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Vol. 6 , No. 37     September 11, 2007


In this Newsletter:

  1. Create Compelling Business Stories in Three Simple Steps
  2. The CFO as Brand Ambassador? It's Possible, and Here's How
  3. What Web Marketers Should Know About Twitter
  4. Getting Old-Fashioned Buzz With New Media: Q&A With Paul Dunay
  5. New Interactive Tools and Tactics for the B2B Marketer
  6. Five More Keys to Engaging the Customer to Produce Real Innovation: Lessons From LEGO (Part 2 of 3)
  7. Blazing Trails to Brand Leadership


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Premium Content

Jonathan Kranz
Create Compelling Business Stories in Three Simple Steps

Stories aren't just for campfires and school children. They're a powerful way for businesses to communicate their value, to create an emotional hook that sticks in their prospects' imaginations. Nordstrom's and HP have used them effectively to convey outstanding customer service (the former) and innovation (the latter).

Yet most businesses remain tongue-tied—not because they don't have stories to tell, but because they don't know how to tell them. The truth is that you don't have to be a writer to create an effective business story. In fact, all it takes is three simple steps.

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Stuart Itkin
The CFO as Brand Ambassador? It's Possible, and Here's How

Kronos had an obvious identity problem that clearly impacted its sales performance, so getting support from the executive suite for a branding initiative should have been a slam-dunk.

Except not quite. While everyone agreed there was a brand problem, the solution was costly and very long-term. Here's how Marketing won over Management, by talking a language they understood.

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Jeremiah Owyang
What Web Marketers Should Know About Twitter

If you're responsible for the direction of the online strategies for your company or organization, you've probably been hearing buzz about Twitter, a next-generation instant messaging tool.

Even if you're new to Twitter, this article will serve as a guide to educate you to help you make a decision, by linking to resources and providing a starting point for your strategy.

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This Week's Case Study
How a Swiss Co. Doubled US Sales by Convincing Consumers That Its Product Is Hip and Worth a Premium

A Note to Readers

B2B Marketers: We Want You!

If you are a B2B marketer, we need you!

MarketingProfs has partnered with Forrester Research to conduct a survey focusing on B2B marketing budgets, and we’d love your participation. Results of the study, which will provide benchmarks about B2B marketing budgets and organizational structure, will be released at the MarketingProfs B2B event next month in Chicago, Driving Sales: What Works, What’s New, What Sticks.

Take the survey – which should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.

By the way, participants get a copy of the primary research document that will result from the study. And all respondents will be entered in a random drawing to receive one of three $50 gift certificates to Amazon. So ... go on! What do you have to lose?

Thanks in advance – and I hope to see you in Chicago!


p.s. Speaking of spending: How much should you be spending on marketing? This question – and others that relate to marketing spending – will be the topic of this week’s Small Business Marketing Seminar Series session on Friday, September 14, at 3 p.m. Eastern: Budgeting for the Marketing Mix. If you haven’t participated in one of these seminars yet, this is a perfect opportunity. Check it out here.


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  2. A Web Site Without Video Is Like...
  3. MP Classic: Three Steps to Great Copy
  4. A Glimpse Into the Future of Advertising: Japan's Dentsu
  5. Web Site Creation and the Eye of the Spider
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Thursday, September 13th
Post-Click Marketing: How to Make Your Landing Pages Hit, Not Miss
Presenter Scott Brinker gives you a new perspective on designing a better "landing experience."

Friday, September 14th
Budgeting for the Marketing Mix
Michael Goodman delivers the fifth seminar in our Small Business Series.

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Mack Collier
Getting Old-Fashioned Buzz With New Media: Q&A With Paul Dunay

Paul has earned his keep over the past 20 years by building buzz for heavyweights like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. These days he's immersed himself in social media, which serves him well as the director of Global Field & Interactive Marketing for BearingPoint.

In this one-on-one, he gives us the lowdown on how to use social media to kick-start your buzz marketing efforts.

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Joe Rizzo
New Interactive Tools and Tactics for the B2B Marketer

In an online sales environment that is both increasingly competitive and cluttered, B2B marketers must be able to perform two critically important tasks: They must communicate a unique brand identity, and they must be agile enough to quickly customize lead generation and communication programs to meet their measurable objectives.

These tasks can be especially challenging for small-to-medium-sized B2B firms, as well as for divisions of very large firms. Here's where they are turning for help.

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Leland D. Shaeffer
Five More Keys to Engaging the Customer to Produce Real Innovation: Lessons From LEGO (Part 2 of 3)

Part one of this three-part series examined the overall role the customer can (and should!) play in innovation.

Here is a deeper look at five specific ways that Marketing can engage the customer in the innovation process, using examples from LEGO, a company that has used these techniques with clear and brilliant success.

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Martin Lindstrom
Blazing Trails to Brand Leadership

How come some brands are great, while others manage to be just good? Is there a trick up the sleeves of those great brands—a trick that good, sustainable brands can adopt to become equally well-known?

The answer is yes.

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