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Thursday, June 15, 2023

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1. Hybrid Selling Is Here to Stay, But Is Your Team Trained for It?

2. What's in Store for Self-Learning AI in B2C Omnichannel Marketing sponsored webinar

3. Leveraging YouTube Shorts for B2B Marketing Success

4. You Ask, MarketingProfs Answers AI-powered Q&A tool

5. Five Google Display Network Best-Practices

6. Workshops Are Going Fast! MarketingProfs B2B Forum

7. Google Sunsets Universal Analytics on July 1! MarketingProfs Master Class for PRO Members

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Hybrid Selling Is Here to Stay, But Is Your Team Trained for It?
Hybrid Selling Is Here to Stay, But Is Your Team Trained for It?
Sales training can be littered with outdated strategies that don't translate well into a hybrid or digital-first environment. This article outlines three necessary tactics for training future salespeople. »
2023 Marketing Report: Top Challenges and Opportunities
New reasearch: How are today's marketers planning to make every campaign, launch, and brand initiative count in an uncertain marketplace? Download the report to find out! »
What's in Store for Self-Learning AI in B2C Omnichannel Marketing
sponsored webinar
What's in Store for Self-Learning AI in B2C Omnichannel Marketing
AI is the topic of the day... and no doubt, it's here to stay. But what does that mean for B2C marketers? Join us to learn how to harness AI in your omnichannel marketing campaigns, how AI will affect your organization, and how brands that have embraced AI are leading the way. »
Leveraging YouTube Shorts for B2B Marketing Success
Leveraging YouTube Shorts for B2B Marketing Success
George B. Thomas and Austin Armstrong delve into YouTube shorts and their potential to revolutionize business growth, lead generation, and outreach strategies. Discover Austin's personal journey and the groundbreaking possibilities of his cutting-edge AI tool, poised to automate and optimize workflows. Read more and listen in. »
You Ask, MarketingProfs Answers
AI-powered Q&A tool
You Ask, MarketingProfs Answers
Got a marketing question? Try our new AI-powered assistant, Ask Jay! Trained on 20+ years of MarketingProfs resources, articles, transcripts, and more, Ask Jay gives you B2B-marketing-focused answers to your burning questions. Try Ask Jay now! »
Five Google Display Network Best-Practices
Five Google Display Network Best-Practices
This infographic from Brafton covers how to ensure your GDN campaigns achieve the highest possible return on investment. Check out the infographic. »
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Workshops Are Going Fast!
Marketers say workshops are one of the best types of training. Ready to try one? Join us at our B2B Forum conference this October in Boston! An All-Access Pass comes with your choice of one of five incredible workshops, ranging from Demand Gen: Score, Plan, Convert to How to Build a Successful GTM Marketing Plan. The passes are limited and selling fast! Choose your workshop now. »
Google Sunsets Universal Analytics on July 1!
MarketingProfs Master Class for PRO members
Google is closing Universal Analytics on July 1, pushing users to Google Analytics 4. If you're not ready, you're not alone! Get up to speed on conversion goals and data reports with the Google Analytics 4 for Marketers Master Class, hosted by Christopher S. Penn. All 13 convenient video lessons are streaming now!
Get a handle on GA4
Profs Picks
Some of your most valuable learning resources are your fellow marketers. Take advantage of their wisdom by checking out Momentive's 2023 Marketing Report. You'll get details on wny 41% of marketers say it's challenging for them to keep up with market needs. You'll also learn how and where marketers say they are succeeding or failing at collecting data that shows their impact and where marketers say they are are missing opportunities to show value to leadership. Plus: a Top 5 list of what, according to marketers, is most important for job success. What else are marketers saying? Check out the report to find out.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
Are you ready for the AI revolution? Join us for a special event series this summer: AI for Content Creators. Learn what the robots can do for you! Get wisdom from real human beings! Make great content bow to your will! Eight mind-blowing sessions in total, delivered by your fave speakers including Ann Handley, Wil Reynolds, Christopher S. Penn, and more. You can't afford to miss this! Register now to rule the content robots.
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