A.

See you there!

Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

P.S. Speaking of podcasts (...and blogs, video, and social networks), Toby Bloomberg’s post on The New Brand Experience on the MP blog yesterday tipped off a really interesting discussion about where marketers fit into the mix. Check it out here.


Last Issue's Top 5

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  2. A Web Site Without Video Is Like...
  3. MP Classic: Three Steps to Great Copy
  4. A Glimpse Into the Future of Advertising: Japan's Dentsu
  5. Web Site Creation and the Eye of the Spider
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What can YOU learn in 90 minutes?

Thursday, August 9th
What Marketers Need to Know About Podcasting and Streaming Video
One lucky participant will win a 2GB iPod nano!

Friday, August 17th
How to Set Prices the Smart Way
This is the fourth installment in our Small Business Series, presented by Michael Goodman.

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David Felfoldi
Search Engine Marketing: Outsource or In-House?

The Search Engine Optimization market is over $10 billion in North America alone. The biggest question isn't whether you should utilize Search, but rather who will manage your campaigns.

What should your organization do? It depends. When you review your options for in-house or outsourced Search or pay-per-click bid management, consider the following.

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Earl Cox
Wanted: Catalysts for Co-Creation

In today's ever-changing, increasingly interactive media world, marketers are captivated by a new business buzzword: "consumer-generated content."

While word-of-mouth has always been powerful, consumer-accessible technology (the Internet, podcasting, video production, social networks, etc.) puts it on steroids. Success in this new world order requires marketers to develop a new perspective, a new skill set, and a new role in consumers' lives.

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Nilofer Merchant
The New Market Power: A Democratic Exchange

Market power used to be much like a big castle surrounded by high walls and a moat to control access.

If the old-school world was the castle and the moat, the new model is more like an aerial view of San Francisco—lots of paths in and out.

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Ray Podder
Navigating the Emerging 'VirtuReality' Market

Last week a Kwik-E-Mart opened around the corner. You know, the one from the imaginary world of The Simpsons? And now, the Geico Cavemen have their own sitcom, and fictitious TV-character blogs like Monk's are things that real viewers can comment on.

You don't have to be a Twitter-head or a Second-Lifer to see the melding of your real and virtual experiences into one. What's this mean for marketers?

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