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Thursday, May 18, 2023

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1. Why Event Organizers Are Ditching Vanity Metrics—And Choosing These Metrics Instead

2. How to Optimize Marketing Spend and Boost ROI Using the Data You Already Have sponsored webinar

3. How to Build a Successful Go-to-Market Campaign Plan

4. Marketing Questions? Try Ask Jay!

5. How Search Changed Last Year

6. Low Ticket Alert! MarketingProfs B2B Forum

7. Now On-Demand: Shakeup B2B Shakeup B2B for PRO Members

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Why Event Organizers Are Ditching Vanity Metrics—And Choosing These Metrics Instead
Why Event Organizers Are Ditching Vanity Metrics—And Choosing These Metrics Instead
The virtual events of the pandemic have had long-lasting effects on event marketing: namely, the metrics marketers use to track their success. It's now much less about registrations and more about metrics that actually matter. »
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets: The Power of Connected Marketing Processes
Unclear and fragmented marketing processes make it difficult for marketers to execute in a turbulent environment. Connected processes are a must. Watch Forrester Senior Analyst Jessica Liu share insights on connected processes and how to make them happen at your company. Check out the video now. »
How to Optimize Marketing Spend and Boost ROI Using the Data You Already Have
sponsored webinar
How to Optimize Marketing Spend and Boost ROI Using the Data You Already Have
Soon, you won't be able to use third-party cookies… so what can you rely on instead? Discover how to harness the power of first-party data to create personalized user experiences that convert more leads, optimize your marketing spend, and drive higher ROI. »
How to Build a Successful Go-to-Market Campaign Plan
How to Build a Successful Go-to-Market Campaign Plan
Pam Didner and host George B. Thomas get into all things go-to-market, including understanding the scope of your campaign, researching your audience, and listening to your peers—all of which are ongoing processes. Read more and listen in. »
Marketing Questions? Try Ask Jay!
Marketing Questions? Try Ask Jay!
Our mascot JayBird has been turned into an AI-powered marketing wiz. Ask Jay your marketing question and get back a short, medium, or long answer. Try Ask Jay now: It's free! »
How Search Changed Last Year
How Search Changed Last Year
This infographic covers the major Google search engine updates, shifts in people's search behaviors, and SEO developments that occurred in 2022. Check out the infographic. »
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Low Ticket Alert!
If you're planning on attending B2B Forum and want to experience a hands-on workshop, now's the time to buy! Workshops are only available with an All-Access pass, and we have fewer than 100 passes left. So if you need some pen-to-paper work on any of these topics, get your All-Access pass today! (Teams of 3 or more save extra.) Choose from Content Marketing for SEO with Andy Crestodina, Demand Generation with Kenda Macdonald, Modern Email Marketing with Chad White, Go-To-Market Planning with Pam Didner, and Marketing Strategy with Allen Weiss. Pick your workshop experience now. »
Now On-Demand: Shakeup B2B
Shakeup B2B for PRO Members
Our Shakeup B2B conference from April is now on-demand! All 12 sessions—including Charlene Li's keynote—are available to stream through June. Get new marketing ideas for LinkedIn, personalization, AI, and more.
Watch Shakeup sessions here
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Remote work, generative AI, layoffs, privacy laws... 2023 has already been a complex year, and in the face of continued economic uncertainty, shifting buyer behaviors, and tech-fueled disruption, the coming year will undoubtedly remain a challenge. So, how can bold marketing operations leaders ensure success through such a volatile period? In a brief video, Katie Linford, a Forrester analyst and guest speaker, shares her insights and five trends impacting the future of marketing operations. Watch to discover which areas Marketing Ops teams will focus on most in the year ahead, how to get greater control of your martech stack, and how to drive tighter internal alignment across teams. Check out the video now.
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