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Thursday, October 22, 2020

5 Tips for Enhancing the B2B Customer Experience to Generate More Sales
Email Mythbusters: You Can't Remove ALL Spam Traps sponsored article
'Absolutely one of the best experiences I have had for an online class.' MarketingProfs Master Class
Smoking Brisket & the Customer Experience: Marketing Art and Science [Podcast]
TODAY: A Timely Demand Gen Road Map to Reach and Engage Buyers MarketingProfs event
How to Foster Well-Being While Working Remotely [Infographic]
Email Mythbusters: You Can't Remove ALL Spam Traps From a List
sponsored article
There are more than a few myths about seemingly magical quick fixes for removing spam traps from your email subscriber list. Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet. Let's cover what a spam trap is, the purpose of those pesky email addresses, and how you can avoid them in the future.
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Collaborative Work Management That's Tailored for Marketers
Organize, collaborate, and execute. Those are the three things marketers absolutely must do to implement successful marketing strategies. Yet we continue to use tools that don't allow us to do what we desperately must do. We need platforms that speak our language and meet our needs as marketers.
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TODAY at 2 PM ET: A Timely Demand Gen Road Map to Reach & Engage Buyers
MarketingProfs event
Getting and keeping buyers' attention, and addressing their needs and concerns, have all become harder than ever. In this two-session free webinar, learn how you can better understand buyers' intent, more effectively communicate with them, and keep them moving through the funnel. Learn more and register now.
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How to Foster Well-Being While Working Remotely [Infographic]
The pandemic has been a challenge for many people, with 53% of US adults reporting that COVID-related stress has negatively affected their mental health. Check out the infographic.
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In the new work environment, the demand for collaboration among team members is more important than ever. Teams today must stay synced no matter where they're working from. But marketing and creative teams have their own distinct work-management needs. We have to closely collaborate to ensure our marketing campaigns go off without a hitch. That's why 100,000 organizations use, which has created a new easy-to-use visual solution for marketing teams after in-depth research into our needs. On top of it all, the company offers a host of resources to help educate and inform marketers so we can do our job no matter what the current environment throws at us.
We B2B marketers are facing tough challenges when trying to engage buyers today. Getting their attention is harder, they are scrutinizing purchases more closely, buying committees are growing, and purchase decisions are taking longer. But you can do something about all that. In a webinar session by B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee, you'll learn how changes to your messaging can deliver better buyer experiences that drive higher conversions. You'll also learn how to evolve your messaging across buyer stages, what context has to do with that process, and why emotion has a role in buyer engagement. Register for this event today—at no cost to you!
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—Vahe Habeshian, Director of Publications

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